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Sticks n Stones n Dinosaur Bones (An Unhinged History Book , #1 ) review Ï E-book, or Kindle E-pub â This first book in Ted Enik `n GF Newland’s “Unhinged History” series is a ripping yarn – full of adventure and deceit – that brings to life the best known public spat in alDemented illustrations by Newland reveal how the paleontologists’ infamous rivalry began and how their mutual obsession with outdoing and ruining one another spun out of contro. I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book through Net Galley in exchange for an honest reviewI’m always interested in children’s books which encourage children to read about science And so I was predisposed to liking a book about dinosaurs since dinosaurs and evolution are such a sticky topic in recent times in the US Providing kids with information about paleontology and the ages of dinosaur skeletons is so important While this book seeks to make children enjoy the topic of the famous paleontology Bone Wars of the latter half of the 1800’s I’m concerned that their emphasis on Cope and Marsh’s overblown claims may fan the flames of dinosaur and evolution doubters by emphasizing what these men did wrong instead of the many things they did right After all Marsh was a respected member of the National Academy of Sciences and both scientists without the aid of modern techniues would have been unable to discern species that should be consolidated any than a person could predict without modern methods that the remains of a tadpole were the same species as the remains of a frogThis is a nicely illustrated book with a rhyming structure I just hope emphasis is placed on the end pages what these two men gave us in terms of paleontological science

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This first book in Ted Enik `n GF Newland’s “Unhinged History” series is a ripping yarn – full of adventure and deceit – that brings to life the best known public spat. 35 starsA Seuss like take on the Bone Wars and a fairly good introduction to the subject for kids The Bone Wars have been something that has fascinated me since I was a kid in the prime of my dinosaur phase my biography report in 1st grade was on Othniel Charles Marsh However since then I have not actually read or researched the feud in depth This was a nice introduction to the feud between Edward Cope and O Charles Marsh as they raced to see who could uncover and name the most dinosaur species The feud started out relatively civil but uickly escalated to a manipulative contest where science and reason took a back seat to the determination of the two professors to outdo each otherThis book is written in rhyme and starts off strong providing the background information on the feud But once we get to the actual discovering of the dinosaurs and the various talks that the professors held to introduce their new discoveries to the public the prose remained uirky but it lacked information on what actually happened While I got the general idea there were very few facts interwoven in the second half or so of the book which I was disappointed withDespite this the rhyme format and the illustrations make for a very cool book and it would be perfect for any kid who loves dinosaursThank you to NetGalley for providing me with a free copy to reviewCross posted on my blog

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Sticks n Stones n Dinosaur Bones An Unhinged History Book #1In all of Paleontology the bitter rivalry between Edward Drinker Cope and Othniel Charles Marsh that became known as “The Bone Wars” Lively and witty rhymes plus beautifully. “I’ll tell you a story – and some of It’s true – that explores and explains what the Bone Hunters do” So begins this story about a feud between two paleontologists during America’s Gilded Age in the 1870s and ‘80sThe story is told in a rollicking rhyme with lots of humor and is reminiscent of Dr Seuss in its writing style and sense of fun It is about the frenzied competition to find dinosaur bones that grew between Edward Drinker Cope of the Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia and O Charles Marsh of the Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale University New Haven CT “Each paleontologist used less than ethical methods to outdo the other – lying stealing blackmail even destroying fossils” writes Enik in a prologue “Both obsessed and vengeful men attacked each other in professional journals as well as in newspapers targeted at the general public in an all out attempt to ruin his rival’s credibility and have his funding withdrawn”Enik is a master of rhyme and rhythm A Goodreads reviewer said she found herself nearly singing when she read the book aloud to her daughterThe story begins“Wrinkled professors from northeastern colleges saw there was room to expand certain knowledges” “Edward D Cope was the man that School “A” felt was perfectly suited for digging away“O Charles Marsh represented School “B” Who could think of no Bone Hunter better than he”“If any bone promised a glimmer of glory a scout set about telegraphing the storyTo big city newspapers – holding their deadlines and poised to report it in EXTRA LARGE headlines” Before long before both paleontologists decide to stoop to less ethical means of winning the most accolades“To heck with science” Marsh hissed to his shovel Outshining my rival’s the goal far above all“It’s much important to outdo my foe and if fibbing comes into it who’s going to know”Both men spread rumors that they found something far greater than any bones so far discovered Each gathers crowds and crows about their amazing discoveries“Behold” bellowed Cope like a one person chorus An animal never on Earth seen before“My NeverTopThisOne Ginormous asaurus”His opponent Marsh tries to one up him“Exclaiming ‘Good People look here Feast your eyes What I’m holding before you – though tiny in size—“Is by far and away of the hundreds I’ve found uite the topmost dead treasure I took from the ground”Despite the scientists’ raving superlatives their audiences see through their insincere claims “Like that The Bone Hunters were fired and broke Where once they were famous they now were a joke“And why not They were phonies and Bone Buccaneers“Who swindled their sponsors and spoiled their careers”Regardless of their childish competition these two scientists each discovered the bones of many dinosaurs and the two of them were responsible for the flowering of the science of paleontology Enik saysMarsh discovered and named the Allosaurus the Apatosaurus originally named Bronotosaurus the Diplodocus the Stegosaurus and the Triceratops Cope discovered and named the Camarasaurus the Coelophysis and the Dimetrodon He named the Elasmosaurus which was discovered by another paleontologist Dr Theophilus TurnerGF Newland’s illustrations are charming stylistic and colorful and keep the story moving at a gingerly pace Their old fashioned look suits the historical subjectThis is the second time “Sticks ‘n’ Stones ‘n’ Dinosaur Bones” is being published now by Schiffer Publishing Philadelphia with Pixel Mouse House New York and available in hardcover It was originally published in 2013 by Pixel Mouse House and was selected as a Finalist for American Book Fest’s 2014 Best Children’s Nonfiction and a Finalist for American Book Fest’s 2014 International Book Award for Best Children’s Nonfiction It is an Unhinged History Book the first in a Seuss inspired series about history and science that Ted is writing and Newland is illustrating for children