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SUMMARY â A Family of Poems My Favorite Poetry for Children Ð Caroline Kennedy has chosen a rich variety of Kennedy family favorite poems to include in this priceless collection With thoughtful personal introductions written by Caroline herself and beautiful new original artwork by award winning artist Jon J Muth this colLlection With thoughtful personal introductions written by Caroline herself and beautiful new original artw. This anthology is one of the best available that I've seen It doesn't talk down to children by only including silly nonsense rhymes but contains accessible works by important poets like Blake William Carlos Williams Frost Emily Dickinson and Wordsworth It is beautifully put together and I recommend it for anyone looking for a meaningful book either for their own children or to be presented as a gift


Ork by award winning artist Jon J Muth this collection is sure to become a family favorite for years to com. Caroline Kennedy shares her family’s traditions and carefully selected favorite poems for children in this anthology The anthology contains poems divided into seven sections according to topics such as “About Me” “That’s So Silly” “The Seasons” etc The beloved poems from all over the world are written in a variety of styles by contemporary poets as well as old well known favorites Caroline Kennedy begins her book with a well written introduction and each section begins with its own piece written by Kennedy to her readers She shares family traditions and feelings in a thoughtfully composed manner Muth’s beautifully created watercolors add to and match the mood of the poems to further enrich the power of the poems themselves The red linen endpapers and the endearing picture of Kennedy as a youngster on the cover show how carefully and thoughtfully this anthology was compiled This anthology would be an excellent addition to a school classroom or home library Can be used for a poetry lesson and for a read aloudGrades 2 and upHyperion Books for Children New York 2005

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A Family of Poems My Favorite Poetry for ChildrenCaroline Kennedy has chosen a rich variety of Kennedy family favorite poems to include in this priceless co. Last Thursday I got this hardbound pristine book from a second hand bookstore I have always liked to read poetry but there are those that I do not understand So when I saw that this book contains poems for children and it is written by Caroline Kennedy born 1957 the only surviving child of US President John F Kennedy and First Lady Jacueline Kennedy and the tag price was P180 4 why notThe book contains the poems that became her favorites when she was a child because these were the poems that her mom dad granddad and grand mom used to read to her and her two brothers John and Patrick For one her mother Jackie Kennedy was a lover of poems She even has her own poem here In fact most of these poems still remind her of the gentle soothing voice of their mother when she was about to sleep That included the feeling of comfort and safe that even now when she is sad and lonely she reads these poems to remind her of her mother Jackie Some were the favorites of her brothers and reading them reminded her of their sweet childhood memories uite timely too This weekend is the Thanksgiving Weekend in the US Last Thursday morning a Filipina called Mo Twister in the radio program Goodtimes and greeted him ”Happy Thanksgiving Day” and Mo responded ”That’s for the Americans if you are not an American you should not care” I disagree with him We may not have the long weekend except if you are working in a call center that services the US but it is nice to step back and think of the things that we should be thankful about Although I have to admit that I didn’t know anything about the history of Thanksgiving Day in the US I have American colleagues in the office but I never bothered to askThanks to the book On one page is this poem that I liked so after reading it I Googled the title and found the history of Thanksgiving Day Read on It is very appropriate for this weekendIROUOIS PRAYERWe return thanks to our mother the earth which sustains usWe return thanks to the rivers and streams which supply us with waterWe return thanks to all herbs which furnish medicines for the care of our diseasesWe return thanks to the corn and to her sisters the beans and suashes which give us lifeWe return thanks to the bushes and trees which provide us with fruitWe return thanks to the wind which moving the air has banished diseasesWe return thanks to the moon and stars which have given us their light when the sun was goneWe return thanks to our grandfather He no that he has protected his grandchildren from witches and reptiles and has given to us his rainWe return thanks to the sun that has looked upon the earth with a beneficent eyeLastly we return thanks to the Great Spirit in whom is embodied all goodness and who directs all things for the good of his children Anonymous What I really liked about this book is that even if the title says that it is for children this does not include your usual nursery rhymes Rather I found a lot of poems that are uoted in many literatures and I did not have any inkling where they came from like the poem about Mr Mistoffelees a character in the opera Cats And I also read the full text of poems where familiar phrases came from like ”And miles to go before I sleep” is from Robert Frost poem entitled Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening These are the poets whose works I really enjoyed reading in this book and I swear I will look for their books and read of their poems Edna St Vincent Millay Emily Dickinson William Butler Yeats Robert Frost A A Milne Ogden Nash Dylan Thomas Rainer Maria Rilke T S Eliot Basho Christina Rossetti Lewis Carol William Blake Rudyard Kipling Alfred Lord Tennyson E E Cummings Robert Browning William Wordsworth William Shakespeare Pablo Neruda Thomas Hardy Jacueline Bouvier yes she has her own poem here Federico Garcia Lorca Sandra Cisneros J R R Tolkien Seamus Heaney yes I like his poem here better than in “Seeing Things” Slyvia Plath and Jorge Luis BorgesBut my personal favorite is the strange but brilliant ”FROM COEUR COURONNE ET MIROIR” or FROM IMAGINE ANGELS by Cullaume Apollinaire 1880 1918 a French poet who wrote a collection of poems called “Calligrammes” with the words of the poem written in such a way that they form relevant figures This particular poem included in the book forms a circle and it is very clever Well thought of I was just blown away