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Elias and Merrin are on the runAfter escaping the Biotech Hub they thought they could breathe easy or at least a little easier But when bombs slam into the Social Welfare Hub only hours after their arrival it becomes clear there's nowhere to hide and no end to what Biotech will do to get them back Their last chance for safety and answers is the Clandestine Service Hub CS has intel on the re. If anyone out there is interested in receiving an early copy of TWO for honest review please let me know by signing up on this form Thank you all

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Two By LeighAnn KopaAl broader purpose behind Fisk’s experiments and the newfound knowledge of the horrors hidden deep within Biotech’s walls sends Merrin back to recover a secret formula that could ruin the Supers’ world forever and might just save the lives of the Biotech victims spiraling out of controlElias' sisters are counted among the victims of Fisk’s experiments and if Elias can't find and hel. After finishing ONE the debut for LeighAnn Kopans and finding out that there was gonna be a seuel there had to with that ending I was extremely impatient to get to read it and when the author gave me the chance to get an ARC I jumped at it I got the ARC in exchange for an honest review and my opinion is my ownTWO is the seuel that takes up right where ONE left us and even though I'm gonna try my best to avoid spoilers for the book I don't think I can avoid spoilers for ONEWhere ONE was told from Merrin's perspective TWO is told from Elias' and that took a little while for to get used to His perspective is so different from Merrin's and I was uite used to being in Merrin's head but seeing how the story progresses it had to be told from Elias' perspectiveThe Biotech Hub was severly once Merrin rescued Elias his sisters and her own brothers with the help of her parents Merrin and Elias are on the run trying to find a safe place to hide and find some answers to all the uestions the information they got at Biotech prompted They know their best bets are the other Hubs cause Supers not even Ones aren't entirely welcome amongst the general population Social Welfare Hub is their first pit stop but it's clear that they're not safe from Biotech there so they fly to their best option the Clandestine Service Hub or CSH or the Supers CIA euivalentElias is damaged and rattled from the experience in Biotech's lab and all the revelations they had to face there than he even wants to acknowledge and that is the major motivation of how he deals with their immediate present and future He's so worried about everyone's safety Merrin's and his sisters' most of all and he seems to carry the world on his shoulders always worrying about how to keep everyone safe while Merrin keeps on trying to find answers and solutionsThe relationship between Merrin and Elias does take a bit of a toll due to their different focus and Elias keeps on having some insecurities about what Merrin's feelings really are and what their different outlooks might mean for their relationship which are very real concerns and a way to keep both their characters and the relationship itself growing and changingWe get some old friends back like Leni and Daniel and they also make some new friends with different Supers that make Merrin want to learn and push and that get Elias to worry even There are plenty of twists and turns in the plot with some uite unexpected surprises thrown for good measure There's a fight against time and a daring rescue again and despite his wish for staying safe Elias has the key to save everyone if he decides that risks are worth takingA fantastic seuel that closes the series but that could leave some openings for spin off stories that I do hope the author will take cause I'd love to read about the ONE TWO universeVery well deserved 4 and a half stars

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DOWNLOAD Ä Two By LeighAnn Kopans » Elias and Merrin are on the runAfter escaping the Biotech Hub they thought they could breathe easy or at least a little easier But when bombs slam into the Social Welfare Hub only hours after their arrival it becomes clear there's nowhere to hide and no end to what Biotech will do to get them back Their last chaP them their powers will destroy them sooner rather than later Returning to the place it all began terrifies him but with Fisk ready to make an example out of Merrin and his sisters’ lives and the lives of all Supers hanging in the balance he might not have a choice If he can't find the courage to face his worst fears Elias might lose than his newfound powers He might lose everyone he lov. RATING 010I genuinely tried to finish this damn book I genuinely did After the realisation hit me that sis this book is a waste of paper I powered through 80 pages until I gave upGood lord this was a BAD bookFirstly before I begin my review I would like to apologise to my hands for holding this sorry excuse of a novel Next my apologies go to my brain that had to process every cringeworthy sentence Lastly I offer sincere condolences to my eyes you guys had to look at that shit for 2 days I'm sorryLet me begin1 This book is all about superpowers Evil corporations Secret cures Hidden laboratories What did we get A whiny ass boy with no backbone who's OBSESSED with his girlfriend Get your damn act together and stop wasting everyone's time2 STOP THE PDA We DO NOT need 3 pages of your stormy blue eyes or the soft curve of her waist or the smell of her damn shampoo It was so irrelevant I felt bad for the tree that died for it3 The plot moved slower than a dead snail wait dead snails don't move WELL NEITHER DID THE PLOT Sat through 100 pages of bullshit kissing scenes and MULTIPLE declarations of love This is a joke4 I'm guessing this is some dystopian wannabe novel But NOTHING DRASTICALLY BAD HAPPENED The dumbass main characters were welcomed to safe houses with warm beds and ice water HELLO Where is the betrayal The risk The fight5 I'm mentioning the PDA again If the author could do it 6 times in 1 chapter I'mma do it 2 times in 1 review Sue me6 TOO MUCH TALKING Some of the conversations were actually so stupidly irrelevant that it made me laughThe food is good Yeah I said taking another bite of mashed potato TELL ME Unless that mashed potato is radioactive or has a tracking device I DONT WANNA HEAR ABOUT IT I wanna hear about your scientific developments Not the damn meal u been eating7 Not enough bad people Y'all busted up a whole ass laboratory and there's an IPB out for yalls asses but everyone's like hey sis welcome to our safe house112 y'all want a chai latte Okay see you guys later manicure sesh at 6pm What kinda bullshit ass book HAS ONE BAD GUY ONLY YALL BURNT DOWN A LAB SOMEONE ARREST THESE BITCHES HELLO8 Whiny ass boyfriend cannot leave his girlfriend alone confesses his unconditional and undying love for her in every single damn sentence like ya we get it u horny lolThis gets 1 star but trust me I wish I could have given it 0