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In Pursuit of Platinum Review ✓ 7 Ð More than a year in the Top 100 best selling War and Spy stories listsIt’s the secret they don’t want you to find out – buried in government archives and not to be revealed until 2045 Now you can read the real story about the attempt to smuggle a fortune in platinum out of Paris in the legendary BullioAn even valuable human cargo a mysterious Frenchwoman with a secret that could change the course of the Second World War Alena and American Ben Peters are targets of Hitler’s ruthless investigator Ludwig Weber whose family will be executed if he fails His orders are to silence Alena before she can reveal her secret; capture her young son and. This would be a candidate for the Least Well Suited Cover Image award what the heck It's not a romance It's action packed historical fiction When you don't judge the book by the cover it's a ripping adventure tale of intrigue pursuit espionage and resistance It would be cool if it were true but IRL I don't think any Bentleys would handle that kind of plot The audiobook is excellent with about a thousand accents and character voices very impressive

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Take him back to Berlin; and recover the Banue de France’s platinum As they flee their hunter they experience the stark and tragic realities of war and the raw emotions of two brave people living on the edge of fear And not everything is as it seems Who is Alena and what is her secret that could destroy everything the Nazi movement stands fo. With my hand on my heart this is the best world war two espionage tale I've ever read Serious It's the journey of three people fleeing the invading nazi's from Paris to Portugal and the issues both personal and physical they encounter in getting there Their mode of transport is a Bentley all good travelers choice of vehicle carrying a war saving cargo of booty and personnel The pacing matches a Bentley laden with platinum sedentary and careful each bump suffered with dread But we get there and it's a good ride You get to care for Ben and Alena though Freddie the child didn't tug at my heart There is a twist signposted but in keeping with the tale It's a good read For a man who's never read a world war two espionage thriller I was impressed

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In Pursuit of PlatinumMore than a year in the Top 100 best selling War and Spy stories listsIt’s the secret they don’t want you to find out – buried in government archives and not to be revealed until 2045 Now you can read the real story about the attempt to smuggle a fortune in platinum out of Paris in the legendary Bullion Bentley But the Bentley is carrying. Note I received a review copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I am glad I got a chance to read this book 45 StarsIn a Pursuit of Platinum is first book of Ben Peter Thriller Series that as title says reveals Shocking secret of WWII Whether the history in book is true or not it was damn shocking thrilling and nail biting political historical fiction that kept me on the edge of the seat till the endStory was third person narrative revolved around three main characters Ben Peters Alena and Ludwig Weber antagonist It was about adventurous journey of Ben Alena and her son Freddie from Paris to England in the Bentley loaded with most precious metal Platinum with many obstacles on their way It was about the secret Alena had against Nazis that could change the course of warShe was even important than platinum both for Nazis and British people To stop her from escaping top German officer and investigator Ludwig Webner was given the task to capture her by Adolf Hitler himself Isn’t that interestingWhat’s the secret why Germans are so desperate to capture them and what makes Alena important than platinum Well that’s the storyCharacters Alena she was such a strong woman She was so afraid of torture that she preferred to kill her son and herself than being caught alive That was horrible Even after everything her will to reach to safety with her son was remarkable She was a mysterious till second half of the book She was very hard on Ben in the first half but in second half closeness between them made book sweet and touching Sad there was very less romantic chapters in the bookBen He was such a determined guy He won’t leave Bentley even he could die with it Seriously I’m sure whether it was explained or I missed that part I’m sure I have missed it but didn’t go back and read those chapters again but I couldn’t see a solid reason behind his acceptance for the task and his faithfulness to Bernay Whatever it was this guy was amazing and such a gentleman in the book I loved his determination and strong willFreddie he was most adorable and likable character in the bookLudwig He was very complex character At first I hated him his action and way of getting information was unlikable but as story progressed I knew him better This character showed the intensity of love for family He would go to any extent to save them I liked reading his perspective in the bookAll characters were well developed and very important for the story even the smallest side character Narration from all character’s perspective gave the detailed background of them and by the end of the book I got to know them betterWhat I liked This was second book in historical fiction genre with WWII theme after ‘The Book Thief’ that I loved reading because of its easy to follow writing without much political jargons or heavy old English I just love to read WWII booksPerfect beginning of the book A mother’s turmoil with only option either save her son or kill him German reaching to border of Paris a banker’s desperate to save platinum so that it can be used to win back his country an American a writer who doesn’t know how to use a gun was given a task to carry platinum and a Frenchwoman with child away from Germans to London Ludwig’s terrifying ways of getting information all this created a tense atmosphere from very beginning Another thing I liked most was short chapters and all ended with cliffhangerBen’s desperate efforts to take Alena to safety and Web