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Publishe. The Steranko History of Comics according to Steranko Kidding asside this is a pretty good go to book to find out things about the pre history of comic books meaning the pulp eraThough nowhere near complete it's still a great search bookMy only ualm is that it's too darn big with pages matching the size of most newstand papers think National Enuierer and printed on cheap paper meaning that everytime you consult it for information you're risking damaging it and believe me mine is pretty roughed up

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The Steranko History of ComicsD 1970 19. Written by one of the medium's greatest artists this was my first introduction to the history of comic books There is a lot which they tie into current events over the years and it has had it's ups and downs but while written in 1970 and misses most of the Bronze and Modern age of comics it is probably the best ever written I met MrSteranko once and I wish he had followed up into the Modern Era of comics

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The Steranko History of Comics. review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ 2 volumes published 1970 19722 volumes. This was probably the first book ABOUT comics that I ever read The campus for the University of Pittsburgh branch in my town was across the street from my house and the university library as a two minute walk from my back door Back in the day locals could borrow books from there with their public library card and I found that they had numerous books on the history of the genre there that I took out constantly to pour over I've read numerous books about the comics industry in the intervening years but this one will always stand head and shoulders above the rest not because of its thoroughness in covering the subject but because it has an immediacy and rawness that current books don't match