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Download The Iron Man è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Kimberly Freeman was worried to death when her fiance who had gone out to Sierra Leone in West Africa seemed to have disappeared with out trace and she decided the best thing to do was to follow him out there and see if she could discover what had happened to himIn SierNd see if she could discover what had happened to himIn Sierra Leone however she met another man of a very different kind the domineering Dave Nelson who had a low opinion of Kim her fiance and indeed the whole. One of the very first Harleys I ever read back in the mists of time it would have been out 10 years or so when I got to it too and I always remembered this one and a recent emergence in my GR threads led to a reread It stands up fairly well The atmosphere is interesting and unusual a Sierra Leone mining camp where the heroine is stranded after she follows her dirtbag fiance on an impulse In a real bind she ends up marrying the mining camp boss temporarily until he can take her back to England on his leave five weeks hence Hero Dave is a toughie super alpha just how I likes 'em a man of few words and fewer scruples and uite ruthlessly determined on taking full advantage of the heroine's predicament both because he wants her and to make it clear to his men that she is out of bounds and not cause for trouble The naive heroine thinks he's doing her an altruistic favor but soon finds out he expects to share the marriage bed She's reluctant he's forceful and ultimately she has treacherous body syndrome but is resentful to find herself a convenient bedfellow There's a LOT that works here the oppressive setting where death and injury are everyday occurrences and the mod cons are few and far between; an enigmatic old skool hero who's tough and determined and very very cynical about life and women but a little soft on the heroine; an impulsive but ultimately practical and adaptable heroine who unwillingly finds herself falling for the hero; some mild OW drama; a near tragic event that allows the heroine to not only show her worth but also clarifies some of her own feelings to herself and to the hero Thorpe's writing style is clean and concise and relies chiefly on the fast moving dialogue Both the hero and heroine have brief but effective backstories that lay groundwork for the types of people they are and to explain some of the conflicts and drama between them This one is almost real life putting aside the near instant MoC in its emotional buildup It takes uite a while and a near death experience for the heroine to acknowledge that her reluctant attraction to the hero has deepened into love and even longer for him to let down some formidable barriers enough to allow her to stay with him and to believe they have a chance at a future A secondary character sums it up really well when he tells the heroine that she is overcomplicating things and to look at what her own actions as well as the actions of the hero are telling her rather than spinning round and round trying to figure out what she really feels Wise advice that leads to mutual declarations and a pretty good shot at an HEADefinitely some anachronistic elements in this one including forced seduction off page some mild threats from the hero that he never follows through on and cultural clunkers but overall I thought it stood up pretty well I always find it interesting that some of the 70s authors sidestepped the entire issue of whether the heroine was a virgin and often offer subtle clues that they're not it's pretty clear in this one despite the matter not being explicitly addressed that she is probably NOT With so many category romance novels conflating virginity with worth and the emergence of the oh so prevalent unlikely virgins in these books I find it refreshing that there appeared to be authors who chose to make it subtly clear that their heroines have uite naturally given the times had sexual experiences however lackluster after all we want relations with our heroes to be transcendent and like nothing before

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Kimberly Freeman was worried to death when her fiance who had gone out to Sierra Leone in West Africa seemed to have disappeared with out trace and she decided the best thing to do was to follow him out there a. POP UIZ FOR KAY THORPE'S IRON MAN1 If your fiance discourages you from visiting him in Africa acts shady whenever you bring up the wedding date and then stops responding to your letters altogether for six months do youa Cut your losses and move on with your life He's a big fat jerkb Write to a local friendhis employerthe local policeInterpolthe local English Consulate and ask them to investigate Maybe something bad happened to himc Break your lease uit your job and get on a plane for Africa with only enough money to pay for a one way ticket and a twenty pound bill left over2 If you discover your fiance has been shacking up with a local married woman and has totally run out of #%¡¢£ where you're concerned do youa Cut your losses and move on with your life He's a big fat jerkb Give him and his sidepiece an epic dressing down and berate him into giving you money for your fare back home It's the least that big fat jerk could doc Sell your body and your soul to another big fat jerk in order to facilitate an escape route for the fiance after his sidepiece steals all his money and the sidepiece's very irate husband comes after him with a machete3 If your husband tricks you into a marriage of convenience rapes you brutally and berates and humiliates you on every occasion do youa Cut your losses and move on He's a big fat jerkb Submit for now lulling him into a false sense of complacency until an opportunity for escape and revenge arises At this point you can get out of your current story and star in a brand new HP book with a cold and elaborate dish of revenge as its central themec Fall in love risk your life for him and beg him to believe and accept your one sided love for him4 When your husband's ex mistress gloats that you are simply not woman enough to hold his attention do youa Cut your losses and move on She's a big fat jerkb Punch her in the nosec Continue hosting her in your own home including loaning her your own clothes serving her food and coffee and ultimately lending her your car to facilitate her hospital visit to your husband so they can resume their affairRESULTSIf you have answered overwhelmingly with a or b to the above uestions I regretfully inform you that you have FAILED your pop uiz You must go back to the dusty one dollar bin at your local library and immerse yourself in HP books for the next six months familiarizing yourself with all the rules regulations tropes and tribulations of HPlandia before you attempt a uiz of this nature againIf however you have answered overwhelmingly with c to the above uestions may I offer you my most heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE PASSED and are now ready to relish many many deliciously angsty reads which are undoubtedly waiting for you in the dusty one dollar bin of you local libraryHappy reading

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The Iron ManSituation between the two of them And he added 'Don't run away with the notion that being female gives you any special immunity where I'm concerned'Kim would rather have ignored Dave altogether but now could s. Available on Open LibraryThe story was written way before iconic comic hero for which Robert Downey Jr is best known for though he and the Hero share a few chauvinistic traitsThe Hero in this one is very very Alpha in that he gives no uarter to the heroine and uite callously imposes his will on her However he has moments of harleuin Hero in him He rescues the heroine and his concern for her welfare far exceeds that of her former fiancé He comforts her in her distress and tries to give her some entertainment All these fine deeds of his are mostly concealed amongst his other callous dealings with the heroineThe heroine is an impulsive dodo She burns all her bridges only to get stranded in a foreign country with no money It’s up to the Hero to rescue her out of the situation she gets herself in To further compound her circumstances she marries a total stranger in haste I think she got what was coming to her and yes the Hero manipulated it to suit his needs This can actually serve as a cautionary tale for young girls St Margaret’s review gave a good summary and Naksed’s gave a good assessment LOL