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Bipolar Battle PlanAn aggressive action plan to manage one's symptoms and life in general covering everything from creating a balanced medical protocol to selecting a compatible psychiatrist This refreshing book is a b. I was in search of solid facts and information which were not to be found in this drivel filled repetitive waste of three hours book Suggesting that it's possible to control bipolar disorder with mental strength medications can be taken or not alcohol and ilicit drugs may or may not used or perhaps in moderation did not seem like any sort of Battle Plan of a way to placate a person not ready to face their diagnosis I would never recommend this book

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Bipolar Battle Plan Free read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ü Bipolar Battle Plan by Troy Gillem is a no holds barred view of bipolar disorder Gillem offers riveting first hand descriptions of his own episodes and those of people he interviewed Gillem provides an aggressive action plan to managOon to persons with bipolar disorder professionals in the field and interested friends and family members Ellen Bowers PhDVictory means living a productive happy life and making your dreams come true. Loved the fact that this book was written by someone who understands what it is like to live with this conditionMy partner read the book as he is convinced I have Bipoplar but at the moment I guess I am still in denialpart fear of the doctor laughing at me I was diagnosed with Aspergers in 2005 and feel like you can't have both conditionsI particulary enjoyed Chapter 7Train Your Body I feel like I do this sometimes but reading this has given me motivation to keep it upThe only downside to the book is the American side to it like legal issuesmedication I believe it would be a good book to take along to any future doctors meetingsocial work care plans as sometimes I find it difficult to express my feelingsI love the way he has put well known individuals photos throughout the book as it says to me anyone can feel this way I'm so glad I won this book as it was a helpful read

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Bipolar Battle Plan by Troy Gillem is a no holds barred view of bipolar disorder Gillem offers riveting first hand descriptions of his own episodes and those of people he interviewed Gillem provides. Generally I will believe you if you tell me you're bipolar because most people don't actually know what the disorder actually is unless they are directly affected or are psychologists of some kind I've read several books about having bipolar disorder now in trying to figure stuff out for myself I too have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder I understand the want to tell your story or your personal perspective but I was kind of disturbed by the very graphic scenes that that the author told of one of his worst manic episodes Likely the readers know what a manic episode is that's what most of us are trying to avoid having to deal with if we can help it So I found that graphically violent story a little out of place in a book which is supposed to help people with bipolar disorderThe good things about this book were all of the legal advice which most of the other books I read either barely mentioned or didn't mention at all It's important to know your rights when you have a mental illness especially if you need to be hospitalized Hospitalization can be made into a much less scary thing if you're prepared for it ahead of time Gillem outlines several pieces in detail about what you should discuss with your friends family and doctors before you get to a place where you need hospitalization I will be using some of his tips in creating a plan for myself I gave this book 4 stars I feel like this book took a realistic or practical approach to tackling Bipolar Disorder than the other books I've read on the subject I also appreciated that there was always a connection to the historic figures and modern celebrities who have or likely had bipolar disorder It's always a good feeling when you can find representation of people who are like you in history or the media you feel less alone I would recommend this book for people who are dealing with bipolar disorder because most of book sounds like extremely useful advice Triggers and content warnings suicideself harm spoken of as symptoms of the disorder and statistically in relation to bipolar patients and one graphically violent scene which mentions rape I found this both very confusing and distressing as the author was describing his own manic episode where it sounds like he may have been assaulted I couldn't tell what exactly was going on Manic episodes are terrifying because you can't rationalize them at all so in that way it felt realistic