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review Ç eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Timothy Callahan N with his multi layered ARKHAM ASYLUM and his literary Gothic storyline Callahan examines all five works in detail drawing out their evolving themes and exploring Morrison's sometimes difficult texts in plain language Rounding out. Enjoyed it The book is a critical essay of Grant Morrison's early work up through the Doom Patrol

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Grant Morrison The Early Years Download ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Grant Morrison redefined comics in the 1980s and early '90s from his trailblazing creation of ZENITH through his metatextual innovations in ANIMAL MAN to his Dadaist super heroes in DOOM PATROL Along the way he also addressed Batman with his The volume an exclusive interview with Morrison a foreword by popular comics writer Jason Aaron and an appendix addressing Morrison's even earlier shorter work From Seuart Research Literacy Organization More info at http Seuartorg. Grant Morrison is a great comic book artist The present book give us an insight of his early work Essential for all Morrison's fans

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Grant Morrison The Early YearsGrant Morrison redefined comics in the 1980s and early '90s from his trailblazing creation of ZENITH through his metatextual innovations in ANIMAL MAN to his Dadaist super heroes in DOOM PATROL Along the way he also addressed Batma. I guess technically this could be a 25 or maybe even a 3 because there's nothing really wrong with it I was gifted it as a precursor to a birthday present of Supergods What Masked Vigilantes Miraculous Mutants and a Sun God from Smallville Can Teach Us About Being Human but I did come out the other end kind of wondering who exactly this books is for and that comes mainly down to what the book is and what it isn't It is a detailed examination of Morrison's early work ZENITH ARKHAM ASYLUM ANIMAL MAN BATMAN GOTHIC DOOM PATROL along with a cursory interview at the end but it's not an analysis or much of one and certainly not a critiue in any rigorous sense So people who don't like Morrison's work and there are legions won't be convinced by anything here And fans like me pretty much already know the majority of stuff Callahan touches on because we read the issues as well well I've never read ZENITH because it wasn't easily available but then ZENITH seems to involve my least favorite aspect of Morrison's themes pop culture and the analysis doesn't go much deeper than what he's doing here type stuff So as well intentioned as this book is it does seem like a strange mash up of a show and tell college thesis and an extended series of blog postsI mean it was nice to have someone else confirm that one of Morrison's rarely appreciated strengths as shown strongly in ANIMAL MAN is that while doing all his showy po mo stuff he usually remembers to anchor things in an emotional reality for the characters Sad then that the overview of DOOM PATROL seems to rush the final issue and miss the sadness inherent in Morrison's concluding point as I read it that the weird may be marvelous and important and all that up with oddness stuff we get from all corners of our culture nowadays in prepackaged form but also that in the end there's no place for them in the real world The weird exists best when it is transient Callahan can rake through all the murk of ARKHAM ASYLUM to dredge up every symbol and tell us what it was supposed to mean but since he's not critiuing in any depth at most there's a few issues of ANIMAL MAN he finds weak he can't really engage with why ASYLUM doesn't work very well and is unsatisfying the intentions of the author even when deliberately deep and obtuse do not automatically assure success so telling us what Morrison meant by this and that seems like special pleadingSo all the good stuff is here of course the wonderful revelatory panel in ANIMAL MAN gave me chills when I first read it sitting in my shitty little dorm room at Coventry Polytechnic in 1989 and its wonderful ending in which an author is petitioned by his character to do the right thing the heady rush of DOOM PATROL being reinvented into truly the strangest superhero team there ever wasThe book could have used an editor not in the usual sense of that statement the proofreading seemed spotless to me but in the sense of someone to perhaps prod and guide into deeper thorough thought; someone to snip and prune excessive repetition honestly the book does read like blog posts where you're not expected to have read preceding chapters and not the unified whole it is presented as and especially extraneous and sometimes purely fanboyish footnoting Yes comics being a serial form the reader will need context when characters and tropes known and unknown to the general comics reader but unfamiliar to the lay person are being reinvented But seriously did we need a footnoting of the fact that the aliens introduced in DC's INVASION series which crossed into ANIMAL MAN had all previously been seen in THE LEGION OF SUPERHEROES but had not previously been shown to exist in the contemporary DC universe A supposition that the use of the poem as a reference means that Coledridge's Rime Of The Ancient Mariner can be considered part of DC continuity Seriously That Dick York replaced Dick Sergeant in BEWITCHED That Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silverFor all that and the overall attention to detail Callahan occasionally misses interesting details some just fun no mention of the Subgenius thread in DOOM PATROL Cliff's comments on Doc Magnus Bob's appearance at the Brotherhood of Dada rally some important Jane's escape into her underground necessitated by her need to shout DADA DADA to steer the Horseman to the correct zoneIn the end this is a fine book for what it is but what it is isn't much beyond the usual internet examination More rigorous criticism needed please