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characters ✓ An Irish Country Doctor ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Barry Laverty MB can barely find the village of Ballybucklebo on a map when he first sets out to seek gainful employment there but already he knows that there is nowhere he would rather live than in the emerald hills and dalesAke every day an education for the inexperienced young doctorBallybucklebo is long way from Belfast and Barry is uick to discover that he still has a lot to learn about the uirks and traditions of country life But with pluck and compassion and only the slightest touch of blarney he will find out about life and love than he ever imagined back in medical schoolAn Irish Country Doctor is a charming and engrossing tale that will captivate readers from the very first page and leave them yearning to visit the Irish countryside of days gone b. Audiobook performed by John Keating Taylor tells the tale of a young physician learning the ropes from an older wiser well established practitioner in an Irish village in the mid 1960s Barry Laverty is happy to have this position and he has an experienced if unconventional teacher in Dr Fingal Flaherty O’Reilly I’ve heard this described as “James Herriot for people” and I think that’s a perfect description Some of the cases are uite serious some patients are malingerers While O’Reilly’s main advice is to “never let the customers get the upper hand” he still shows great compassion for serious problems teaches the young Laverty how to admit being wrong and helps him learn to apologize for his own mistakes Which of course doctors do make – being human after all The book is full of wonderful characters from the steadfast housekeeper Mrs Kincaid who prefers to be called Kinky to the young doctor’s first love Pamela from elderly patients suffering mostly from loneliness to young children with appendicitis from shopkeepers with heart disease to farmers with work related injuries There are some very humorous moments and a few tender ones as well Very entertainingJohn Keating does a marvelous job of performing the audiobook I loved how he interpreted both O’Reilly and Laverty And he does a passable job of the various women characters as well

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Barry Laverty MB can barely find the village of Ballybucklebo on a map when he first sets out to seek gainful employment there but already he knows that there is nowhere he would rather live than in the emerald hills and dales of Northern Ireland The proud owner of a spanking new medical degree and little else in the way of worldly possessions Barry jumps at the chance to secure a position as an assistant in a small rural practiceAt least until he meets Dr Fingal Flahertie O'ReillyThe older physician whose motto is to never let the pat. Can a story be too cute too sweetMy two star rating indicates my answerThe books by Patrick Taylor starting with An Irish Country Doctor are often compared to James Herriot’s vet series All of us know Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small The vets in Herriot’s books are in Taylor’s books switched to country doctors in the fictional Ulster village Ballybucklebo a half hour train ride from Belfast Maybe it is me that has changed; I remember Herriot’s books with fondness Barry Laverty has just completed his medical studies at ueens University in Belfast He has been hired to work as an assistant to Doctor Fingal Flahertie O’Reilly O’Reilly is going to show Laverty the ropes what you really need to know to be a good local GP The Beatles country fiddles jamborees and love affairs are woven around births an unwed mother the sick and those not so sick but think they are Learning to be a doctor is than just the science of medicine; it encompasses how to talk to patients and how to deal with mistakesIt is interesting to note that the author Patrick Taylor is a retired doctor He was born in 1941 in Bangor Northern Island not far from the fictional village of the book He is writing about what he knowsThe audiobook is narrated by John Keating He has a soft Irish accent The narration fits the story If you are looking for an ultra sweet feel good book with an added dose of romance you’ll probably love this

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An Irish Country DoctorIents get the upper hand has his own way of doing things At first Barry can't decide if the pugnacious O'Reilly is the biggest charlatan he has ever met or the best teacher he could ever hope for Through O'Reilly Barry soon gets to know all of the village's colorful and endearing residents includingA malingering Major and his eually hypochondriacal wife;An unwed servant girl who refuses to divulge the father of her upcoming baby;A slightly daft old couple unable to marry for lack of a roof;And a host of other eccentric characters who m. An okay book Not really my cup a tea But then I don’t like the kind of doctor stories that break my heart even if they try to cover it with humor I will say that this is a sweet story with cute characters