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Download The Eye of Minds ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB È Michael is a gamer And like most gamers he almost spends time on the VirtNet than in the actual world The VirtNet offers total mind and body immersion and it’s addictive Thanks to technology anyone with enough money can experience fantasy worlds risk their life without tAtch a hacker you need a hackerAnd they’ve been watching Michael They want him on their teamBut the risk is enormous If he accepts their challenge Michael will need to go off the VirtNet grid There are back alleys and corners in the system human eyes have never seen and predators he can’t even fathom and there’s the possibility that the line between game and reality will be blurred forever. 35 Not as bad as some people are saying not as good as I thought it was going be either The worst thing is that we're all comparing it with The Maze Runner series it is not better so people get really dissapointed But I liked some details and plot twists it is also a very fast paced book with no wasted pages at all It has some good funny dialogeI don't know is not bad or good it is just entertaining It has the possiblility of a very good continuation hope I can read it soon I was going to give it just 3 stars but I really liked the ending Who knows the true definition of real No soy mucho de las vídeo juegos de hecho no soy nada de videojuegos pero sentí ue el libro tenia cierta vibra de eso exactamente del tipo tienes ue pasar pruebas para llegar a la prueba final bla bla blaMe gusta la idea y se plantea de forma rápida y entretenida pero los personajes no me llegaron tanto Bryson fue el mejor a mi parecer No es ue los amara u odiara osea si me agradaban pero no a un nivel muy emocional XD De todas formas me gustaban los diálogos ue tenían entre ellos Un futuro donde la gente pasa mas tiempo dentro de un videojuego ue en la vida real Pero la experiencia es tan real ue un fallo puede ocasionarte la muerte cerebralMe gusta ue James no le de tantos rodeos a las cosas solo las dice y listo eso le funciono muy bien con su trilogía pasada pero ya ue esta tiene una trama muy centrada en todo sobre programación o sea es un poco mas técnica siento ue si hubiera explicado ciertas cosas mas a fondo me hubiera tomado todo el asunto un mas enserio Pero es un lectura fácil cuando le agarras la onda y rápida si no le pierdes el ritmo Vuelvo a hacer énfasis en los ENORMES margenes ue tenia mi edición y la ENORME letra XD O sera ue últimamente he estado leyendo libros con letra chiuita de mas A knife is a godsend to the man tied in ropes death to the man in chains No creo ue sea una lectura para todos tiene muchos datos técnicos pero entre todo eso voy a destacar ciertas ideas ue me gustaron bastante 1 LOS KILLSIMS me gusto su función y las descripciones ue teníamos de ellos Al menos en mi cabeza se ven geniales XD 2 LA ESCENA CON LOS CUERPOS bastante creepy Me likesNo digo ue es lo mejor ue he leído en mi vida solo ue me parecieron detalles buenos dentro de una novela sin muchos detallesRecomendado si uieres leer algo rápido pero no tan ligero Según mis gustos esta seria la típica lectura de En mitad de mi semestre escolar No estas tan ocupado pero no tan libre Creo ue el final salvo mucho a la historia me gusto el twist y si leeré la continuación solo ue no ahoraNo te recomiendo compararla contra TMR porue saldrá perdiendo por mucho XD

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Es when most of them are dumb anywayBut some rules were made for a reason Some technology is too dangerous to fool with And recent reports claim that one gamer is going beyond what any gamer has done before he’s holding players hostage inside the VirtNet The effects are horrific the hostages have all been declared brain dead Yet the gamer’s motives are a mysteryThe government knows that to c. That plot twist might've been way out of left field but it just created logistics problems S And I read this almost in tandem with Brandon Sanderson's Steelheart which really highlighted for me the main problem with Dashner's books his writing is so clunky It's really awkward

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The Eye of MindsMichael is a gamer And like most gamers he almost spends time on the VirtNet than in the actual world The VirtNet offers total mind and body immersion and it’s addictive Thanks to technology anyone with enough money can experience fantasy worlds risk their life without the chance of death or just hang around with Virt friends And the hacking skills you have the fun Why bother following the rul. My thoughts after I finished this bookWhat the HELL did I just readJames Dashner's writing style is nothing like anything I've ever read or anything I ever will readIt's simple and complex at the same time It is full of so many contradictions so many layers so much depth that it's really impossible to describe his books The thing about James DashnerHe does everything for a reasonNo detail is too trivial No plot twist too big or small Everything matters In the end when everything fits together it counts It matters You read the book a second time and realize how much he was leading you on to that big AHA momentIt's amazing reallyThis book is classified as science fiction but it's really not limited to one genre At times there were than one elements that contributed to a mystery or a horror or a realistic fiction or even an actionadventure type of atmosphereAnd that ending James Dashner has written a complex intriguing action packed book that might even come to rival the Maze Runner series And for that I have to raise my glass to you Mr DashnerBut really why did the book end like that