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Download Witness to the Dark ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ò Trained as an engineer Bob Larsted knows how to solve complex problems But nothing prepares him for the challenge of keeping his daughter Patricia safe after she attempts suicide This book is a roller coaster ride of ever changing diagnoses and treatments for anxiety dUgh the minefields of school family and today's healthcare system as he struggles to find a way for her to survive and ultimately thriveEnthralling Insightful Heartbreaking Empowerin. Judging a book by its cover one might think that Witness To The Dark is a story of despair It is not While it does have its heart wrenching moments it is really a love story of a father and his daughter fighting to save her life For someone like me who has not had any direct exposure to mental health issues this book was eye opening It is very well written and difficult to put downAlthough Mr Larsted has certainly been A Witness To The Dark his story is inspiring and the insights gained on his journey are fascinating I particularly enjoyed the chapter The Dark where he first began to understand the impact of the voices that his daughter Patricia was hearing She's what made them real And the energy Patricia spent making them real the less real Patricia became And in a later chapter when he describes what he calls the Patricia Larsted Syndrome Everyone experiences it to some degree Growing up cures it But only if we make it that farThis is an important book and I highly recommend it

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S book is a roller coaster ride of ever changing diagnoses and treatments for anxiety depression bipolar obsessive compulsive and schizoaffective disorders Share Bob’s journey thro. Witness to the Dark My Daughter's Troubled Times A Comedy of Emotions is a rare and tremendously brave book In this memoir Bob Larsted frankly details his experience parenting a daughter struggling with the manifold life difficulties that come from a wide range of mental health problems represented diagnoses from all over the DSM spectrum Here are some of the valuable aspects of this work that I appreciated during my reading1 This book takes a step forward in the battle against stigmatization of mental illness generally by disclosing so much about the personal experience of the author who loves and cares for a survivor of severe mental illness While this memoir does not tell the survivor's story her words are featured at various points throughout the book and she specifically authorizes the disclosures about her life and endorses her father's project in her introduction to the work Bob Larsted's story as a parent is never patronizing or condescending when discussing his child's experience; in fact he explicitly states his daughter is his hero 2 In telling about his experience seeking appropriate care and coping with his daughter's illness Larsted sets forth the shortcomings he encountered in every uarter Most usefully he makes a short list of tips for dealing with young people suffering from mental illness for parents care providers and other parties ie different lists for different groups Through the humility and honesty of this catalog of trials ie the memoir itself other parents and children have an opportunity to avoid some of the mistakes and systemic pitfalls that were formidable obstacles on the path to recovery for his daughterIn sum I recommend this book to anyone who loves someone with mental health problems or cares about advocacy for this community and anyone else who is curious to discover about one family's struggle

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Witness to the DarkTrained as an engineer Bob Larsted knows how to solve complex problems But nothing prepares him for the challenge of keeping his daughter Patricia safe after she attempts suicide Thi. Bob Larsted isn’t the type of person who works out his problems in public He had always made a point of “avoiding speaking in public—or to anyone for that matter” And yet the introverted engineer has written a moving memoir about his uest to find answers for his daughter as she struggled with serious mental illness Witness to the Dark tells the very human story of a father who is just trying to do the right thing even when he has no idea what that thing might beLarsted’s self effacing humor sets the tone for a book that easily could have become drowned in drama The situation is undeniably dire Larsted’s daughter Patricia has attempted suicide several times She hears voices and has friends nobody else can see Patricia spends her teen years cycling through hospitals and treatment programs none of which offers a permanent cure And yet Larsted never resorts to a “woe is me” lament Instead he opts for an engineer’s problem solving orientation “Here’s what I did Here’s how it went And here’s how I screwed it up time after time and how I kept trying anyway” Not surprisingly sometimes it worked for himLarsted points fingers not just at his own freuent follies but also at the American mental health system that failed to provide consistent competent treatment Each chapter is headed with a simple illustration of Patricia’s ever changing medication regimen—cut the round one in half take two of the diamonds and add one of the oblong—that calls vivid attention to the fact that her doctors are scrambling for a solution rather than planning a considered course of treatmentIn all of this Larsted is pretty much on his own His wife Kate is recovering from a stroke and his younger daughter Beth is busy being a normal teenager Whatever role they played in Patricia’s treatment is minimized; Larsted chooses to leave them out of the narrative to honor their privacy a move that may have been unnecessary given that “Bob Larsted” is itself a pen name and all of the family names are invented as wellPoems and e mails from Patricia notes to and from doctors and some spot on analogies about handling emergencies round out Larsted’s tendency to make a lot of lists There are lists of Patricia’s dreams lists of medications lists of the dreaded phone calls to therapists and the inevitable failure of the therapists to call back Larsted acknowledges his own compulsive tendencies though with self deprecating comments and gentle humorParents will identify with Larsted’s tenacity in getting treatment for his troubled daughter as well as the missteps he makes along the way While he honestly recounts the enormous struggles he has faced his story also offers hope that even the most ordinary parents can rise to the challenge and find help for their child