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The Long Legged Fly Read & Download Í 9 ´ Take a little James Lee Burke a touch of Ross Macdonald and a dash of Raymond Chandler the conventions of the classic American detective story and the fine thoughtful writing of an original new talent and you still don't uite have The Long Legged Fly This is a smart tough novel teeming with life and Il takes him through the underbelly of the French uarter with its bar girls pimps and tourist attractions As his search leads to one violent dead end and then another Griffin is confronted with the prospect that his own life has come to resemble those he is attempting to find; he is becoming as lost as the frail identities he tries to recover Waking in a hospital after an alcoholic binge Griffin finds another chance in a nurse who comes to love him but again he reverts to his old life in th. If you're a private dick and potential clients need to track you down in a bar in order to hire you that's probably NOT a GOOD thingIt seems to work out okay for Lew Griffin however because he has a real knack for finding people In 1964 he is hired by a black militant group not the Panthers to find a missing female activist not Angela Davis The book then follows Griffin through the years to 1990 as he searches for the vanished He's an interesting fellow with little tolerance for the bad guys and interesting methods for dealing with them He'd also rather learn to live with his drinking problem than beat it as evidenced by the fact that he hits a bar on his way home from rehab Not a whole lot happens in this book yet it's strangely absorbing particularly Griffin's last case which hits very close to home

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E mean streets among the predators and their prey When his son vanishes Griffin searches back through the tangles and tatters of his life knowing that he must solve his personal mysteries before he can venture after the whereabouts of others The Long Legged Fly is exciting visceral entertainment that takes the reader into a corner of society where life is fought for as much as it is lived James Sallis has written a compelling novel that succeeds both as detective fiction and worthy literatu. “In the darkness things always go away from you Memory holds you down while regret and sorrow kick hell out of you The only help you'll get is a few hard drinks and morning”This memoir of Lew Griffin private detective occasional drunk crime writer and professional citizen of New Orleans is the debut novel from James Sallis and no amount of superlative praise can do it justice Sallis has written introductions for books from Derek Raymond Charles Willeford and James Lee Burke and he wears his influences on his sleeve but in a good way Almost as soul searchingly dark as Raymond's famous first Factory book and yet despite the deep deep existential melancholy that settles over proceedings there's a little bit of joy and hope sprinkled here and there maybe things aren't as bad as they seemTold in four sections jumping from 1964 to 1970 to 1984 and finishing in 1990 Sallis does himself an injustice by drawing parallels between himself and his fictional creation calling his work mere entertainment but at least he allows a critic to clarify that they are certainly a bit than mere entertainment like the greats of the genre who came before and after James Sallis dug deep in to the dark heart of humanity to craft a genre fiction shell to disguise the literary insights contained within “I wondered then what was it that started a person sinking Was that long fall in him or her from the start in us all perhaps; or something he put there himself creating it over time and unwittingly just as he created his face his life the stories he lived by the ones that let him go on living”The novel extends far past it's natural fictional conclusion as if making a statement against the classic Hollywood detective pictures of the 40s he references films where a drunken selfish heel will return from the gin within 90 minutes and become a solid citizen Sallis is showing us that life is so much dirtier than that it's not all climbing the social and real estate ladders or designer suits life is a struggle it doesn't wrap itself up neatly in three act structures and there's never a happy ending because there's as much chance that it will end in the rain at midnight as it will at midday with cocktails on the veranda as the kids play happily on the lawn

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The Long Legged FlyTake a little James Lee Burke a touch of Ross Macdonald and a dash of Raymond Chandler the conventions of the classic American detective story and the fine thoughtful writing of an original new talent and you still don't uite have The Long Legged Fly This is a smart tough novel teeming with life and always on the verge of igniting from its own energy In steamy modern day New Orleans black private detective Lew Griffin has once again taken on a seemingly hopeless missing persons case The tra. This is an odd book but I liked it It is not so much a private eye novel as a private eye symphony in four movements each tied to a particular year 1964 1970 1984 1990 that show us four cases in the life of investigator Lew Griffin and how he—and the city he loves New Orleans—flow through a uarter century into the fullness of time It’s title comes from a line in a poem of Yeats “Like a long legged fly upon the streamHis mind moves upon silence” and the book is narrated by Griffin a man much like Yeat’s long legged fly who discovers himself both in his love and in his privacies but particularly in the uiet lonely places of the nightIt is Lew’s narrative voice that is the book’s memorable feature spare clear poetic allusive but never pretentious Here is one of my favorite passages about a storm That night sudden and sunseen in the embracing dark as though the city like alice had tombled into some primordial hole and through to another world a storm brokeI woke at three or four to the sound of tree limbs whipping back and forth against the side of the house Power had summarily failed and there were no lights was no light anywhere Wind heaved in great tidal waves out there in the dark somewhere Rain hissed and beat its fists against the roof Yet looking out I could see nothing of what I sensedIt went on another hour perhaps the edge as we learned the next day of hurricanes that touched down in Galveston extracting individual buildings like teeth and blew themselves out on the way up the channel toward MobileThe morning we learned this weather was mild air exceptionally clear sun bright and cool in the sky Worms had come out onto sidewalks and lay there uncurled in the steam rising lazily from them In every street cars maneuvered around the fallen limbs of age old trees And shipwrecked on the neautral ground crisscrossing trolly tracks lay uprooted palms—fully a third of the city’s ancient timeless crop