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Firefly July A Year of Very Short Poems characters Ú E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ø Celebrated poet and anthologist Paul B Janeczko pairs with Caldecott Honoree Melissa Sweet for a collection of short poems to sample and savor It only takes a few words if they’re the right words to create a strong image WhetN make the world glow Selected by acclaimed poet Paul B Janeczko and gorgeously illustrated by Melissa Sweet Firefly July A Year of Very Short Poems invites children to sample poems throughout the four seaso. This book had a great selection of poems that are short but provoke a lot of emotion Since they are for children there are not many words but the words that are there have meaning So many different subjects are addressed in the book through poems The use of descriptive language allows for the reader to imagine what is going on without even looking at the illustrations Also the illustrations were great because they went along with what the poem was saying If you were picturing something then the illustration was of that image My favorite poem in the book was Window due to the illustrations It was so cool how each window had a different drawing because each person sees something different when they look out their own window

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Celebrated poet and anthologist Paul B Janeczko pairs with Caldecott Honoree Melissa Sweet for a collection of short poems to sample and savor It only takes a few words if they’re the right words to create. If a book brings me back to goodreads to throw up a review then it transcends Mr Hankins said it was good at this point I thinkIt's been a while since I've been compelled by a book to want to come back to take time away from the next book there's always the next book rightto post a reviewI knew from the moment I saw the cover posted on Facebook that I just had to have this anthology Paul B Janeczko Melissa Sweet What's not to like Wait What's not to sense that one could fall immediately in love with such a collaboration FIREFLY JULY A YEAR OF VERY SHORT POEMS is what I might call that perfect school year book Thirty six poems selected for placement within the four seasons of the year nine poems evenly distributed for each season this anthology would make a perfect addition to the classroom library A table of contents would invite the classroom teacher to look for a poem by a poet that might lead to longer works by the same poet While reading through the anthology I kept thinking someone will put this up on a bulletin board or Wow A person reading the morning announcements could embed any one of these poems into the reading perhaps on a Monday to kick off the school week or on a Friday to cap it offFor teachers looking to add that resource for younger readers by way of shorter poems from recognized poets this one is it For parents looking for that One Book Four Hands kind of book for bedtime or anytime reading this one is it Janeczko has once again carefully selected the poets and his or her poems for inclusion One of my favorites a real surprise for me as a first time reader of the book is one by Jim Harrison and Ted KooserWhat is it the wind has lostthat she keeps looking forunder each leafPoets within the anthology include William Carlos Williams which affords Sweet the opportunity to bless the verse of WCW with her distinctive illustration style Carl Sandburg X J Kennedy Emily Dickinson Eve Merriam Robert Frost and many many others So many are pointing to Melissa Sweet's illustrations There is so much to love here One might say that poetry shouldn't need to be illustrated Billy Collins in his TED Talk says We should let the reader do some work But Sweet's work here is not an attempt to illustrate a poem as much as bring the collection together in a most visual way Sweet's anchor illustrations for the seasons are whimsical delightful don't miss FALL if you are like Mr Hankins you'll find yourself looking for the F followed by the delight of having been surprised by Sweet's illustrative playfulnessSowe are back at goodreads for this review Because FIREFLY JULY is just that good You heard it from Mr Hankins on release day This is a poetry anthology we will be talking about all year And especially at the end of the year

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Firefly July A Year of Very Short PoemsA strong image Whether listened to in the comfort of a cozy lap or read independently the thirty six very short poems in this collection remind readers young and old that a few perfect words and pictures ca. No actual spoilers here I mean it's poetry so there's no plot to spoil I just am pretty sarcastic and negative in my review so just hiding it for those who maybe don't want to see that I mean this has gotten a lot of starred reviews which was why I picked it up view spoilerAs I was reading the first poem I thought oh these poems remind me of that awful red wheelbarrow poem And then there it was in all its glory I wish my mom was around just so I could call her and I tell her I have this book of poems you won't believe what one is in it Then I would force her to listen to the whole book And I'm sorry but I guess I'm a traditionalist with children book artwork what's all this modern art stuff lately It always looks like kids themselves designed the book and maybe that's the point and there's people out there who think it's great or cute or whatever and I'm just like ugh bad poems and ugly artwork This will probably win the CaldecottAnd at the end of reading them all I would ask my mom Wellyour thoughts And I know she would reply Why didn't any of the poems rhyme Poems are supposed to rhyme And normally I might laugh or roll my eyes but this time I would nod my head and say I'm going to have to agree with you this time I mean I'm laughing reading it on my own it would have been such awful joy to have shared this with her We probably would have some new inside joke about it or I would compare other books we read to this Man I miss my mom Who else can I hate on highly regarded children's books with hide spoiler