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Elect Eagle Elite #2 characters ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ Would you die for the one you loveNixon Abandonato made his choice And now he has to pay the price Tracey is the love of his life but being with him has made her a target of his family's enemies The only way to keep Trace alive is convince the world she means nSt friend But Trace isn't ready to give up on a future with Nix and if he won't fight for them she will In the end a sacrifice must be made A life for a life For what better way to cover a multitude of sins than with the blood of a sinner. 375 Frustating stars Every Saint has a past every sinner has a future And that was the reason that it took me three years to finally read the second book of the Eagle Elite series I knew that this would happen and i didn't like it NopeeeeeeBut damn it Mrs Van Dyken is giving us and books of these people and i want to learn everyone's story so badlySo i put my big girl's pants and i dove in and it was both heaven and hell BahahahaRachel Van Dyken knows how to write wonderful stories full of action and suspense The pace in here was so uick that sometimes i was trying hard to catch up with the plot but i loved itSo why the low rating The romance frustrated the hell out of meI really love all the characters in here and i want them all to find their HEA but what happened here sucked “Right I'm fine you're fine everything's fine Oh look I think a rainbow's sprouting out of your ass” Well as we know from the first book after Tracy lived a hell by the elite she find the love of her life in the face of their captain who happened to be the mafia boss Nixon Abandonato God i love this guy AnywayBut now after everything they went through in the first book Nixon realizes that because of him Tracy will be a target too so because of that he is deciding to push her away and into the hands of his best friend Chase Damn it I love Chase but no this is not rightSo as you can understand the situation was a mess and i was angry about that “I'd just single handedly given the love of my life to my best friend on a silver platter with a shiny bow attached” Nixon “We'd sit we'd eat And I'd pretend that I wasn't in irreversible love with his girlfriend NoBigDeal” ChaseNeither of them deserved what they went through because they were good personsMy heart was breaking for Nixon because he had to take a hard decision but what he did wasn't right Yep he was selfless and he was thinking only Trace but he didn't hurt only himself with his decisions but also ChaseChase from the other hand was too in love with Grace Hello why are you doing this to yourselfAnd even though that in his heart he really knows what is really happening he is hurting himself and he is becoming very selfishThe truth is that I'm dying to see Chase with Mil I loved this girlAnd then Tracey made a big mess Yep she was loving so much Nixon but damn she forgot so easily It wasn't right Big mistake to get confusedPhew See Big frustration here “I wouldn’t take away one moment with you I wouldn’t take away my decision to leave you because in the end it was the right thing to do I will always save you You need to know that I will always choose you over me Even if that means walking away even if that means letting you and Chase be together Trace if it means that for the rest of my life all I have to live off of are the memories of your kiss I would do it Because it’s never been about me but you and what I can do for you” Nixon “I hurt all the damn time because my stupid heart has decided for one reason or another that it can't survive without being next to yours” ChaseAnyway This book was written by three male POVs Nixon's Chase's and Phoenix'sAnd i have to say that even i hated Phoenix in the first book I kinda liked him in here and i want his story so badlyI'm also very curious about the end here It didn't actually happened right No i won't tell you what i mean but if you have already read this book you will definitely understandAnd now slowly but steady i will continue with the nexts books because i'm too curious for my own good LOL When facing death every human being needed something that if the worst happened would pull them throughAnd maybe that's why i was beginning to feel terrified than anything because I knew I had nobody worth pulling for and it hurt like hell Phoenix “I feel lost” “Let me find you” “I feel sick” “Let me heal you” I kissed her head “I feel sad” “Let me be your happiness” Nixon Tracey

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E the world she means nothing to him Trace Rooks has fallen irrevocably in love with the son of her family's sworn rival and she knows in her bones nothing can tear them apart Until Nix suddenly pushes her away and into the arms of his be. 1 I HATE LOVE TRIANGLES WITH THE FIRE OF 1000 SUNS StarsAn accurate gif of me after finishing this bookI went into this book knowing there was a love triangle meaning I knew that Chase the cousin and best friend had feelings for Trace What I did not know is that by the end of the book she would also have feelings for Chase and would in fact CHOOSE CHASE OVER NIXON PUTTING HIM FIRST Yes yes she thought Nixon was dead but this was 2 FUCKING DAYS LATER She's all lovey dovey with Chase kissing on him etc 2 days after the love of her life died No I don't think soBasically Nixon has to have Chase pretend to be Trace's boyfriend to protect her from the Sicilians thinking they will kill her if they know she belongs to Nixon Chase meanwhile is in love with Trace and wishes she was his Trace at this point is clueless about Chase's feelings but oh once he admits the truth to her she miraculously feels the same this is after Nixon's death but Chase knew he was still alive RAGE RAGE RAGEI hate love triangles with a passion and as stated I knew this was one going in but I honestly thought it was all one sided NopeI may have been able to get past all of it probably not though if this line hadn't been said This killed it for me Nope Nope Nope✘ “Chase” She pulled away and wiped a tear from her eye “You have my heart but Nixon he owns my soul”I'm sorry what How does one own her heart and the other owns her soul Nope don't buy it Won't buy