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Read Ñ Poetry Speaks to Children Book CD ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Æ In the tradition of Poetry Speaks the anthology named a Best Book of 2002 by School Library Journal and praised by the Seattle Post Intelligencer as a volume to delight longtime lovers of poetry and to spark new love for poetry especRsPoetry Speaks to Children reaches into the world of poetry and pulls out the elements children love rhyme rhythm fun and every once in a while a little mischiefMore than 90 poems for children ages six and up celebrate the written word and feature a star studded lineup of beloved poets including Roald Dahl; J R R Tolkien; Robert Frost; Gwendolyn Brooks; Ogden Nash; John Ciardi; Langston Hughes; Sonia Sanchez; Seamus Heaney; Canada's best loved children's poet Dennis Lee; Rita Dove; Billy Collins; Nikki Giovanni and X J KennedyOn the accompanying CD 50 of the poems are brought to life most read by the poets themselves allow the reader to hear the words as the poets intendedHear Gwendolyn Brooks growl her rhyming verse poem The Tiger Who Wore White Gloves or What You Are You Are with verve and inflecti. Poetry Speaks to Children is a collection of poetry by various authors It was illustrated by Judy Love Wendy Rasmussen and Paula Zinngrabe Wendland and is most likely intended for children ages 7 12Summary Poetry Speaks to Children collects 95 of the best poems to read out loud to childrenEvaluation I rated this book 4 stars because it includes so many poems that are perfect for reading out loud accompanied by lively illustrations that really bring those poems to life The collection was illustrated by three different people so there are a few distinct styles in it The illustrations work very well with the text and even those children who cannot yet read would very likely enjoy looking at the book just for the pictures I believe that this book would be very appealing for young readers because it has large colorful text and illustrations and each poem presents a different and entertaining challenge to read When working with children this book could be read aloud to a class or older children could take turns picking out a poem to read to the rest of the class After reading they could discuss which poems were their favorite to listen to and compare that to which ones were the most fun to read aloud and why

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On relaying the story of the striped cat who rushed to the jungle fair for something fine to wear much to the hoots of his jungle peers Amid jeers sneers and sighs the tiger eventually learns to be comfortable in his own striped skin or fur as it were Follow Ogden Nash as he tells of the brave little Isabel who didn't worry didn't scream or scurry when confronted with a ravenous bear a one eyed giant or a troublesome doctor Her clever solutions to problems She turned the witch into milk and drank her will keep even the most reluctant readers interestedListen to James Berry who uells a little girl's anxieties about her color by celebrating the marriage of night and light emphasizing how all colors are necessary in nature in Okay Brown Girl OkayTurn the page and tune in kids won't be the only ones hooke. great book with CD to listen included but poetry just like humor is enjoyed best in mother tongue so basically not for me

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Poetry Speaks to Children Book CDIn the tradition of Poetry Speaks the anthology named a Best Book of 2002 by School Library Journal and praised by the Seattle Post Intelligencer as a volume to delight longtime lovers of poetry and to spark new love for poetry especially among the young Sourcebooks MediaFusion is proud to introduce the joy of the written and spoken word in Poetry Speaks to ChildrenParents educators librarians and poetry enthusiasts have wondered for years how to get children really interested in poetry Until now there hasn't been a collection of poems and poets that spoke directly to that elusive audience Poetry Speaks to Children cracks through that barrier by packaging the best poems by the best authors along with a CD making the engrossing and often mischievous verses come alive in the voices of many of the creato. There are some very wonderful gems in here The range of readers spans k 12 Individual poems are uite useful in developing units of inuiry For example Snowmen can be used with the water cycle as well as with the 5th grade Memory Unit