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Dare You To Free download ¸ 105 ↠ Ryan lowers his lips to my ear Dance with me BethNo I whisper the reply I hate him and I hate myself for wanting him to touch me againI dare youIf anyone knew the truth about Beth Risk's home life they'd send her mother to jail and seventeen year old Beth who knows where So she protects her mom at all costs Until tRyan lowers his lips to my ear Dance with me BethNo I whisper the reply I hate him and I hate myself for wanting him to touch me againI dare youIf anyone knew the truth about Beth Risk's home life they'd send her mother to jail and seventeen year old Beth who knows where So she protects her mom at all costs Until the day her uncle swoops in and forces Beth to choose between. SPOILER FREE REVIEW4 STARS out of 5Genre YA Contemporary Romance It all started with a Dare 'The words sting but I struggle to keep the pain from surfacing What should I expect He's everything that's right with the world I'm everything wrong Guys like him don't go for girls like me' Beth I fell for the jock again I don't lose Do you hear me I don't lose and that includes you Ryan And thenthere is him Isaiah knows her secretsHe is her best friend Her safety netA tragedy pulls Beth away from her home and her only friends Noah and Isaiah She must now live with her uncle and his wife who by the way wants nothing to do with her at all Beth finds herself at a new school with some familiar faces from her past Not all of them are friendly WINNINGWhen Ryan realizes Beth is attending his school he seizes the opportunity to win the bet he lost a few nights ago Only getting to know Beth makes him want Beth in ways then just winning Copy kindly provided by Harleiun Teen via NetGalley for an honest review

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The constant dares to do crazy things The craziest Asking out the Skater girl who couldn't be less interested in himBut what begins as a dare becomes an intense attraction neither Ryan nor Beth expected Suddenly the boy with the flawless image risks his dreams and his life for the girl he loves and the girl who won't let anyone get too close is daring herself to want it all. Pushing the Limits excuse my profanity is a bastard to follow up on It was such an emotional powerful book so neat and well constructed that I was wary to pick up the next one I needn’t have been entirely terrified Dare You To is still a pretty good book with enjoyable things to reccomend it I simply didn’t love it as much as I wanted to I didn’t even cry once It made me uestion for a moment if McGarry had lost her touch to regularly make me bawl like a little baby who got pricked by their first vaccinationA big angry devastated babyTo me it’s construction and execution didn’t seem as tight and effortlessly fluid as Pushing the Limits In Pushing The Limits it really felt like the the characters and their relationships with each other with the world with their flawed perceptions were all part of an intricate dance in a wonderful universe where everything made sense WHY DOESN’T EVERYTHING MAKE SENSE MCGARRY WHY MAKE IT BETTER FOR MEIn Dare You To Beth Noah’s goth friend from Pushing the Limits is separated from her drug addicted mother and forced to live with her rich uncle This meansNew schoolNew townNew friendsNo drugs drinking or random hook upsThis would be a lot of difficult life changes on their own but then comes Ryan Perfect awesome school dude who has his own set of problemsOnly Ryan’s life isn’t perfect His brother’s been kicked out of home and his parents hate each other The unlikely couple is forced together and form a relationship that is sweet and respectful and nothing that Beth has ever had beforeSo first issue Dude what happened with Isaiah And no disrespect because this author is badass and everything I just happened to kind of be shipping toward IsaiahBeth because things just seemed to be driving at break neck speed in that direction The direction in which my heart sings double rainbows break out and I get to go live in Euestria with all my pony friends Rainbow Dash we would be the best of friendsBut you know I liked Ryan in the end He was cool Real cool Romantic too There were some nice gestures there broIn fact he was so nice the only real relationship I ended up contesting was Beth and her uncle’s Ultimately I could imagine Beth deciding she didn’t love Isaiah That’s cool Ultimately I could reconcile Beth’s 180 change in characterization despite my issues with its story line But the one thing I struggled with was the relationship between Beth and Scott because this was a really pivotal relationship for Beth’s character development and I was totally not feeling it A good portion of the initial respect and tolerance between them is developed off pageAnd then it just kind of takes a jagged cutesy path that I didn’t feel was a natural progression Of course it doesn’t help that Beth had to change a lot in ways that I felt were unnecessary Like you can’t be a good character if you dress like a goth smoke some weed and like to drink occasionally I guess I just felt it was hard to watch Beth change to other people’s expectations when a lot of those were a result of needs that didn’t seem to be met“I need to be there for my mother I’ll give everything