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READ & DOWNLOAD The Stone Angel ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ï The first of Margaret Laurence's compelling series of novels set in Manawaka the fictional Scots Irish community that Laurence created based on her childhood home of Neepawa Manitoba is also one of her most enduring The Stone Angel is the story of Hagar ShipleyMatters into her own hands and seeks refuge in an abandoned canning factory Hagar might be an irascible vicious and even vulgar old woman but her feisty resilience makes her one of the most remarkable and appealing characters in Canadian literature Laurence's first Manawaka novel with its unforgettable portrait of old age brilliantly sets the scene for the next books in the series Jeffrey Canton. I hated this book I called it the 'Stoned Angel' because I think it would have been better if I were stoned on drugs at the time as I told my teacher at the time of reading this book There have been women who have gone through far worse who aren't such btches I could not relate to the character yes she had a hard life but its hard to sympathize with her when she is making everyone around her's life just as miserable Horrible boring read Yes its 'a Canadian classic' but what does that say about Canadian literature

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The first of Margaret Laurence's compelling series of novels set in Manawaka the fictional Scots Irish community that Laurence created based on her childhood home of Neepawa Manitoba is also one of her most enduring The Stone Angel is the story of Hagar Shipley Cantankerous cranky and often befuddled at 90 Hagar isn't ready to give up her independence and go into an old age home But she is trappe. When I was nine years old my only uncle lost control of his car on an icy road and after flipping several times was thrown violently from his vehicleHis mother my grandmother received a call that night that no parent ever wants to receive Her son was in the hospital was in very serious condition and could she come soon pleaseMy grandmother arrived at the hospital to find that her handsome vibrant newly engaged youngest son was paralyzed from the neck downAnd through the years I have wondered did she collapse immediately Did she scream How long did it take before she fell completely apart and what was the glue that put her parts back togetherI never learned the answers to any of these uestions how could I ever have brought myself to ask I only know that for the next year of her life she drove over an hour to the hospital each day to oversee the installation of ventilators feeding and drainage tubes and to offer encouragement to her 29 year old son Of course honey of course it's going to be okayShe met the fiancée out for coffee where the young woman nervously asked if she could go ahead and break off their engagement for herShe insisted he have the dignity of fresh proper clothes every day instead of hospital gowns and she often laundered them well into the night after driving the long commute homeShe stayed every day helped dress her grown son's broken body and held bent straws filled with water to his lipsAnd at the year's end she had a son dead from pneumonia and a diagnosis of cervical cancerThis is a true story and my grandmother who died 7 years ago would have been mad as hell at me for telling it to you She'd have said it was none of your businessAnd maybe it isn't But I could not believe it I just could not believe it When I met the protagonist of The Stone Angel Hagar Currie Shipley I found myself staring my grandmother right in the face Hagar IS my grandmother She's a woman who was broken by tragedy and disappointment A woman who watched loved ones die tragically and who woke up one day to find herself a prisoner of her own bitternessBecause you see when we grandkids started flying in to spend summers with Grandmother two years after the tragedy we were the recipients of a great hostess a good cook and a devoted concierge but we were also the recipients of an anger and a bitterness that could never be resolved and could never go awayTo be completely frank I thought my grandmother was a real bitchJust as Marvin and Doris Hagar's son and daughter in law feel about Hagar And they are conflicted by familial obligation but also so very tired of the verbal barbs and the never ending responsibility of caring for a person who can't ever seem to be kind or thankfulAnd this author Margaret Laurence is a genius because she takes a real bitch like Hagar and she cleverly juxtaposes her present with her past and the aging mothermother in law with her aging adult kids and writes “How you see a thing—it depends which side of the fence you're on”And I don't particularly like Hagar or my grandmother any than I did at the start of this book but I came to feel that I understood both women better by the end of it Hagar's unspoken but felt regrets cut me deeply to my core And it made me realize some people just carry the weight of their broken bones better than others

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The Stone AngelD in a body that is betraying her bit by bit and a mind that overwhelms her with passionate painful memories In this intimate accounting of her life she recalls her privileged life as the daughter of Manawaka's only merchant the rebellious spirit that led her to a miserable life as a farm wife and the devastating death of her favourite child When her son threatens to put her into a home she takes. 35The uestion I have is Would I have read and enjoyed The Stone Angel if it had not been considered a Canadian classic and if a RL friend of mine did not highly recommend itWell I have read it and I can see why it is considered a classic There is so much symbolism in this book you can draw classroom material for years from it And of course it is always nice to read a story with a strong female lead and you hardly get any stronger female leads than Hagar Tho of course one could argue that strong and obnoxious are not the same and that Hagar's pride and stubbornness are of a weakness than a strengthBut was the book enjoyableI can't say I loved it For all it's metaphorical word play and stoicism and irony Hagar was pretty unlikeable the characters around her were not that likable either but I did admire the sass and gumption that the characters brought up in dealing with each otherI'll probably give Laurence's other books in this cycle a miss tho