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Free read Superman 107 » A celebration of Superman's life and history—in time for his 75th birthdayHow has the Big Blue Boy Scout stayed so popular for so long How has he changed with the times and what essential aspects of him have remained constant This fascinating biography examines Superman as a cultural phenomenon through 75 years of action packed adventures frEntial aspects of him have remained constant This fascinating biography examines Superman as a cultural phenomenon through 75 years of action packed adventures from his early years. Weldon's book doesn't get too in depth over every part of Supermans history because if he did the book would probably 4 times the length but when he does it's a well thought out and intelligent read He explores how Superman has changed with the times and how they've effected him as a character and how writers have approached him It's not just the comics though He includes Supermans history in both tv and film not leaving much out It starts off and it's a bit of a taxing read because he reciting the first few issues of Superman almost panel for panel But as we get further down the line mostly from the 50s onwards I couldn't put it down If you're interested in the character and are looking for a book about Superman that isn't a comic this is for you

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As a social activist in circus tights to his growth into the internationally renowned demigod he is todayWritten by NPR book critic blogger and resident comic book expert Glen Weldo. Is this my third superhero biography in two months Yes yes it is This is my genre nowI am a little hesitant to write this review on the hypothetical chance that Glen reads it and then in an eually hypothetical turn of events refuses to meet me at some hypothetical soiree we are both hypothetically invited to But here goesThis book felt like a low budget rehearsal for The Caped Crusade a book Glen absolutely clobbered out of the park I had never noticed until now with the opportunity to closely compare two very similar projects the difference a good editor and editing process can make This book had some uncomfortable micro issues blatant typos showing up in pretty much every chapter and macro issues poor development of marginally presented themes Overall it felt like a long Wikipedia article albeit one written with some flair

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SupermanA celebration of Superman's life and history in time for his 75th birthdayHow has the Big Blue Boy Scout stayed so popular for so long How has he changed with the times and what ess. So a confession first I find Superman utterly boring as a character He is absurdly powerful is good to a fault he is often described as a big blue boy scout and generally hasn't done anything to ever capture my attention As the author put it Superman is every handsome athletic trust fund kid who roars his convertible into the high school parking lot as the sweater around his neck flutters in the breeze Why has a schmuck like that endured for 75 years But he is indisputably a part of the American fabric having been fighting for truth justice and the American way for 75 years Even people who don't read comics know who Superman is where he comes from what his weaknesses are and who his main sueeze is He is at the very least a fascinating piece of American cultureIt is with this mindset that I delved into this comprehensive history of the character The fact that it was written by Glen Weldon of NPR who also wrote an excellent book about Batman called The Caped Crusade just added to my anticipationSo Superman You know this guy Or maybe this guyPerhaps this guy Or even this guysYes much like his fellow DC caped do gooder Batman Superman has been through A LOT of changes over his existence Yet the world around him was about to expand and enrich itself as an unprecedented pace The Last Son of Krypton would suddenly find himself the harried patriarch of an extended obstreperous family all clad in tight long johns New loves would entice him new enemies would dedicate themselves to his utter destructionAnd where once there were no monkeys now there would be monkeys In abundance Yes you read that right monkeys pet sidekicks were a thing for a while in superhero comics Weird I knowMuch like Batman who debuted a year after the first appearance of Superman Superman was an amalgamation of different existing characters in the comics see also under the sun there is nothing new He initially fought gangsters and swindlers and crooks for the sake of the little guy the working man the average Joe He was very much a New Deal Democrat pursuing social justice along with legal justice But with the advent of the 50's and the strict comics code Superman changed transforming into an Eisenhower Republican an exemplar of stability proper decorum and due deference to authorities Superman would go through many such changes over his existence including shudder a mullet It was uite fascinating to see how the prevailing culture would impact how writers and drawers portrayed and changed Superman and Weldon does an excellent job guiding the reader through the changes in timeAnother fascinating theme of Superman is just who is he Is he Superman who assumes the role of Clark Kent as a disguise Is he Clark Kent with Superman as an alter ego Is he just Clark from Smallville who assumes both roles because that is what is needed to be a superman among mere men The answer isYes He has been all of those depending on the writer I think it is interesting trying to come to grips with the fundamental uestion of identity of such a character and there are valid interpretations of all of the above In addition to that there is a constant push and pull within SupermanClark between his Kryptonian ness and his Humanity Much as immigrants to America struggle with how much of their old culture they will continue to identify with and much much will they assimilate Superman is the ultimate immigrant and the struggle he faces has been faced by countless people across timeBut this book covered than the comics it also covered Superman's many other media manifestations From radio to theatre shorts to full blown movies and TV shows Superman has been beamed into our head holes from multiple sources And like the comics it isn't one cohesive character Different writers and actors had their own take on the character some of it from the comics some of it new that bled into the comic's continuity Each just as much a legitimate Superman as