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Where'd You Go BernadetteBernadette Fox has vanishedWhen her daughter Bee claims a family trip to Antarctica as a reward for perfect grades Bernadette a fiercely intelligent shut in throws herself into preparations for the trip But worn down by years of trying to live the Seattle lif. Looking for a new book but don't want to commit Check out my latest BooktTube Video One Done all about fabulous standalones Now that you know this one made the list check out the video to see the rest The Written Review People like you must create If you don't create Bernadette you will become a menace to society Oh My Gawd I love this so much Bee Branch genius daughter of the infamously famous Bernadette Fox has a puzzle to solve where in the world is her mother Before her mother went missing Bee's parents made the dubious promise of buying her whatever she wanted IF she got perfect gradeswhich she did and she cashed that in for a trip to Antarctica And with the help of an online Indian personal assistant Bernadette begins planningand planningand planningand uickly realizes that perhaps it may have been a bit of a mistake to make such a rash promise One of the main reasons I don't like leaving the house is because I might find myself face to face with a Canadian Meanwhile the pressures mount from all sides until suddenly poof Bernadette disappearsIt's up to Bee to find her and she is not about to back down Hello can I help you with something If not please step aside because I'm about to kick the shit out of life In short abso freaking lutely hilarious I was laughing to myself almost every chapter Semple combined just the right amount of hilarity and heartwarming hi jinksBernadette has such an amazing take on life she was sassy and witty every single moment she was on the page 'That's right' she told the girls 'You are bored And I'm going to let you in on a little secret about life You think it's boring now Well it only gets boring The sooner you learn it's on you to make life interesting the better off you'll be' My favorite part The ongoing battle with Audrey the snooty next door neighbor The petty suabbling and the exponentially increasing responses made my jaw drop especially when the kindergartners got PTSD from billboard incident This is one that needs to be read to be fully appreciated I am absolutely in love The Finer Books Club 2018 Reading Challenge A book you see a stranger reading in publicYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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Es and school memos that reveals a secret past Bernadette has been hiding for decades Where'd You Go Bernadette is an ingenious and unabashedly entertaining novel about a family coming to terms with who they are and the power of a daughter's love for her moth. Well let this be a lesson to those who would open their mouths and spew venom into the world I once wrote very publicly and loudly on this here Goodreads that I could never love a satire don't even remember which book I was reviewing The point is this book has made me eat my words This fucking book man I loved it It's my cheese my oreo cookie my soft blanket on a cold winter's night my let's pack everything up and head out for an adventure because FUCK YEAH WE'RE ALIVE I'm so glad I randomly picked this book up at my library Like last second I was checking out and there it was and I just grabbed it Best last minute decision everFound it And oh of course it was a Waugh Where'd You Go Bernadette is a modern day epistolary novel but not like one of those ones you read as a teenager with like whiny emails and diary entries from lovelorn pimple faces it's like layers and layers of subtle genius Bee is fifteen and loves her mother her eccentric and troubled mother who one day disappears The book is a meta compilation supposedly put together by Bee of emails articles and other assorted correspondences that tell the story of Bernadette what made her who she is and what led up to her disappearance The first 75% of the book is just a delightful satire on the wealthy and privileged on the self deluded and spiritually empty but what really makes it are the bits of real emotion that are constantly peeking through This story genuinely made me feel things and like I mean that it in all caps FEEL THINGS Plus it's just wacky Maria Semple used to work on Arrested Development if that gives you some idea of what I mean by 'wacky'Now just to warn you I'm writing this all high off the ending which was just fucking lovely so I might be a bit biased and you might end up reading it and being like Ashley what the fuck Just keep that in mind But to put it in frame of reference I liked this book almost as much as I liked Ready Player One and I fucking love Ready Player One but it's a different kind of love I don't want to say any because I just want you to go read the book I mean it GO

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Where'd You Go, Bernadette Download Å 5 Ñ Bernadette Fox has vanishedWhen her daughter Bee claims a family trip to Antarctica as a reward for perfect grades Bernadette a fiercely intelligent shut in throws herself into preparations for the trip But worn down by years of trying to live the Seattle life she never wanted Ms Fox is on the brink E she never wanted Ms Fox is on the brink of a meltdown And after a school fundraiser goes disastrously awry at her hands she disappears leaving her family to pick up the pieces which is exactly what Bee does weaving together an elaborate web of emails invoic. 25 ⭐Full review on my Blog The Dacian She Wolf 🐺uick funny story after I read how Bernadette had disappeared my immediate Romanian reaction was A dispărut ca măgarul în ceață which literally means ”She disappeared like the donkey in the fog” Yeah dubious Romanian piece of wisdom ahemNow This is not exactly my type of book I am not ashamed to admit that I found it boring in some places than in others and I will not apologise for saying that the writing style was kind of annoying me But it wasn’t a horrible book people As short as it might seem a little over 300 pages it took me a load of days to finish it The idea of the novel is a clever one but the writing style it was framed in was a bit off because it drew the attention from the actual serious themes that were being put in the scene Drug addiction mental health issues depression and anxiety mostly family issues feminism and so many others were exposed in this novel but they weren’t uite as obvious as they should’ve been because switching between the emails and letters and the other types of correspondence is indeed an innovation of style but it is also I bit attention tiring Even though I might sound like I disliked this book so much and now why did you read it if you don’t have nice things to say about it anyway I actually didn’t dislike it And I am telling you why I kept reading it until the end BernadetteI had some parts in the book where I was 90% sure that Bernadette is me as a mum the other 10% stand for the fact that Bernadette is me irl in my good days lol Like I could really relate to her Her personality is so interestingly beautiful that I could not stop thinking about how cool she is and I would actually love to be mistaken and find out that a real life Bernadette Fox exists out there for me to meet with her Also another lovable character was Bee Branch the daughter of Bernadette who is a perfect grade child who actually enjoys school and is into some kind of weird holiday preferences like going to an Antarctica trip for Christmas Kind of unexpected But she’s actually my type of child because you know what I might be into some weird arse holiday preferences myself you know me and my inner child I wonder how would my parents react if I would’ve had perfect grades through all of my school years just to make them take me to my dream holiday an African safari Probably unimpressed but meh The mother daughter relationship between the two of them is just so nice and comfy I love the fact that they are warm with each other understand each other and protect each other It is a wonderful feeling and I personally find it even wonderful because it kind of reminds me of my relationship with my mummy whom I must say I absolutely adore ❤️ In rest all those characters look somehow fake and a tad improbable Like Elgin for instance Why is Elgin Branch so obsessed with the idea that his wife is a loony who must be by all means locked away in a loony bin She is a genius mate geniuses are legitimate loonies you don’t uestion that you don’t fix that you just have to deal with it Another unreal character is Soo Lin and attached to that her twisted relationship with her boss Elgin Branch yes mate you are everywhere I totally understand that she is a divorcee with two children but the idea of admiring your boss and his geniality so much that you fall in love with him and start manipulating him in some way is a bit too much for me She’s actually not in love with him but only with the idea of him of what