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Tishomingo Blues Read & Download Å 4 ¶ Daredevil Dennis Lenahan has brought his act to the Tishomingo Lodge Casino in Tunica Mississippi diving off an eighty foot ladder into nine feet of water for the amusement of gamblers gangsters and luscious belles His riskiest feat however was witnessing a Dixie style mob execution while atop his diving pA Dixie style mob execution while atop his diving platform Robert Taylor saw the hit also A blues loving Detroit hustler touring the Southland in a black Jaguar Taylor's got his own secret agenda re the Cornbread Cosa Nostra and he wants Dennis in on the. After three of the last five books felt like they seriously wasted my time Cold Mountain Crooked Letter John Updike I’m looking at you I decided to stack the deck El never wastes a second of my timeAnd hoo boy This was terrific Dixie Mafia Delta blues Between Chickasaw Charlie Hoke he gets a story in When The Women Come Out To Dance Robert Taylor please tell me he gets stories or books and characters like Jerry Arlen and Loretta this was one of my favorite assemblages of people yet from the high diver Dennis on downAll set in the Mississippi heat against— so improbably hilariously— reenactments of the Civil War Detroit vs Dixie shootouts galore Books next time you start testing my patience here’s how to do it right First read June 2012 December 2012Here’s the second kick in the pants to my reading malaise There’s not a character here idiot asshole or otherwise that’s not having the time of their life just playing the game God I love Robert Taylor that blues loving criminal mastermind

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Game But there's a lot in Robert Taylor's pocket than a photo of his lynched great grandfather And high diver Dennis could be about to take a long fatal fall right into a mess of hoop skirts Civil War play acting and trouble than he ever dreamed possible. Another good tale by Leonard I love his characters Unfortunately the reader took the southern redneck voices to extremes didn't do the story any favors As usual there were uite a few twists I wound up rooting for people who normally wouldn't be considered 'the good guys' It was uite a trip

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Tishomingo BluesDaredevil Dennis Lenahan has brought his act to the Tishomingo Lodge Casino in Tunica Mississippi diving off an eighty foot ladder into nine feet of water for the amusement of gamblers gangsters and luscious belles His riskiest feat however was witnessing. Dennis Lenahan has an odd way of making a living Several times a day he climbs an eighty foot ladder and then dives into a tank filled with nine feet of water for the entertainment of tourists His latest gig is at a hotelcasino in Tishomingo Mississippi but while Dennis is on top of the ladder setting up for his next show he witnesses a couple of good ole boys murdering the guy who had been hired to help him Dennis is advised that the killers are members of the local Dixie Mafia so he’d best keep what he’s seen to himself unless he wants to be next to go but rumors are everywhere that the high diver saw the murder Dennis is caught between a smart cop and the killers but he’s made a new friend to help him out Robert Taylor is a smooth talking black man from Detroit who likes to brandish a picture that he claims shows his great grandfather being lynched by the great grandfather of a prominent local business man and he instantly inserts himself into Dennis’ situation But he’s not doing it out of the kindness of his heart since it’s obvious that Robert is playing some kind of angle that involves the upcoming re enactment of a Civil War battleEl Leonard claimed to not know how a book would end when started writing it and this is probably the main reason that his plots often went off in unexpected directions and the focus might shift from one character to another in the middle of the story That’s usually something I very much liked about his books but it doesn’t seem to work uite as well in this one I’d be willing to bet that his original idea had something to do with the picture of the lynching and the Civil War reenactment but he couldn’t figure out a way to fit it all together so he eventually dumps the picture idea and goes in a completely different direction with little explanation as to why Robert had it in the first place And while people meeting under strange circumstances and then forming some kind of unlikely bond or partnership was a common trait in Leonard’s books the instant bromance between Dennis and Robert doesn’t work as well as others that he wrote It’s than a little odd that smart Robert would decide to bring Dennis into his plans just because he admires the guts it takes to high dive and considering that he knows Robert is working some kind of scam Dennis going along with him without knowing his agenda also seems off Plus while he provides one subplot involving the rednecks and a badly behaved dog he never gives us much of the point of view of the main bad guy so it seems like we’re only getting half the story He also saves the introduction of a key character to the last act while letting others do little or vanish from the story Again a Leonard book usually doesn’t end anywhere close to how you thought it would and the hero in one chapter may be the villain by the end of the book but he spent a lot of time developing the character of Charlie Hoke a former professional baseball player who manages to mention his career in every conversation he has only not to do much of anything with himYou still have to give points to any story that manages to work in high diving the Dixie Mafia and Civil War reenactments but there’s a lack of focus that keeps this one down in the rankings of El Leonard books