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Mily man she was doing her small part to build a better worldBut now in the new millennium the Berglunds have become a mystery Why has their teenage son moved in with the aggressively Republican family next door Why has Walter taken a job working with Big Coal What exactly is Richard Katz outré rocker and Walter’s college best friend and rival still doing in the picture Most of all what has happened to Patty Why has th. Okay so earlier this summer I was waiting to see The National play Prospect Park Of course you were Jessica but bear with me that's my point and I sent a text message to the guy who'd given me the tickets thanking him again and observing that White People don't LIKE seeing The National play Prospect Park; White People LOVE seeing The National play Prospect Park This was a reference of course to the oft uoted blog that holds a very high place on the seemingly endless list it identified of Stuff White People Like Now I've always felt a bit annoyed and repelled by the lazy shorthand of race there then ashamed when I use it myself since really the demographic group in uestion is like the crowd at the bandshell not exclusively white and since there are millions of white people whom it does not describe but the concept's too pricelessly apt to resist freuent citingThe brilliance of Stuff White People Like is in its identification of a socioeconomic group which is yes largely white but to the point Obama voting liberal arts degree holding farmers market shopping NPR listening irony appreciating New Yorker subscribing boutiue cable show watching indie rock listening Clash tee shirt wearing baby rearing freelance or nonprofit job working and neighborhood gentrifying but also profoundly self loathing in a weird and specific way that is a bit hard either to detach from or reconcile with its incredible self absorption and uncomfortable only partly ironic smugness and conviction that the stuff it likes is goodJonathan Franzen should be on the list of Stuff White People Like but he should also be on the perhaps euivalent list of Stuff White People Don't Want To Like But Do which reflects the ambivalent discomfort of this particular group We don't want to like Franzen because we're supposed to and that contrarian streak is built into our bones And to add to all that Franzen writes about and nails our very essence I can't think of another book that so perfectly sums up and explores the attributes and complexities of this particular setOkay enough with all this generalization did this white person like Freedom Well okay the first 190 pages was the most fun I've had in years And I did really like Freedom and wish I could give it three point five stars My criterion for the fourth star is that I itch to read it and I itched like crazy while reading it Yeah this book was goodA confession my behavior while traveling in public and especially on mass transit can best be described as sociopathic If you live in this city and perhaps even likely if you don't but have visited there's a fair chance I've harmed you physically while I ran for the train Sorry but you probably don't walk fast enough and I was trying to get to the platform The TRAIN might be coming and I GOT to be on it Understand that I am in a great hurry to arrive in short order wherever I'm going which is somewhat inexplicable since once I'm there I don't have much to do and will probably just sit there dicking around on the Internet; but while I'm en route I'm a terror and slow old ladies be damned I'll hit them with my umbrella I'll give them all flat tires But while reading Freedom the number of citywide subway station stair assaults must have dropped; I was in no particular hurry to get where I was headed and often took the local train or waited for the next less crowded car I took crosstown buses where normally I motor on foot and rode elevators instead of my usual mad running up the stairs Over the past week I honestly looked forward to my commute and to deadtime at work waiting in a courtroom because these moments gave me another opportunity to read This is one of two of the most important tests of a book it was so entertaining and so fabulously engaging that I wanted to pick it up at actually all timesThe other test though Freedom didn't really pass I did vastly enjoy a lot of this book but it didn't give me the rare and elusive experience that's the other main thing that I want when I'm reading I didn't ultimately feel moved not emotionally or ontologically I didn't see the world or my life in an earthshaking new way I did start wondering briefly about how my parents might've fucked me up but not in a fruitful way so I don't think that counts And while I did definitely like it and got involved with the characters by the end I felt disappointed and also pretty boredSorry this is already pretty long and not much of a review Let's see Freedom is a novel about a family the Berglunds and if you want to read a good review of it I defer to Mike Reynolds I myself was instantly hooked from the beginning chapter which is a description of the family from the perspective of the community where they live and I loved loved the next portion an autobiography wonderfully titled Mistakes Were Made by the wife Patty Berglund which takes us up to page 187 But I'm afraid that for me things did peak there and I'm a bit baffled by all the buzz about greatest living American writer and genius I did like this book But it wasn't that greatSo but like I really don't follow these things but full disclosure I couldn't free myself while reading from thoughts about the Author and I really don't think that this