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Omni by Andrea Murray summary á 109 ↠ Pierce only wants a shot a real shot and not just the excuses he's been handed his whole life Harmony wants to escape her future the future she fears will be chosen for her After their chance meeting they might get exactly what they wantSince taking over the US government years earlier the Omni party has crPierce only wants a shot a real shot and not just the excuses he's been handed his whole life Harmony wants to escape her future the future she fears will be chosen for her After their chance meeting they might get exactly what they wantSince taking over the US government years earlier the Omni party has created a perfect existence From consorts to job assignments every choice every facet of life is under their control Each citizen has a specific role in one of the four strata Seventeen year. See at I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest opinion Recensione in Italiano più sottoReviewFor three years the seventeen year old Pierce is part of Drudges the lower social stratum in the society created by Omni but this may change soon After the hard work and efforts shared with his best friend Hale he will soon be able to do the Aptitude Exams and from there will begin his real life based on the result the Omni will place him in one of four stratum Or so he thinksEverything changes however the day when he sees for the first time Harmony a beautiful Artist who is promoting her latest movie in the same place where he works Harmony is an Artist since she was only a child just like her twin sister Caprice but unlike her Harmony is unable to have fun for years and she does not like that life The two sisters are physically very similar although completely different in personality Caprice is flashy she likes to show off loves to be on everyone’s lips while Harmony is kinder and reserved That day Harmony approaches the crowd watching them to greet the fans but is attacked by a man The person who will save her and not just once will be Pierce The characters are all well defined Pierce is the hero generous and never selfish always thinking of others and never to himself; Harmony is the classic damsel in distress; Caprice the girl who shows self confident but decidedly is not; Hale the trusted friend We can say that the one between Pierce and Harmony is a love at first sight from the moment where they know although among them there could not be anything as belonging to two different social strata Yet things did not get better even when everything will changeThe society managed by Omni is a real dystopia a Big Brother that sees everything that happens and control the life of citizens in every aspect Everything seems to be run by “superiors” by officers of the party and by the media Even the life of Caprice is only a facade devised for public opinion and that’s why her sister does not want to accept the decisions that were made for herIn conclusion “Omni” is a YA dystopian very special to read in one breath with beautiful characters a beautiful love story and a surprise ending that I hope will soon lead to a seuel Rating Recensione in italianoDa tre anni il diciassettenne Pierce fa parte dei Drudges lo strato sociale più basso nella società creata dall’Omni ma presto uesta situazione potrebbe cambiare Dopo il duro lavoro e le fatiche condivise con il suo migliore amico Hale al compiere dei diciotto anni potrà fare gli Aptitude Exams e da lì inizierà la sua vera vita in base al risultato infatti l’Omni lo inserirà in uno dei uattro strati O almeno così crede Tutto cambia in realtà il giorno in cui vede per la prima volta Harmony una bellissima Artist che sta promuovendo il suo ultimo film nello stesso luogo in cui lui lavora Harmony è una Artist sin da uando era una solo una bambina proprio come la sorella gemella Caprice ma a differenza di lei Harmony non riesce a divertirsi da anni e lei non ama uella vita Le due sorelle sebbene molto simili fisicamente sono completamente diverse nella personalità Caprice è appariscente le piace mettersi in mostra ama essere sulla bocca di tutti mentre Harmony è gentile e più riservata uel giorno Harmony si avvicina alla folla che li osserva per salutare gli ammiratori ma viene aggredita da un uomo A salvarla e non solo una volta sarà PierceI personaggi sono tutti ben delineati Pierce è l’eroe generoso e mai egoista che pensa sempre agli altri e mai a se stesso; Harmony è la classica damigella in pericolo; Caprice la ragazza che si mostra sicura di sé ma decisamente non lo è; Hale l’amico fidato Si può dire che uello tra Pierce e Harmony è un colpo di fulmine sin dal momento in cui si conoscono sebbene tra di loro non potrebbe esserci niente dato che appartengono a due strati sociali diversi Eppure le cose non andranno meglio neanche uando tutto cambierà La società gestita dalla Omni è una vera e propria distopia un Grande Fratello che vede tutto ciò che accade e controlla la vita in ogni suo aspetto Tutto sembra essere gestito dai “superiori” dagli ufficiali del partito e dai media Persino la vita di Caprice è soltanto una facciata ad uso e consumo dell’opinione pubblica ed è per uesto che la sorella non vuole accettare le decisioni che sono state prese per leiConcludendo “Omni” è un YA distopico molto particolare da leggere tutto d’un fiato con bei personaggi una bella storia d’a e un finale a sorpresa che spero porti presto ad un seuel Voto

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Publicity but as he becomes closer to Harmony Pierce realizes what fame in the all seeing eye of Omni is truly like His choices will not only affect him but Harmony as well The life Pierce thought he wanted may not be worth the cost to either of themIn this retelling of the classic story of Paris and Helen love must struggle against an ultramodern ultra controlling society They will risk everything even challenging the all seeing eye of the Omni government But will the prize be worth the cos. The plot seemed interesting so I gave it a go and was indeed sucked in deep from the beginning It's one of those books you know from the very first page you have to shut your door take a leave of absence grab as much supply needed to sustain you throughout your read deeply burried in your den The Omny party is the US governing body since 70 years now The society is divided in four stratum where citizens have different rights and privileges The uniforms the regimentals are used to promote euality and clarify citizen's rôle in Omni The rulers choose who you'll be paired with grant the procreation permits The system is tightly build and rules are to be followed If needed the EE Euity Enforcement will discipline the rebellious citizens You can only move from stratum and improve your status with the aptitude tests taken at eighteenPierce is an orphan member of the Drudge the lowest working class When rescuing Harmony a wellknown Artist he'll become a hero a symbol to the crowd In love with Harmony this unexpected turn of events will make him a hot commodity Every sovereign will fight to add the new hero to their stratum as they intend to make the most out of their investment They are determined ruthless and won't hesitate to manipulate Pierce He'll make his choice to protect those he loves But Hell is paved with good intentions and his move will backfireThis story is well written it flows and remains interesting till the end You have beautiful and selfless heroes bad guys who are real bullies and the sovereign crave power This whole imaginative world is credible never too far from what could easily be our realityIt will appeal to fans of Matched Legend and The Selection I just hope ther will be a book 2 or else it ends on a cliffhanger

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Omni by Andrea MurrOld Pierce is a Drudge the lowest social stratum in society For over two years he’s hoped prayed that his upcoming aptitude test will finally free him from his virtual slavery and give him a chance at a better existence When he rescues Harmony an Artist and member of the most successful stratum at a publicity event for her latest movie his life takes an unbelievable twist With his gallant act and good looks he becomes a media sensation Every stratum in society seeks his membership for their. I got a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest review I have such conflicted feelings for Omni I started really liking it And I fell in love with the plot and Hale right away Sadly a little later the plot just i don't know how to say it stopped developing Pierce meets Harmony way too early then things move so fast One minute he's the part of the lowest level of the society saves a pretty girl then next think he's one of the most important people in omni The way the events took place didn't really sit well with me After finally getting used to the idea of the story being fast paced with no time for the characters to really grow another major plot twist occurs and just like before it's too uick and I as a reader wasn't given enough time to really reflect and enjoy the plot twist Which is the reason why I gave the story 3 not four stars My two favorite characters were Hale sobs and Galvan he's awesome and the plot is really great I love the idea love the new world and how it's divided but like I said it felt like everything was rushed