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Free read Beauty Never Dies The Grimm Diaries Preuels #3 ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¾ Peter Pan has a plan Since it's been hundred years since his friends were all cursed by the Brothers Grimm he is about to wake up Sleeping Beauty his eternal lover Oops you didn't know that Blame it onVerland in the DreamworldAfter the deal is made Peter continues with the ceremony bringing Sleeping Beauty back into life What Sleeping Beauty is capable of and who she really is are like nothing ever written in the boo. First things first – the writing is not my cup of tea and I already mentioned that some editing could be nice Now welcome to the too many characters in 20 pages Oh man We’ve got Peter Pan his assistant The Hunchback from Nortre Dame who Peter calls Hunchy and his beloved – the EVIL Sleeping Beauty view spoilernot to mention she is a vampire like Snow White how original hide spoiler

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Peter Pan has a plan Since it's been hundred years since his friends were all cursed by the Brothers Grimm he is about to wake up Sleeping Beauty his eternal lover Oops you didn't know that Blame it on the GrimmsBut in. What do Sleeping Beauty Peter Pan Dracula The Hunchback and the Evil ueen have in common Apparently a lot In this one we get an entry by Peter Pan who does not like writing in a diary but does anyways cause his day was AWESOME What does he like Sleeping Beauty his lovaaaa and young girls I wouldn't let those two vulgar creatures ride next to me My passenger seat is reserved for beautiful teen girls I get that Peter Pan is the boy who never grew up so technically its okay for him to like his girls younger but he sort of comes across as that guy in his late 20's who is still creepin' around the high school girls It's not like you have a six pack or something You're just wiry tall boyBeautiful boy I correct her I know I turn on girls my own age But is it possible I make the ueen of Sorrow uncomfortable with my beauty Mirror Mirror And somehow he also seems to come across as pedo jailbait Nah I'm good These little preuels better take a turn for the better or I won't be bothering with a full length book Especially if I have to deal with this little weirdo in itbacks out of the room slowly Did I also mention he kidnaps kids for Neverland What's the number for 911 I got a tip to make

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Beauty Never Dies The Grimm Diaries Preuels #3The middle of the ceremony he is visited by the Evil ueen who manipulates him into helping her with information about Snow White This or she will expose him as he has been secretly kidnapping kids to help him rebuild Ne. This review contains spoilers Read at YOUR own riskI bought the Grimm Diaries Preuels on because they sounded like they were going to be fun to read I love fairy tales and their re tellings While I liked the first preuel well enough I didn't care for the second I should have stopped there but once I get into a series I like to at least give it a fair chance I will not be reading any preuels or even the actual Grimm Diaries until several things get better I believe this review will work better in list format1 The WritingI have never seen worse writing in a PUBLISHED book Online yes Published NO The writing should not be this bad for something that is available in the store The writing sounded immature was full of errors and wasn't enjoyable for me as a reader at all Please get an editor Please2 Who Are These CharactersI liked the idea of the author bringing different characters together However some of these character joinings didn't even make sense The Hunchback of Notre Dame Dracula Are you kidding me I could have lived with that though if the characters even someone sounded like themselves The characters lacked their former personality and instead all pretty much sound like the same character who sounded immature the entire time while I was readingIf you're going to use characters from other series at least try to make them seem like the characters we all know and love If these characters hadn't had their famous names I wouldn't have even been able to tell who was who The relationships were also insane and unrealistic Why would Peter Pan have the hunchback of Notre Dame as a sidekick Why would Peter Pan and a bad Sleeping Beauty be together Why would Peter be attracted so much to an evil older woman Dracula playing a zombie game Please just kill me nowThe only character that I didn't want to kill was the evil ueen 3 The Plot The plot really didn't make all that much sense Maybe this series should be named The Grimm Diaries Parodys If I could rate this lower than a one star I would I would give it a half star It was that bad I have never read a book that made me want to die while reading it I only forced myself to finish it because I wanted to give it a proper review and it wasn't too long though I would have preferred it to be much shorterIf you liked the preuel that's cool But I certainly won't be touching any or the actual books until they improve Disclaimer These opinions are my own; I was not reuired to write a positive review nor was I compensated for this review