was just me Other reviews on this site have noted that the characters are all a lot the same but I don't really see that as a problem and that's kind of what I liked about it For me the only character that never really came off was daughter Jessica which I maybe took too personally as that is my name I did like the part where Jessica agonizes over the impossibility of finding a decent New York guy to go out with though I liked it in the abstract and wanted its execution to be amazing I felt a bit shortchanged when it came to the son's relationship with his lady; there were all the seeds to be sown and then we just stopped hearing about them But my point partly with the Franzenness was that the two parents did feel very real maybe the so for seeming like two only slightly varying manifestations of the same certain guyHere's my beef about Jonathan Franzen and I know I should do some google research before I start on with this but I'm feeling kind of lazy and I doubt anyone's still reading this See I associate him like a lot of people with that Oprah thing in the nineties when he withdrew from being in the Oprah bookclub got lots of shit and as a result maybe became wildly popular Franzen's Wikipedia article has a uotation from him at that time in which he explains that he didn't want people thinking The Corrections was a women's book by people I mean men of course and therefore not reading it Now again I'm only dimly aware of what's been going on recently but I've heard lady authors are bitching like we do about all the press and blowjobs Franzen's been getting and suggesting that this is really all because of that Y chromosome he has And honestly I was distracted while reading this by my conviction that it's trueI don't want to plagiarize though I can't remember who said it but some upset woman I read at some point was complaining about the chick lit ghetto and said that Franzen writes what are essentially domestic novels and that if he weren't a man they'd be considered women's fiction And that friend is true It is painfully true Especially the better earlier female perspectived portion of this novel is all about relationships and a marriage and family and all those lady things And if Jonathan were Jessica Franzen at least half the readers he has except Mike Reynolds boy wonder who actually reads stuff by chicks would never have touched it and it would've had some dumb pinky cover but because he's a man it's a Serious Novel Yeah actually I do really think that Without all the male masturbation and the obviously male author this could've so easily been written off as chick lit And it makes me perhaps unjustly hate Jonathan Franzen to think that he might not recognize that It might not seem this way but I'm not one of those people who carries on endlessly about WhiteMalePrivilege but I actually do want to with him Because he gets the kind of attention that similarly talented women wouldn't get while writing about topics that aren't considered Serious when women write about themOkay I'm sorry I'm rambling again really bad day at work srsly sorry This book hm well what can I say Franzen is a terrific writer and I loved the addictive easiness of his prose style which can unfortunately come back and bite an author because it makes any glitch seem egregious I hated the partial sentences that seemed to creep in as the novel progressed though I might not have noticed them if his writing weren't otherwise so perfect He writes sentences as readable as the most digestible best seller but good The problem is that being that good makes people angrier if you let them down Especially if those people are me and apply ridiculously high standards to anything they have great hopes for while giving tons of social work sympathy to the obvious losers You guys should hope that I never have children I'll criticize and neglect the good kid while coddling the fuck upOkay I did feel let down by this book; again I really liked it But by the end I felt bored by the characters especially by depression which is deadly boring; note my biases as a reader who was unable to make it all the way through David Foster Wallace's short story The Depressed Person despite thinking it brilliant and I really thought the plot and characters ran off the road at later points into melodrama At a certain early juncture I felt sure our Berglunds' marriage would survive though I wasn't sure I cared that it did or what that had to do with meBut don't get me wrong This was a very fine novel Frazen's ability to create characters is wonderful and the whole thing's pretty zeitgeisty which is nice in this dying form No sorry Jonathan it's not War and Peace But in its mostly successful efforts to link the narcissistic and eerily familiar concerns of individuals to the larger events and forces of our time it is a lot closer than anything recent I can think ofBest of all now I have something to fall back on the next time I'm at a Brooklyn party and the White People are all talking about True Blood Haven't seen it I'll admit as I swig a microbrew But have you read FreedomAnd we'll take it from there

