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Summary ´ Goodbye Emily 109 ´ Three baby boomers relive their 1969 trip to Woodstock One final roadtrip One last chance to say Goodbye Emily They met at Woodstock and the love lasted a lifetime Then she was gone and so was his college teaching job Heartbroken but determined he calls on his two best friends to help him return to the place it all beganTheThree baby boomers relive their 1969 trip to Woodstock One final roadtrip One last chance to say Goodbye Emily They met at Woodstock and the love lasted a lifetime Then she was gone and so was his college teaching job Heartbroken but determined he calls on his two best friends to help him return to the place it all beganThe professor and his Woodstock. Goodbye Emily is not about what we lose in life it's about what we gain It is a positive life affirming novel that wins you over uickly with its humanity and charms you with its vivid charactersIt's no secret what Goodbye Emily is about The author tells you up front what to expect Three baby boomers relive their trip to Woodstock in '69 One final road trip One last chance to say Goodbye Emily But what that means is that Mr Murphy doesn't have the element of surprise to rely on You know what's going to happen before you read it That's what makes his accomplishment as a writer so extraordinary From the very beginning you feel like you're joining old friends on a new adventure Sparky Buck and Josh aren't characters you have to be introduced to you already know them But it was Emily I really fell in love with just like everybody else She was my best friend in high school my pal in college and the woman I wished lived next door to me It made all the sense in the world that Sparky had such a hard time saying goodbyeThis is an extremely sweet book full of love With Mr Murphy's easy way of storytelling he takes the reader by the hand and asks you to join the journey And believe me you'll be glad you did Don't miss out on this experience Read Goodbye Emily

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Buddy need the third tripper from back in the day now in a nursing home with early stage Alzheimer’s When the home refuses to allow their friend to come along the professor and the vet bust him out attracting the attention of the cops and the media fascinating the public   The roadtrip turns into a flight from “the man” and not even the professo. Technically I was born a year too soon to be called a Baby Boomer I was not part of the Woodstock generation; I grew up on Motown I'll trade Purple Haze for Purple Rain my children's generation Because I appreciate whatever music defines a generation I loved this bookAs a BoomerLit novel it delves into the struggles of Professor Walter Sparky Ellington after the death of his wife Emily and the subseuent loss of his job He suffers from depression alcoholism and his doctor fears he will die from a broken heart if he doesn't address the major stressors in his life He has lost touch with his best friends thinking Buck has let him down and is unable to deal with Josh's descent into Alzheimer'sMusic is important for the ties that connect us through family friends sickness death and all of life's changes I enjoyed the adventures of Sparky Buck and Josh as told through Sparky's dreams and the roadtrip they promised each other back to Woodstock even though it took until they were senior citizens to get there reuniting their Buck Naked Band from high school We might be old but we could still rockI give it four stars

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Goodbye EmilyR’s defense attorney daughter can help In a psychedelic van the trio dodges cops and prosecutors Against all odds they close in on their destination where thousands of supporters and cops await them   Goodbye Emily is the irreverantly funny story about a journey of self discovery for a man who thought he’d left all important journeys in life behi. I loved “Goodbye Emily” I tore through Michael Murphy’s novel in a day and a half I couldn’t wait to learn how it all turned out“Goodbye Emily” tells the story of Walter “Sparky” Ellington who is suffering from broken heart syndrome an actual ailment after losing his wife and his job Sparky reconnects with his longtime friends Buck and Josh and asks them to take one last road trip with him The trip becomes a journey of self discovery and healing as the trio returns to Woodstock to scatter Emily’s ashes in the place where she and Sparky met But because Sparky and Buck take Josh out of assisted living without permission—he suffers from early stage Alzheimer’s—the trip also turns into a flight from “the man”I loved the book the first time through The tie dye cover with its puffy lettering evokes the Sixties perfectly The narrative begins as Sparky the retired professor gets into a bar fight with a younger and much larger opponent I gasped out loud at his predicament and I was hooked I found the dialogue snappy authentic and amusing The plot developments—a romantic involvement between Sparky’s daughter and his new doctor an ambitious prosecutor using Josh’s “kidnapping” as media fodder—seemed dramatic and maybe a little too neat but not illogical I agree with others who say this book would make a terrific movieSince the book was the FebruaryMarch reading selection in our Boomer Lit group on Goodreads I made the mistake of reading some other comments before I formulated my own One reviewer was decidedly unimpressed I reread “Goodbye Emily” and although I found that reader’s points to be valid I loved the book just as much the second time“Goodbye Emily” meets the definition of Boomer Lit with its characters meeting and solving challenges as they make their transition to “the third stage of life” Just as we broke with the patterns of our parents our generation is destined to put a new face on old age Although Josh won’t be able to accomplish this due to his Alzheimer’s Sparky and Buck are well on their way by the end of the bookI believe “Goodbye Emily” took a strong hold on my emotions because Michael Murphy uses some of the same themes I use as a boomer author We both have written of homecomings and reconnecting with friends We’ve both had a character explain “It was the Sixties” which needs no further elaboration for those who lived through the time These are themes that resonate with millions of readers from our generation“Goodbye Emily” contains some editing errors most distressing to me the misspelling of names of some notable musicians But this is something easily corrected in a future printing I became so emotionally involved with this book that I rate it five stars despite this minor annoyance