to help her no wait I’m cool Totes seen the error of my ways Let’s party aye Ryan”However no matter how you feel it’s still a well written nice contemporary romance that made me all suishy inside Up to individual tastes but most people will mostly like it so go aheadI’m not entirely sure if this review made sense because alcohol drugs and dressing in black seem to be a bad combination according to this book But I guess what I wanted was acceptance of Beth’s actual issues as opposed to the outward issues And that never seemed to be addressed fully Her pain her issues were kind of swept aside with platitudesAnd frankly I was just in the mood for hardcore truths and badass emotional situations Having a nice lovely novel was good but it just wasn’t the awesomeness I expected from McGarry Because I love her And I kind of wanted Unicorns and double rainbows and Rainbow Dash to read me my favourite bookWait I can still get that right This ARC was provided to me by Harleuin No money gifts or favors were exchanged for this review I mean I tried to get some but they wouldn't answer my calls and then they were always busyThis review and like it can also be found on my blog Cuddlebuggery Book Blog

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Dare You ToHer mom's freedom and her own happiness That's how Beth finds herself living with an aunt who doesn't want her and going to a school that doesn't understand her At all Except for the one guy who shouldn't get her but doesRyan Stone is the town golden boy a popular baseball star jock with secrets he can't tell anyone Not even the friends he shares everything with including. Beth Risk from Dare You To Otherwise known as a classic example of how to self sabotage 35 stars I'll be going against the grain in saying that I liked this book better than the first in the series I understand that the masses went wild over Pushing the Limits but I struggled with shakily written stereotypes and repetitive speech patterns That said the first book was engaging and the characters were likable which was enough of a reason for me to want to continue on with the series After reading the second book in this series I'm starting to wonder how much real world experience this author has with kids in non standard living environments Maybe she honestly does and I'm just reliving my own personal experiences from a vastly different standpoint I really don't know Beth's story is one that I can somewhat relate to I was kicked out of my original high school in a rougher urban area and my parents felt it would be 'helpful' for me to move away to the sticks in order to gain perspective I was inwardly cheering that the girl in this story was the troublemaker instead of the boy I figured this could get interestingBut thenthe story started reading like every bad teen movie I'd ever encountered There was a scene from She's All That and one from Can't Buy Me Love and yet another from A Cinderella Story It was as if I'd fallen into a Molly Ringwald marathon and couldn't get outOne issue that carried over from the first story which I really wish hadn't happened was the demonizing of kids who smoke weed or party in a way not involving the usual and acceptable 'social keg parties' It made me cringe when Beth was speaking about how it felt to fly as if we were about to be prepared for some public service announcement about the evils of drugs don't touch kids you might want to go throw yourself off a building Later in the book she reflects on how worried she is now that Ryan found out how she used to party Really Is this a huge thing to be afraid of That someone might find out you partied a little too much before you met them As I stated in my review for book one if we're going to put certain behaviors in a box as being freaky we're ostracizing than the 50% of today's teens who participate in those behaviors Bad and Good isn't always a black and white thing Just like being a jock doesn't always euate to being popular and coming from the wrong side of the tracks doesn't always euate to you getting bad grades or being a screw up I appreciate what the author is trying to do by exposing the readers to than a basic 'boy meets girl' story but I wasn't uite buying the authenticity of it all YETthis story wasn't so bad I enjoyed it for the most part Other than Beth's issues with running and self doubt I liked her She was sassy and didn't let people push her around I can relate Ryan was interesting because he was sweet one moment cocky in another moment then completely unsure of himself in the next moment Different waves of behavior such as his somehow felt closer to real the real thing instead of when you see book guys who are constantly in worship me mode Ryan did have one strange moment of she is mine that made me do a double take but it wasn't a deal breakerSo there was a bet This story started off with a bet Before you get ready to eye roll your way on out of here let me give you this he told the girl about the bet before the halfway point of the book HUGE points for this One big positive about this story is that there wasn't a ton of game playing Our characters were genuine people who weren't out to deceive others One other HUGE MAJOR MASSIVE plus to this story mini spoiler maybe not view spoilerThe guy is the virgin for once hide spoiler