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Scott Sigler reinvented the alien invasion story in his bestselling novels Infected and Contagious rebooted the biotech thriller in Ancestor now in his most ambitious sweeping novel to date he works his magic on the paranormal thriller taking us inside a terrifying underworld of subterranean predators that only his twisted mind could invent Homicide detective Bryan Clauser is losing his mind How else to explain the dreams he keeps having dreams that mirror with impossible accuracy the gruesome serial murders taking place all over San Francisco How else to explain the feelings these dreams provoke in him not disgust not horror but excitement  As Bryan and his longtime partne. 45 StarsNocturnal by Scott Sigler was a welcomed surprise I was already a fan of the author for his post apocalyptic novels This is an Urban fantasy that plays closer to being a Serial Crime novel with a heavy undertone of the supernatural This is not a typical urban fantasy there are no bats or dogs in this one Brian “The Terminator” and his overweight Asian partner Pooks make uite an interesting teamWhat I loved about this novel is that the mystery and the supernatural unfold slowly Tension builds in poor Bri Bri’s life as he deals with being kicked out by his girlfriend deals with a Police Chief that seems out for his balls and he lives with the fact that he seems to be good at killing people Sigler has created a fun and dark mystery that is laced with comedy and panful banter It really worked“““Pooks anyone ever tell you that you drive like shit” I may have heard that once or twice Bri Bri Although I stand by my theory that feces can neither apply for nor pass a driver’s license exam” He accelerated through a yellow turning red”The cast is fairly large and colorful Rex is an interesting young man that has had a really shitty life You cannot help but empathize with him The story keeps the action going so that this relatively long novel never felt it’s weight This would make an interesting movieThe setting the relationship between our two police heroes and the funny scenes make this book a gem“John looked all around then back at the cases full of weapons then at Bryan Clauser A few hours ago John had been cowering in his cozy warm apartment And now “Bryan are we really standing in a Walgreens parking lot passing out guns so we can find an underground complex and shoot monsters”Bryan nodded “That’s right”“Hoo kay” John said “Just wanted to clarify””Highly recommended

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NocturnalR Lawrence “Pookie” Chang investigate the murders they learn that things are even stranger than they at first seem For the victims are all enemies of a seemingly ordinary young boy a boy who is gripped by the same dreams that haunt Bryan  Meanwhile a shadowy vigilante seemingly armed with superhuman powers is out there killing the killers  And Bryan and Pookie’s superiors from the mayor on down seem strangely eager to keep the detectives from discovering the truthDoubting his own sanity and stripped of his badge Bryan begins to suspect that he’s stumbled into the crosshairs of a shadow war that has gripped his city for than a century a war waged by a race of killer. NotesLow end of 3 Stars Narration Audio Production was Sub par Annoying Sound Effects Swallowing Breathing The audio production made the story less appealing and cheesy There were moments in the story that came across well If the whole book was like that it would have been enjoyable I never felt like the characters and world were established well Ending was less than desirable It's a total setup for a series However this book is not listed under a series

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Nocturnal review ô 9 ¹ Scott Sigler reinvented the alien invasion story in his bestselling novels Infected and Contagious rebooted the biotech thriller in Ancestor now in his most ambitious sweeping novel to date he works his magic on the paranormal thriller taking us inside a terrifying underworld of subterranean predators that only his twisted mind could invS living in San Francisco’s unknown underground ruins emerging at night to feed on those who will not be missed And as Bryan learns the truth about his own intimate connections to the killings he discovers that those who matter most to him are in mortal dangerand that he may be the only man gifted or cursed with the power to do battle with the nocturnals Featuring a dazzlingly plotted mystery and a terrifying descent into a nightmarish underworld along with some of the most incredible action scenes ever put to paper and an explosive gut wrenching conclusion you won’t soon forget Nocturnal is the most spectacular outing to date from one of the genre’s brightest stars . The blurb from the book jacket found above is pretty long but I think it gives a good impression what the book is about In fact when I read the blurb I couldn't wait to review this book Urban fantasy with SFPD homicide detectives A supernatural police procedural How could I resist Add to that all the high praise I've heard for Sigler's writing in the blogosphere and on the podcasts I listen to and Nocturnal seemed the perfect book to acuaint myself with Sigler's writing And I have to say Sigler lived up to expectations Nocturnal was a page turner from page one and had me riveted to the story till its explosive endThe main idea for the story – a race of underground killers who are than human and have some interesting physical aberrations and the cops who discover them – is a great one and I really enjoyed Sigler's execution The development of the narrative was well balanced and well paced as the reader given clues throughout but Sigler still manages to surprise her with the way these clues come together The pacing is fast very fast but not so fast as to miss out on details But once this story gets rolling which it does pretty much for the get go it doesn't stop Even in the down time scenes when the main characters are either resting or brainstorming the case where the physical action stops and lets the reader take a breather it's still important for the reader to pay close attention because important information clues and background on the characters is given at such times While the book is set in San Francisco and there are certain elements in the narrative that are uniue to that city Sigler leaves the city largely undescribed At least I don't really have a sense of what the city was like other than big hilly it's got the Golden Gate Bridge and there are a Chinese and an Italian uarter The rest of the visuals were filled in by what I've seen of the city on TV but not in any great detail What was described in detail and was incredibly visual for me was Home the place where the killers live It was faintly reminiscent of the lair in the Beauty and the Beast TV show which I remember watching when I was little although this is the nightmare version of that lair Small cramped dirty dangerous and filled with monstrous killers Sigler's description of Home evoked a claustrophobic and eerie feeling The final battle set in Home and the ending of the book were great and I literally didn't want to put the book down for the last fifty pagesThe characters in Nocturnal are fabulous Our protagonists are easy to care for and some of the things they go through are heartbreaking to the point that I was telling the book it had better not go there even if I knew it would The central characters are Bryan Clauser and Pookie Chang two SF homicide inspectors who've been partners for about six years I loved this pair They are your typical cop buddy duo if that wasn't a term it is now but the banter and smart ass humour that gets passed between these two as well as the genuine friendship between the two set them apart I especially liked Pookie's irrepressible nature and he was my favourite in the book They're supported by medical examiner Robin Hudson Bryan's ex girlfriend and Pookie's erstwhile partner and current departmental computer wizard John Smith I liked that while these tw