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Summary ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Bob Brier The world has always been fascinated with ancient Egypt When the Romans conuered Egypt it was really Egypt that conuered the Romans Cleopatra captivated both Caesar and Marc Antony and soon Roman ladies were worshipping Isis and wearing vials of Nile water around their necks What is it about ancient Egypt that breeds such obsession and imitation Egyptomania explores the burning fascination with all things Egyptian and the events that fanned the fla. I’ve been looking forward to reading this one ever since showed it to me in one of their “we know you so well we can shop for you” ads Of course this was months and months ago and it hadn’t actually been published yet but the kids and I had recently finished Bob Brier’s Great Courses “History of Ancient Egypt” and I had been delighted by Mr Brier’s great enthusiasm for his subject In Egyptomania that enthusiasm is still going strong This is a fun book about the mania for things Egyptian through history not in an orderly sort of way the first chapter is about the author’s collection of books posters letters etc all of which relate in some way to Egypt but mostly chronological and jumping from great story to great story The first chapter is actually of an introduction – how the author’s collection happened and he decided to write the book – and the following chapters trace the fascination for things Egyptian from Herodotus’ writings through the latest tour of the Tutankhamen exhibition Brier has a knack for telling appealing anecdotes giving the right amount of background for a general reader plenty of “human interest” detail and so much gung ho excitement about the adventures he is relating that the book just zips along The stories about Napoleon’s scientists in Egypt about the transport of Cleopatra’s Needle to London and about Howard Carter’s excavations were among my favorites but really it was mostly all enjoyable I did get a little bogged down in the description of the transport of the obelisk to Central Park – of the three main “obelisk transport” stories that one got far and away the most space maybe because the information was available or maybe because the author is a New Yorker – but even that was enlivened by a very good story about the Masons and their dedication ceremony at the time of the obelisk’s installation A particularly good section in Chapter Eight is about the popularity of “mummy songs” in the early 20th century Brier explains about Tin Pan Alley and sheet music and goes on to give samples of wonderfully silly lyrics from some of the top “mummy” hits Reading them I could just picture Bertie Wooster playing his piano and caroling away and Jeeves wincing Finally there are three sections of color plates in the book with pictures of Egyptian themed cigarette cases cigar boxes movie posters jewelry book covers sheet music cologne party mix etc The Wedgewood Egyptian tea service is particularly wonderful the tea pot lid is a crocodile – but all of it is interesting in one way or another In the interest of full disclosure I received my copy of Egyptomania for free from the publisher through LibraryThings Early Reviewer program I promised I would post my opinion of it and they LibraryThing promised that they wouldn’t mind at all if I said negative things Of course I wouldn’t have reuested a copy if I didn’t think I’d like the book but anyway it turned to be just what I expected and uite entertaining

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Free download Egyptomania ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ê The world has always been fascinated with ancient Egypt When the Romans conuered Egypt it was really Egypt that conuered the Romans Cleopatra captivated both Caesar and Marc Antony and soon Roman ladies were worshipping Isis and wearing vials of Nile water around their nec Mes from ancient times to Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign to the Discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb by Howard Carter in the 1920s For forty years Bob Brier one of the world’s foremost Egyptologists has been amassing one of the largest collections of Egyptian memorabilia and seeking to understand the pull of Ancient Egypt on our world today In this original and groundbreaking book with twenty four pages of color photos from the author's collection. This was a great read on ancient Egypt and how it has influenced our world from the Greeks and Romans all the way up to today There's some snarky comments some great history lots of coincidences that I had never heard of before and a fun ride It's a short book just over two hundred pages long and very entertaining There are lavish illustrations as well Four stars overall and a recommendation For the longer review please go here

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EgyptomaniaHe explores our three thousand year old fixation with recovering Egyptian culture and its meaning He traces our enthrallment with the mummies that seem to have cheated death and the pyramids that as if they will last forever Drawing on his personal collection from Napoleon's twenty volume Egypt encyclopedia to Howard Carter’s letters to an actual mummy this is an inventive and mesmerizing tour of how an ancient civilization endures in ours today. It looked promising but I found it ultimately unsatisfying The enthusiasm is real and the chronological approach is solid but it's a book that spends far too much time on items that I don't feel deserve so much detail I became exceptionally sick of reading about taking down and putting up obelisks On the other hand it will spend a lot of time examining Universal's Mummy movie in detailthen ignore the cultural impact of movies such as The Ten Commandments and Cleopatra with throwaway passages In the end it's a very odd and disjointed readand I was hoping for something much enjoyable