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Ed elite cadre they stepped out of the everyday human raceto enter their o. To read reviews in this series and others check out my blog keikii eats books Average Rating 60 points 3 ¼ starsTrigger Warning Old School Ethical Issues uote Okay for us for the time being But not for the rest of us No now don't worry Molly luv I know where we're goingMolly regarded him steadily for a second But you don't know exactly how we'll get there is that it Review I'm kind of dreading reviewing To Ride Pegasus right now On the one hand I genuinely love the world and like most of the characters On the other hand holy gaping ethical issues I hate that I love the world so much because if I didn't I could just put the book down for good and be done with it and be righteous in my indignation Instead I keep wanting to know and being horrified by the implications of thingsTo Ride Pegasus is a collection of four novellas that start the Talents Universe These stories were written between 1969 and 1973 and this collection was first published in 1973 While the storytelling was very uick it was also an older storytelling mode that was a little hard for me to adapt to since I'm not used toBut most importantly this should best be read as a product of its time Read this and be glad at how far we have come as a society To Ride Pegasus genuinely tries to figure out what it would be like to have psychic powers morally and ethically It is almost like X Men but way less heavy handed with the whole humans vs mutantspsychics thing Yet it misses the mark so so badly Like jaw droppingly what in the actual fuck did I just read badThe biggest most rage inducing incident of this book is the way that Anne McCaffrey has the characters use a mentally challenged boy The characters praise themselves for using this child to correct the psychic actions of an adult Which literally distresses the child The wording used is so so much worse tooI'm putting this uote under spoilers Just be warned that it is actually pretty disgustingview spoilerThe first sessions with Harold Orley had been conducted with Amalda fairly well sedated The girl had been revolted by Harold’s witlessness There could have been no clearer mirror for her reaction Pity for the moronic empath had been uickly suppressed because Harold would disconcertingly burst into tears At first Amalda had rebelled at being forced to work with Harold but she could not refute the fact that he would react instantly to her emotions and until she could control them in his presence she couldn’t expect to be able to control them sufficiently in public hide spoiler

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To Ride PegasusThey were four extraordinary women who read minds healed bodies diverted d. Anne McCaffrey's books are like a comfort food for me I've read most of her books and have reread so many of them about a zillion times My copy of To Ride Pegasus is pretty beat up as it's one of my go to reads I was having a crummy night and needed something that I knew would make me feel better Mission accomplished

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FREE READ ☆ To Ride Pegasus á They were four extraordinary women who read minds healed bodies diverted disasters foretold the future and became pariahs in their own land A talented elite cadre they stepped out of the everyday human raceto enter their ownIsasters foretold the future and became pariahs in their own land A talent. I have read most if not all of Anne MaCaffrey's Pern series and a few of her short stories so I thought I'd start expanding into her other series I gather that this series might somehow link into the Tower and Hive series also on my to read list though this is a complete guess as my brain just decided to link a couple of things togetherI found this book a little strange to begin with but then as the story warmed up I really started to enjoy it McCaffrey basically uses the story to explore the positives negatives and practicalities of having Talents in the world The reactions of people the sort of double standards fear and lawsuits that are inevitable not to mention trying to be taken seriously So it gave me a lot to think about as well as being entertaining