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FREE DOWNLOAD Delirium 107 ✓ Ninety five days and then I’ll be safeI wonder whether the procedure will hurtI want to get it over withIt’s hard to be patientIt’s hard not to be afraid while I’m still uncured though so far the deliria hasn’t touched me yetStill I worryThey say that in the old days love drove people to madnessThe deadliest of all deadly tThe old days love drove people to madnessThe deadliest of all deadly things It kills you both when you have it and when you don’t. Such a good book I loved the whole idea of the world even though I found it depressing It was such a uniue concept There were times when I found myself being annoyed with Lena I kept thinking to myself Lena shut up but I grew to really like her character towards the end Also what the heck was that ending WHY DID YOU DO THAT LAUREN OLIVER YOU HURT MY HEART Oh and can I get Hana Tate please

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T’s hard not to be afraid while I’m still uncured though so far the deliria hasn’t touched me yetStill I worryThey say that in. December 2011 reviewI adored Delirium when I first read and reviewed it which was back in February I had limited experience with dystopia only having read Matched The Hunger Games and Uglies but Delirium made it one of favourite genres I’ve come across many young dystopian novels since then and having re read Delirium I can safely say that it is still one of my favourites and one of the best books I’ve read this yearAlthough Delirium is a dystopian novel it is first and foremost a love story; it doesn’t pretend to be anything else At eighteen years old citizens of the USA legally must undergo a procedure – a “cure” – that will result in the them being unable to love anyone ever again whether it may be a partner friend or family When Alex enters her life Lena must fight for the right to love whomever she wishesOne of the things that I didn’t mention in my previous review that really struck me about the novel is the writing Lauren Oliver has a talent for using the most beautiful rich language and imagery to capture a moment perfectly When I’m reading novels I try to picture the scenes in my head and sometimes it becomes blurry I try to focus on it but the author hasn’t provided enough detail for me to do so Lauren Oliver is the complete opposite She expertly describes every single scene so that the image in my head comes out crystal clear from the description of the setting to Lena’s emotions “The water is an enormous mirror tipped with and pink and gold from the sky In that single blazing moment as I came around the bend the sun – curved over the dip of the horizon like a solid gold archway – lets out its final winking rays of light shattering the darkness of the water turning everything white for a fraction of a second and then falls away sinking dragging the pink and the red and the purple out of the sky with it all the colour bleeding away instantly and leaving only darkAlex was right It was gorgeous – one of the best I’ve ever seen Another thing I did not pay enough attention to before because I was eagerly rushing trough the story is the small fragments of society – the uotation of official documents rules and regulations children’s songs and poetry which help the reader to mentally construct and imagine the world that Lauren Oliver has created Even though the story mostly focuses on Lena and Alex’s relationship and the things they discover about each other we’re constantly aware that they live in a restrictive and severely controlled society Delirium is a wonderfully emotional heartbreaking love story set in a dystopian future It’s both a gritty and mellow experience If you’ve not yet jumped on to the dystopian bandwagon I’d suggest that reading Delirium is a very good start indeed “Love the deadliest of all deadly things it kills you both when you have it and when you don’t”Original February 2011 reviewThis book has 400 pages and I finished in less than 24 hours That already should tell you how much I loved it I found Delirium to be a mixture of The Hunger Games and Matched The premise of Delirium is that this particular dystopian society sees love or amor deliria nervosa as a disease that needs to be cured by an operation on the brain Lena our protagonist is nearly 18 years old the age reuirement for having the operation and is nervous yet excited about her upcoming “procedure” until she meets Alex Delirium is similar to Matched in that citizens do not have a say in who they spend the rest of their life with The government “Officials” in Matched “Regulators” in Delirium choose who a person is “matched” with and there is no freedom of choice However this particular society goes even further and attempts to ensure that a person will never love again This according to the Regulators will make the world a better place everyone will be happier and safer because love is nothing but destructive I personally found Delirium to be much heartbreaking and emotional than Matched and the storyline took a lot less time to develop The characters' rebellion and resistance to control as with all dystopian novels begins a lot earlier in the novel and this is where the similarities to The Hunger Games begin This is where we witness the brutality and cruelty of those in charge of these future societiesHowever all three novels are fantastic in their own way and Delirium offers yet another uniue look at how a dystopian society could be It made me want to read even dystopian literature and I did not feel like I was reading recycled material I definitely recommend this to people who are already fans of young adult dystopian literature And if you haven’t read it before Do it You’ll become addicted and emotionally involved in this wonderfully exciting but terrifying genre I cannot wait to read Pandemonium the second novel in the seriestrilogy I’m just sad that I have to wait until 2012 Thank you Hodder for sending me this book to reviewDystopian or Not Dystopian Dystopian I also reviewed this book over on Pretty Books

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DeliriumNinety five days and then I’ll be safeI wonder whether the procedure will hurtI want to get it over withIt’s hard to be patientI. Around page 30ish there is a line in the book that I really could not get past and I nearly put the book down because of it “His eyes are literally dancing with light burning as though on fire” This is what I picturedI am positive that eyeballs literally doing a cha cha with light bulbs is not is not what Oliver meant to portray I am also pretty sure given the context that this statement was not intended as hyperbole Now see here I am normally not a grammar stickler but this lapse in judgment I think calls for a public flogging of either the author or the editor Possibly both Have I mentioned before that I really hate writing negative reviews It is so much easier to rant and rave about how wonderful a book is than it is to point out all the problems I had with it Just saying The original concept of this book was at first compelling and interesting The idea that love is a disease that has in the near future been cured The fact that love has been classified as the most deadly of deadly things and that the government is sanctioning and actually reuiring all citizens to undergo a lobotomy at the age of 18 After which they will be assigned a mate The original concept is a bit incredible but I am actually ok with “incredible” as long as it is portrayed in a believable way And for the most part it was As the book progressed however I kept finding undeniable parallels to Matched and Uglies I found Lena our protagonist and narrator mostly weak annoying and infuriating For example there is a point in the book where view spoilerLena is caught with her love Alex and conseuentially is tied up in her room by her family She is counting down the hours until her forced “procedure” and contemplating suicide hide spoiler