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characters I Want to Make You Safe ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ì Poetry LGBT Studies Amy King's poems seem to encompass all that we think of as the 'natural' world ie sex sun love rotting hatching dreaming especially in the wonderful long poem 'This Opera of Peace' She brings these abstractions to brilliant jagged liBear up the angle of the floor Let the mice be tragic for all that is caged Let time's contagion mar us until spoken people lie as particles of wind' John Ashbery. I went to sleep last night thinking about how I Want to Make You Safe the title of Amy King’s latest collection can be read two different ways 1 the desire to protect someone from harm or 2 the desire to render someone harmlessThis morning as I browse back through the collection both of these readings stay with me—particularly in the middle section that shares the book’s title and especially in the head spinning eleven page poem that bears the name too The title poem unleashes a fury of nouns from antibiotic baked chicken to atomic bomb barbed wire to bleating whip hate to heart attack torture to tumor It ends on an image of a moon’s harp shaped by my rib cage missing its limbs pleading Please reattach the orifice if I’m ever to hold your loveFollowing this wild read is a section titled “The Familiar” which fulfills its promise with readily accessible poems But most of the works in this 38 poem 87 page strong collection concern themselves with defamiliarizing; the writer who coined that concept—Viktor Shklovsky—is even named in the fifth poem After all as King pens again in the title poem Proof is the poet’s burden to tell but write beneathMajor themes however can be unpacked The first poem “Some Pink in Your Color” can be read as prologue briefing us that a sudden awareness of mortality will play a leading role These are poems suffused with if not specifically about the sense of vulnerability engendered by the failures of the body And what do we want most when we begin to sense our end Often it’s to ensure post us that our loved ones and our legacy are left respectively in good hands and good order Which leads to a third less obvious interpretation of the book’s title the desire to make one’s legacy safe As if to confirm this reading King’s second poem begins And suddenly art is a hand planted from the wrist down into the earth’s epidermis “Follow the Leader of My Silken Teeth”The desire to leave one’s house in good order—or in the poet’s case to develop her art as fully as possible in the time alotted—is even apparent in the midst of “Butterfly the Gnarled” Parasites bed my inner lining— A plural centipede burrows outbound crawls the spine of my hand tells my pencil to move along give out lead Read my full review at The Rooster Moans Poetry Cooperative

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Erful long poem 'This Opera of Peace' She brings these abstractions to brilliant jagged life emerging into rather than out of the busyness of living 'Let the walls. If you are going to survive anywhere especially in Topeka Kansas you need to carry this on you at all times

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I Want to Make You SafePoetry LGBT Studies Amy King's poems seem to encompass all that we think of as the 'natural' world ie sex sun love rotting hatching dreaming especially in the wond. A true poet who truly knows how to capture and reveal humanistic emotions Asking truly inuisitive uestions and describing heartbreaking situations you are thrust into your own thoughts arising a wealth of emotions and unknown thoughts The tender language allows you to enjoy yet be horrified at the violence and gentleness of the realistic nature of the situations described becoming one with the many narrators uestioning your function as a human and your own actions In a way King function becomes oddly similar to TS Eliot in his plight to save the modern world using dualities that truly mimic the hardships of life Travel within the book and visit times everyone will eventually experience such as death birth marriage sex love hatred and find new meaning within these symbolic areas Find a new interest in the mundane and live life If you are a virgin to Amy King’s work be prepared to explore and find yourself within her many poems and lessons concerning the world Life may be painful but it can be just as enjoyable and end your life on note of love Read to find a glorious message in this true “opera of peace” 55 stars