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Love in the Time of Zombies review Å 3 ´ Scotlyn Summerline was having a bad day even before the zombies attacked Her diet was blown her credit cards were all maxed out and she was working the nightshift at a sleazy miniature golf course in Las Vegas An army of the undead rampaging through the city is just the final proof that bad things happHis life until now suandering his potential on sci fi movies and strippers Also possibly he’s a werewolf But Zeke’s still her best shot at survivalEzekiel Macready is not a werewolf He’s a shape shifter Zeke has always been different from the rest of his pack living among the humans and studying ancient legends Still even he’s shocked when zombies show up on his golf course As walking corpses take over Vegas Zeke’s only thought is to protect Scotlyn His beautiful bossy secretary is the one person h. This is my first book by Cassandra Gannon and it was a fast paced uip filled romp that reminded me of the TV series True Blood at its campiest I only saw that show sporadically and never read the books upon which the series was based but that same over the top gory humor and banuet of paranormal characters infuses this book Add in zombies and the schizophrenic action doesn't stop from the minute the first Z lurches across the parking lot of Las Vegas's Topless Golf WorldThe cheesy sleazy mini golf venue is owned by Zeke and managed by Scotlyn Fortunately for Scotlyn hunky slacker Zeke has a few paranormal tricks up his sleeve and a powerful love for his employee Animal instincts and over protective tendencies can't hurt when the town is being overrun by the zombie horde It takes awhile for Zeke and Scottie to get to the X rated action avoiding Zombageddon will do that to your love life On the way there are several touching and hilarious moments as they declare and demonstrate their love for one another Anytime these two were interacting was a lot of fun and their first time together was surprisingly touching in an off beat sort of way There is a large cast in this book overindulgent melodrama is rampant and a secondary love story takes up uite a few pages The Las Vegas locale is played up too Plus side kick Brewer is hilarious Everything about the plot the characters and the dialogue is over blownThis book especially tosses out observant yet funny one liners In fact they were coming so fast and furious by each and every character that I wished they would stop for awhile Nothing too deep or angsty here despite the alpha tendencies of some of the characters Love in the Time of Zombies is intended to be pure entertainment Nobody has to think too hard; just sit back and enjoy the show I'll have to reserve another Gannon book for reading when I need unadulterated adult escapism

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E can’t live without To keep Scotlyn safe from the zombies Zeke knows he has to reconnect to his supernatural roots Whether he likes it or not Now the two of them are stuck with Zeke’s overprotective “brother” a wiseass vampire who likes nail polish her megalomaniacal boyfriend kidnapper and a shape shifter in a trucker hat No matter what it takes though Zeke’s determined to get Scotlyn to safety And convince her that he’s exactly the kind of shape shifter a nice girl needs at the end of the world. 4 starsThis was a very enjoyable story I really liked Scotlyn and Zeke and liked their story a lot Scotlyn is the assistant aka business manager at a x rated miniature golf course in Vegas Scotlyn used to be a showgirl but got laid off and ended up taking the job at the miniature golf course out of desperation It didn't pay her bills and her boss was a cross between a wet dream and a pain in the nether regions but she couldn't convince herself to uitZeke is the owner of the x rated miniature golf course and Scotlyn's boss Zeke acts like a geek pervert and dresses atrociously but in reality he's a good guy with brains and other skills Scotlyn would never guess Zeke's also a shapeshifter that doesn't live with his pack and sees Scotlyn as hiseven if he's not sure if he's good enough for her When the story begins Scotlyn and Zeke are at the golf course after closing and we get to see a bit of their interactions Things blow up when some drunk guy appears to be trying to vandalize part of the golf course and while trying to stop him Scotlyn and Zeke discover that he is a zombie intent on eating them and there's many where he came from Although Zeke had been a bit iffy in his need to claim Scotlyn before this the zombie apocalypse definitely solidified his feelings Zeke became determined to keep Scotlyn with him get them both to safety and find some of his pack to help out Despite their somewhat contentious relationship they uickly shed their previous attitudes and start working together becoming a team of 2 There's a lot of crap going on and it's not easy for them to find safety and get out of Vegas but they and some friendsfamily do manage and by the end Scotlyn and Zeke are safe and together and starting on a HEAThis was a very enjoyable story I thought Scotlyn was a pretty good heroine She wasn't perfect but she was likable as well as being real and believable considering the situation she found herself in Zeke was a good guy and I liked him a lot I'm not sure why he portrayed himself so badly to Scotlyn before the apocalypse so if you do decide to read this book don't let first impressions fool you Overall I liked the characters and the story very much and I found it very engaging so I'd recommend it D

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Love in the Time of ZombiesScotlyn Summerline was having a bad day even before the zombies attacked Her diet was blown her credit cards were all maxed out and she was working the nightshift at a sleazy miniature golf course in Las Vegas An army of the undead rampaging through the city is just the final proof that bad things happen to nice girls Now Scotlyn is on the run with her irresponsible boss trying to find a way out of town Possibly she’s had a crush on Zeke since she first saw the incredibly gorgeous jerk Possibly he’s spent. 4 StarsThis was fun If you enjoy horror comedy films like “Zombieland” aka zombie comedy or zomedy this will probably be a hit for youThe story takes place in modern day Las Vegas and features a down on her luck former showgirl who is now working the nightshift at a sleazy adult themed mini golf course Scotlyn “Scottie” Summerline feels like her life has hit rock bottom when she can’t make enough money to pay her rent her credit cards are maxed out and her hunky boss acts like an aimless and irresponsible ne'er do well While Scottie’s boss Ezekiel “Zeke” Macready readily describes himself as “no one’s hero” he isn’t as uick to admit that there is a lot to his laissez faire attitude then he lets on There are a lot of secrets for Scottie and the reader to uncover Part of the fun of this story is discovering Zeke’s hidden and endearing depths When he falls in love he falls hard; and it was an absolute swoony adventure watching him pine after Scottie Possessive passionate and protective Zeke uickly stole my heart as the “zombageddon” ragedThis story also features a handful of entertaining secondary characters with their own charming narratives What a mix of wild and willful supernatural characters I would love to see this story made into a movie A riotous mix of horror humor snark action and romance Lots of campy crazy cute fun