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The Fairy Godmother Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms #1She set out to make a new life for herself But breaking with The Tradition was no easy matter until she got a little help from her own fairy godmother Who promptly offered Elena a most unexpected jobNow instead of sleeping i. I wanted to like this book so much It started out so promising You felt so unbelievably sorry for Elena who was a victim not of her own accord the beginning was so great describing how Elena would have liked to go against her stepmother and how she would have liked to reuest shoes but she couldn't because the one time she did she was beaten with a cane and if she reported it to the magistrate they wouldn't do a thing about it since she was the rightful property of her parent as an unmarried child It was great It felt full of promise Despite her sorry life Elena was a survivor even though she didn't feel much of one As soon as her stepmother ran away from her debtors she pulled herself together and was going to sell herself off to be a servant All super realistic and super nobleThen the fairy godmother shows up and tells her that because of THE TRADITION things that are supposed to happen were about to happen but couldn't because of factors that didn't line up I mean you read in the blurb about the prince of Elena's kingdom who was only 11 years old That's fantastic and just about the only example that the reader needs because honestly the only thing fair about poor Cinderella's story is the fact that she gets her prince rightExcept the author goes on to tell oh maybe 5 drawn out examples You're introduced to the Fairy King and ueen who are interesting enough characters but then you're introduced to a buttload of other not so interesting characters that you basically start skimming over their names There's the example of the Arachnia the evil fairysorceress who is supposed to go to a christening and make the princess into a Sleeping Beauty but Elena our fairy godmother in training circumvents that with her mentor by putting some younger sonprincepoet in her way and also by NOT making him a scumbag I point this out because this was underlined several times in the book by several different magical personsAnyway blah blah blah while Elena is training and reading books seriously why must every single heroine be a book lover I know authors are necessarily book lovers but it's a bore when people want to show that their characters are intelligent by having them like reading the first 150 pages of the book reads a little bit like The History of Fairy Godmothers and The TRADITION ENOUGH already Why Because it's all written as exposition None of it really feels like it matters probably because the blurb has Elena's first test as testing three princes So you are just waiting for that to happen because it's in the blurb so you logically feel that's when her adventure starts But it's not It's in Chapter 11 yup that's about 170 pages in folks when Alexander first shows up at least I'm pretty sure it was Chapter 11 because I skipped some chapters and didn't feel like I missed anything and it's GREAT Alexander's first appearance made up for the 100 pages of crap about The Tradition He was an awesome prince Totally arrogant and suspicious of others and so rigid in his military upbringing but you know not in a bad way because at least he wasn't stupid So it's greatBut THEN for some reason after Elena turned him into a donkey she was compelled to take him home with her Okay I can buy that except their interactions are SO BORING that finally I had to give up Because frankly the character that got the most air time wasn't Elena or Alexander or even Octavian Alexander's older brother who was also kind of likable but THE TRADITION That's right Every other word was reserved for THE TRADITION and there were so many examples littered with working around THE TRADITION or utilizing THE TRADITION or just dealing with THE TRADITION that it felt like the author brainstormed beforehand on how to make THE TRADITION into an actual believable and logical idea that she then felt compelled to put ALL those examples into the book one after another And then because she felt like maybe her audience wouldn't buy into the idea of THE TRADITION guiding and forcing everyone into a set formula she had to repeatedly reinforce those ideas and its power into the readersIn the end I felt less and less convinced about THE TRADITION and really dubious about this whole Kingdoms world that Lackey had created that I gave up The basic rule of fantasy novels is that readers go into the books ready and willing to believe in this fantasy world with any rule of thumb that you throw at them unless you try to reason them otherwise It's your freaking fantasy world people can fly if they want to why do you need to try so hard to convince them200 pages in I threw in the towel disgusted not only with THE TRADITION which was basically the Matrix but not as cool but also Lackey's writing which started to resemble legalese What a waste of my time And while the author showed promise in the beginning it might be a while before I give her another try

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In the land of the Five Hundred Kingdoms if you can't carry out your legendary role life is no fairy taleElena Klovis was supposed to be her kingdom's Cinderella until fate left her with a completely inappropriate prince So. 3 Tradition stars “Once the blinders are off it's rather hard to go back to seeing things the way you used to” So before I read romance I was a huge fantasy reader And basically from the years 2000 2010 I was devouring anything Mercedes Lackey She's fantastic In this newer series by her she twists known fairy tales into new retellings and creates an interesting new premiseWhen Elena Ella Cinders reaches the age of 21 she had lost hope that her prince or any man would come to her rescue from her evil stepmother and stepsisters When she looks to the servant market to find work she is picked up by a fairy godmother and recruited to a new cause Because her prince was not appropriate for her a good 10 year age difference 11 years of age versus 21 Elena's Tradition never played out according to plan But by becoming a Fairy Godmother she could help others affected by magic and Tradition “for a country whose people ceased to believe in magic soon lost much of their ability to imagine and dream and before long they ceased to believe or hope for anything” This wasn't my favorite book by Lackey but I enjoyed the premise and the idea of everything uite a bit I loved the first half of the book but when Alexander came in I lost interest And as a love interest you would think he'd be interesting but he wasn't And the book was way too long there were lots of parts that could have been edited outBut I love Lackey's writing style and her brain I found it hilarious that the unicorns were like big dumb dogs in this and yearned to be petted by virgins So dang funny And Elena as a character was interesting but needed a bit developmentSo a great return to the fantasy genre and to Lackey I will continue to read this series but this first book did not wow me like her other books have in the past

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CHARACTERS ë The Fairy Godmother Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms #1 ½ In the land of the Five Hundred Kingdoms if you can't carry out your legendary role life is no fairy taleElena Klovis was supposed to be her kingdom's Cinderella until fate left her with a completely inappropriate prince So she set out to N the chimney she has to deal with arrogant stuffed shirt princes who keep trying to rise above their place in the tale And there's one in particular who needs to be dealt withSometimes a fairy godmother's work is never done. Well I've just finished my annual reread and felt it was high time to leave an actual review This is one of my favorite books my go to comfort read It's not the most polished of stories the climax and resolution in the last 45 pages come out of nowhere and are pretty rushed and the bulk of the story is mainly worldbuilding but I love this story in much the same way I love a favorite worn t shirt It's comforting it helps me relax and that all far exceeds cosmetic problems I haven't been able to get into other volumes of the 500 Kingdoms they're all standalones but the magic system is by far my favorite of any fantasy I attribute my love of worldbuilding to this book it's so pleasant to open this up and journey along with Elena through her failed Cinderella story to apprenticing for a Fairy Godmother to watching the entire Tradition as powerful and indifferent force as weather that pushes people into traditional fairy tale paths at play and how she redirects this force as much as possible to save the regular citizens of the kingdoms as much pain and tragedy as possible The combination of fractured fairy tales magical apprenticeship and uncommonly interesting magical force is what keeps me coming back year after year after year