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Freedom AUTHOR Jonathan FranzE bright star of Barrier Street become “a very different kind of neighbour” an implacable Fury coming unhinged before the street’s attentive eyesIn this instant #1 bestselling novel Jonathan Franzen charts the mistakes and joys of these intensely realized characters as they struggle to learn how to live in an ever confusing world An epic of contemporary love and marriage Freedom is a deeply moving portrait of our tim. Freedom is Terrible by Katie G Abridged for your convenience in list form Before you think I'm mean please note that freedom is terrible is kind of the point of Franzen's book Freedom doesn't get you what you want Uninhibited it brings a whole slew of problems along with it and assuming you're not a slave or living in North Korea the fact that your life is miserable is not due to a lack of freedom Ironically you can also substitute the book Freedom for the word freedom above and it doesn't change the meaning of anything which is kind of unintentionally funny on Franzen's part And thus we come to my reviewMy Reasons for Hating This BookA Every single person in this book is an asshole a narcissist or both and after being around them for 500 slow going pages I now hate humankind It's no big secret that Franzen isn't particularly fond of humanity but if he doesn't care about his characters why should IB Unnecessary storylines and characters Cutting out Jenna and her DB Goldman boyfriend Nick Eliza the Sociopath and Lalitha and the Free Space population control mission alone would have saved me from 200 pages of non integral reading NB I understand why Franzen created these characters and found them necessary but if the pages of your book turn like they're covered in molasses you don't really want the unabridged versionC The whole thing felt directionless Books don't need to end tied up in a pretty bow but I would still like to believe that authors sit down to write a book because they have a story to tell Otherwise beginnings ends middles they're all arbitrary Even Tolstoy had a larger plan but I'm not convinced Franzen didD The whole thing reeked of American Beauty esue disenfranchised yuppie ism Your problems are not that interesting important or uniue As such I contend that Freedom is terrible

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Freedom AUTHOR Jonathan Franzen characters ã eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ë Patty and Walter Berglund were the new pioneers of old St Paul—the gentrifiers the hands on parents the avant garde of the Whole Foods generation Patty was the ideal sort of neighbour who could tell you where to recycle your batteries anPatty and Walter Berglund were the new pioneers of old St Paul the gentrifiers the hands on parents the avant garde of the Whole Foods generation Patty was the ideal sort of neighbour who could tell you where to recycle your batteries and how to get the local cops to actually do their job She was an enviably perfect mother and the wife of Walter’s dreams Together with Walter environmental lawyer commuter cyclist total fa. Here's the thing about this book I was really expecting to enjoy it I say that for two reasons The first is The Corrections Not the book itself which is still uietly residing on my shelf waiting for its day in the sun Nay I speak of the buzz You see I know people And a lot of those people read things And some of those things were their own copies of The Corrections And the buzz was as far as I could tell that the people that I know liked The Corrections In fact their only complaint seemed to be that there were no likeable characters in the book that they all seemed petty and kind of horrible But and here's the twist that actually sounded like a selling point to me Because I'm actually a little petty myself I'm prone to dabble in misanthropy and besides who doesn't love a good antihero The second reason that I was ready to love Freedom is that I have read a touch of Franzen in my day Not much mind you But I found How To Be Alone an incredibly well crafted and insightful read I was struck by the way the collection dealt reasonably with the complicated position of literarily minded folk in a digital age I was so taken with How To Be Alone in fact that I thought there was simply no way that Freedom could be bad Even if it wasn't overflowing with goodness it certainly wouldn't be unpleasant In short my formal adoration of Freedom was simply a forgone conclusion an eventuality waiting to transpireOh meLet me break off a little truth for you I hated reading this book The thing that's frustrating about it is that there is no one uality that makes it bad The characters are unlikeable but not in a devil may care what will they do next kind of way The characters are odious because they are self absorbed and petty but than that they're insufferably boring It's not that they don't wander around hurting each other; it's that their sins are largely those of inaction or inertia; that they sit around and complain to themselves and moan on about their disappointments and you find yourself relieved when they actually take action of some kind no matter what it is simply because it means something is happening in the book that you are reading a novel wherein events happen that have significance And you uickly find that you not only start to wish the characters thorough unhappiness but further you actually long for some kind horrible nuclear disaster to clear the slate so that Franzen can just start over with an entirely new cast midway through the novelThe truth is that I tried really really hard to hold out hope for the novel The point of no return for me was right around when the author intimates that everyone secretly enjoys the smell of their own flatulence Cue my head slamming into the table I was reading at In all honesty I didn't just dislike the book I came to resent the very existence of the world in which the characters existed It made me wish the Genesis had never happened that God had refrained from rendering form out of the formless at all I would rather read Jonathon Franzen's descriptions of the void than another wretched moment in the lives of these abysmal characters