it Won't accept it In all honesty Nixon was the best person in this book He was a major asshole in the last book but this one in this one he was nothing like his character from Elite He loved Trace with everything in him and was even willing to give her up to Chase if that is what she wanted While Chase on the other hand wanted Trace to pick him wanted her for himself ♥ I walked out of the room and didn’t look back I couldn’t I knew if I did I would either fall to my knees and apologize for being so harsh or cry for the first time since I was twelve I’d just singlehandedly given the love of my life to my best friend—on a silver platter with a shiny bow attached And I didn’t care if I died but if Trace died Because of me Because of my pride and inability to get over myself I would pray for death So if it meant I had to give up the only thing that I was living for It would be worth it If she was safe It would be worth it I repeated that to myself for the rest of the night and when Trace came home and said nothing over dinner I said it again and again and when I opened that bottle of whiskey and sat in my room I said it again Until I passed out♥ I truly believed that the greatest sacrifice someone could make in life was putting someone else’s needs before your own wants and desires Loving someone with such a passion that you’d suffer the rest of your life just so you could see them smile You’d go to hell and back—if only it meant keeping them safe♥ It’s her it’s always been her it’s about her Hell if I’m going to sit here and throw a fit for wanting something that doesn’t want me back She loves you Fine Because Chase It’s never been about my wants or my needs I can’t live if she’s unhappy I can’t breathe if she’s upset If being with you brings her that peace then I want you to have her I’ll be your best man at the wedding I’ll babysit your kids when you want date night Chase—” I swallowed the emotion in my throat and shook my head “It’s about her”Trace doesn't deserve Nixon From all the reviews it looks like people really loved this book but I hated it Which sucks because I like Rachel Van Dyken I loved The Matchmaker's Playbook That had a bit of a love triangle but it went nowhere Right now I can't even think bout reading Chase's book which is right after this one This book had his POV as well and it was always about Trace and how she was the love of his life yada yada yada Then all of a sudden he's going to fall in love with Mil His first OK I'll waitFor people who have read this series are there any love triangles in the rest of the books because if there are HARD PASSNow excuse me while I go find a book that pukes rainbows and unicorns I need something to get this hell out of my mindETA She does choose Nixon in the end but again like I said she didn't deserve him But oh he owns her soul Ugh

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Elect Eagle Elite #2Would you die for the one you loveNixon Abandonato made his choice And now he has to pay the price Tracey is the love of his life but being with him has made her a target of his family's enemies The only way to keep Trace alive is convinc. So I'm the type of reader that hates love triangles because someone is always bound to get hurt There's no uestion about whether or not this book is a love triangle We have two heroes who are both in love with the heroine and a heroine who's not so sure who she love than the other I despised Trace in this book for absolutely no reason because I felt she should be loyal to Nixon But the events that happened in this book made for an extremely difficult situation So while I felt Trace should be with Nixon Chase was probably the best choice But I felt like Chase and Trace weren't meant for each other even though I prefer Chase to NixonThis is why I don't read love triangles peopleMy favourite characterAbout the story along with some thoughts and uotesSo Elect is the continuation of Nixon Trace and Chase's story from Elite Nixon and Trace are hopelessly in love but there are threats that could be fatal for Trace The Sicilians the original mafia family have received some very important information that could lead to the death and destruction of the Abandonato's Because of this Trace's life is at risk by association To protect her Chase comes up with a plan he'll pose as her boyfriend so that she doesn't get hurt I honestly don't think Chase did this so he could have a chance to be with Trace But I do believe that he realised his advantage afterwardNixon and Trace cannot be seen together so for all intents and purposes Chase and Trace have to act like they are in love Nixon is selfless in this book because he lets go of Trace to protect her even though it kills him I'm as much yours as you are mine I don't share I want to freaking murder anyone who even so much as looks in your direction or at your shoes and damn if I don't hate those boots that Chase got you I want to consume you I want to be the one that puts a smile on your face I want to be the one that teaches you pleasure me And even though Trace is loathe to do it she agrees She'll play the part of Chase's girlfriend even if it kills her Her love and trust in Nixon is strong but Chase is a great guy and she'll be spending time with him Chase is Trace's best friend and he loves her This was a recipe for heartbreak Nixon She placed her hands against my chest I need you to do me a favorAnything My voice was hoarse with emotionTrust me Trust in us No matter what I say no matter what I do and I'll do some terrible things know that I love you No matter what And things got really difficult I mean dangerous This was uite frankly the best YA Mafia Romance that I've read in a while Nixon came to a point where he realised he might just have to let go for good but he wouldn't be Nixon if he did Maybe if I was a stronger man I'd leave her and suffer alone maybe if I was the type of guy who put others first I would walk away from herBut she was my weakness I'd make it two steps before turning around and begging her on my knees for her to take me back Which meant I had to trust in us I had to trust in her Final ThoughtsNice save Elite was borderline awful but Elect was fantastic My feels were all over the place and I love it when that happens