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Ice Author L.J. LaBarthe Free read ñ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free À Koby is a graduate student specializing in the cohabitation of dead and living cells in a single body a course of study that reuires he spend two years working in the labs at the parium mines in Antarctica where he will assisRsons in charge cannot be trusted and the greatest victims are the prisoners and the most incongruous place to discover a new love If he cannot solve the problems destroying the dome from the inside the vampires won't be the only ones to die. Really 25 stars but I rounded up to three for the rating I like many other readers really expected from the story The blurb the first two or three chapters they were great Then we actually MEET the vampires and things move into fast forward followed by a whole lot of skip aheads Plots need an arc The beginning was great as it set us right at the moment of conflict Koby's inescapable trip to research at a vampire prison slash mine slash research facility in Antarctica We meet him see kernels of the ending with his lawyer friend and the set up of the coded messaging system and then he's off While the homophobic director trope isn't new I really expected from the man who supposedly rules the facility with an iron first all while schmoozing the bosses and a lot of the political body public He felt two dimensional and didn't have enough face time in the story I also felt the face time with the vampires was sadly lacking I read 'dome of horrors' in the description but felt so divorced from the vampires because it was a single visual description of a few cases that the whole dramatic tension was lost for me The biggest disappointment was climax There wasn't one We barely see the events begin to unfold as Koby and his friends start the chain reaction to free the vampires and bring attention to their so called plight Then there's a huge timeline jump and a belated focus on the attraction between Koby and Mircea at the end of the story To be honest I'd rather have that element completely erased than so poorly realized Ice had good bones The author created a new world a new paranormal twist and a nice set up for a wonderful story I just wish the editors would've demanded from the author so we actually received that story

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Conducted on the vampire prisoners kept there Expecting little than a tedious assignment despite the dangers of the environment and the dangerous vampires sentenced to the mines for life Koby instead discovers a dome of horrors where the pe. This book is a tough one for me to decide what to think I have really liked LJ's other books and I loved the concept of this story and much of the world described in this book BUTFor me there was something missing and it wasn't just the romantic elements that fell flat for me due to lack of any sort of emotion beyond physical attraction and even that didn't fit with the rest of the characters' actions and thoughtsMore importantly some of the details of the world as well as the resolution were less than satisfying for me I have to admit that I am particularly picky because I read a lot of science fiction and paranormal stories so this is a personal issue and should not stop you from giving this book a tryAnd finally the plot was a lot simplistic than I was hoping for my fault with hardly any conflict despite a great setup for some truly amazing intrigue confrontations and maybe even actual fighting although the latter is by no means a must for me I just expected it based on the blurb That for me was probably the most disappointing aspect of reading this novellaIf you like paranormal stories about vampires in the future if you enjoy reading about yet another mess humankind may get itself into if we're not careful and if an interesting world and some great technological details are important to you than emotionally deep characters then you will probably enjoy this story

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Ice Author L.J. LaBartKoby is a graduate student specializing in the cohabitation of dead and living cells in a single body a course of study that reuires he spend two years working in the labs at the parium mines in Antarctica where he will assist in experiments. It's not bad I love sci fi and everything in the plot was perfect to my taste Vampires and a sci fi Yeah I admit I had high hopes for this booksUnfortunately I didn't like many aspects of it and can't give than 2 stars It was a 3 stars but to the last party The epilogue WTF Death should be the best way of how to deal with criminals OMFG No No no sorry but NO 1000 no to death as the way to punish crime And BTW it's also nonsense first in a part Koby is all full of deep ideologies like how it's unfair don't let vampires have a second chance and change after redemption And in the epilogue he is ok with kill vampires with sunlight and no jail to themWTFNo seriouslyWTFSo 2 stars For the idea and original plot But unfortunately it's not for me so yeah Giving just those 2 stars