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Ears he will train her for a position in the Cartels In return Lilian will yield him absolute control of her mind and body Lucius Mercio is the preeminent warrior of his cartouche and the cartel it dominates; the Serengeti Group Ruthless clever and ambitious Lucius' wealth influence and power are exceeded by few within the Twelve Systems It is not sufficient Lucius intends to take. 45 Stars rounded up to 5Ms Manetti's world building is heckin impressive Like I wanna pick this author's brain about her outlining skills impressive Everything about the Twelve Systems from its layered history to multiple religions to complex social structure among the people who reside there has been built from scratch And it's important that you keep that in mind as you read; this is not our world Though their society is far technologically advanced than that of present day Earth the Twelve Systems' commercial Cartels that run this world along with the Governing Council are like uasi monarchical capitalistic authoritarianish entities than what we would call companies or conglomerates And Lucius Mercio oversees his own powerful Cartouche Blooded Dagger like some devious clever ruthless demanding king we might recognize from Earth's past Actually oversee isn't uite the right word Our hero pretty much rules the placeThis power dynamic between Lucius and the heroine Lilian is why I urge readers to remember this isn't our world This is a world where humans can choose to be kept as property in exchange for things such as ensuring a better life for yourself and loved ones back home to Lilian's situation an alternative to The Final Draught or execution by poison as punishment for the crimes of her late fatherYou may be asking What say you I thought this was a romance And to that I would explain the series may evolve into love story territory as it progresses but in book one its genre is along the lines of high brow Sci Fi EroticaShe owns not the slightest understanding of nuance or custom Lucius spoke this of Lilian but it could be said for me as well I've always been wary of power imbalances between heroes and heroines so I'll admit that I was hesitant to even consider warming up to Lucius Some revelations and certain actions as I got to know him made me feel even colder toward the preeminent warrior or milord as he is to be referred to by Lilian But the author managed something uite remarkable As nuance and custom about the Twelve Systems is revealed to the reader my frustrations and all around saltiness toward Monsignor Mercio thawed considerably As Lilian does I also began to look forward to the times she was to attend to milord ; And this is some feat considering I tend to balk at anything even close to BDSM territory Which this technically isn't but the Ds elements are most definitely thereIn addition to the sexy sexytimes there's also an intricate mystery involving industrial espionage and sabotage Intrigue that came to light thanks to the very clever and ever resourceful Lilian The corporate conflict that plays out serves as a successful counterbalance to the many erotic scenes between Lucius and Lilian and along with strong secondary characters made for a read that I know will stick with me for some timeHere's milord btw

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The Cartel The Apprentice Volume 1His Cartel to unimaginable heights with the aid of Lilian's brilliance He faces only one obstacle Lucius must keep Lilian alive Publishers Note This book contains explicit sexual content and is intended for adult audiences A stand alone novel in series it does not contain cliffhangers It also does not have a 'Happily Ever After' ending of a 'Happily For Now' Contains elements of. 3550I picked this book only because I needed to read book 3 in this series for work and didn't want to jump into it without reading it's predecessors first What I found was both disturbing and amazing so This is going to be a totally bi polar review There are 5 star points and 1 star points no in betweenThe 5 star aspect the writing YIKES it is AMAZING The world Ms Manetti created is both intricate and layered while never becoming overdone The politics the society the people are all superbly portrayed and brought to life not an easy task in science fiction So often one aspect will falter at the expense of another Not so here The balance is perfect I was completely blown away by this accomplishmentThe characters are also a huge 5 star for me Lillian is such a rich character and one that is well worth continuing this entire series for But all the others are just as intriguing and well thought out There is an ingrained understanding that the author exhibits for every single personality written This also bodes extremely well as future books are read I am extremely interested in seeing how they develop and growThe 1 star aspect I HATED the subject matter of Lillian forced into becoming a bond servant and it's execution Lilian has the choice of being executed or becoming an apprentice ei slave of Lucias Mercio a very powerful Cartel leader In order to save her own life she must give him complete control of her body her will her life What follows is a story full of her complete sexual subjugation He takes her whenever wherever and however he chooses He can use her and do anything and she can't complain or faces death It's horrid disturbing and very hard to read The fact that the author does such an exuisite job of portraying Lilian makes it even worse We feel for her we like her and we want her to overcomeOf course I'll continue partly because I see that subseuent books don't carry the sexual warning so I'm hoping that aspect lessons and partly because every other aspect of the story is completely enthralling

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SUMMARY ✓ The Cartel - The Apprentice Volume 1 à 2019 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer's Choice Award Where duty and passion collideA woman in peril A powerful man with a hidden agenda Raised to wealth and power Lilian is left destitute and in peril of her life when her father was executed for foul crimes Determined to survive an2019 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer's Choice Award Where duty and passion collideA woman in peril A powerful man with a hidden agenda Raised to wealth and power Lilian is left destitute and in peril of her life when her father was executed for foul crimes Determined to survive and protect what remains of her family Lilian becomes the apprentice of a powerful warrior For three y. 35 StarThis is like the slightly sci fidystopian version of the contemporary 'alpha CEO' with a dominantsubmissive vibe romance stories Only in this case the CEO leads a cartel which in this slightly sci fi world it's of a co ruling business group not a crime ring Oh and the heroine is sort of temporarily a literal slave aka 'apprentice' to the cartel leader complete with sex reuirements In this world apparently it's totally accepted as a way of paying off 'debts' Messed up but it's shown as somewhat consensual in this book It's hard to explain But it wasn't particularly disturbing until I found out view spoilerthe guy is happily married with children granted with extenuating circumstances but still hide spoiler