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Knock at a Star A Child's Introduction to Poetry Free download È PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¿ The perfect classic anthology of poetry for today's young readersA classic poetry anthology Knock at a Star contains lively interesting poems from the most beloved writers and poets of our time past Ick and discusses with the reader what poems can do make you laugh send messages and teach you about images and rhythm A collection that is joyously assembled and will be joyously read. This is an excellent beginning poetry book for kids There are lots of different categories with at least 10 poems to choose from in each The poems range from funny to inspirational and etc it is a uick read because most of the poems are short and simple This book would be a great one to start with because poetry can be really hard for younger children to read and keep up with I loved that there were some illustrations throughout the book as well this made it even enjoyable I would let my 2nd graders read this book in hopes they would gain respect for the writing type All in all great introduction to poetry for our younger readers

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The perfect classic anthology of poetry for today's young readersA classic poetry anthology Knock at a Star contains lively interesting poems from the most beloved writers and poets of. This book to me was a very slow book because it had like really long intro'sBut at the same time it was a really short book because the poems were fast and easyOne of my favorite poems for that was called learning because it taught the reader what they are expected to do when it comes to manners

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Knock at a Star A Child's Introduction to PoetryOur time past and present including Langston Hughes Emily Dickinson Jack Prelutsky Mary Ann Hoberman and This anthology contains special kinds of poetry such as haikus songs and limer. From childhood I have been interested in poetry  Like many children of my generation I wrote silly limericks as as kid 1 and read plenty of poems and even had to memorize poetry on occasion as well as write it for class  This book is aimed at the market I was in when I would read Shel Silverstein books although I did not see any of those included here and much of the poetry is good although a great deal of it comes with an obvious social and political agenda on the part of the writers of the book as well  Needless to say I have mixed feelings about this poetry book even if I am generally fond of poetry aimed at young people 2  If you are an adult looking to encourage young people to enjoy poetry there is certainly a lot this book can help out with and the poetry included is general of fine ualityIn terms of its contents this book of less than 200 pages is divided into four parts  The first part of the book looks at what poems do  make one smile tell stories send messages share feelings help one understand people and start one wondering  And to be sure the book includes a variety of diverse and generally short poetry designed to illustrate those purposes  The second part of the book examines what is inside of a poem specifically images word music beats that repeat likenesses and wordplay  Of course there are uite a few poems that illustrate these ualities of poems as well  The third part of the book looks at special kinds of poetry that are often popular namely limericks takeoffs songs show and spell poems that where their visual elements are important finders keepers poems as well as haiku  The fourth and final part of the book consists of ideas for writing one's own poems an afterword for adults and indices of authors titles and first lines as well as acknowledgements  The book rather sensibly moves from seeking to encourage students to read and recognize good poetry to writing it as wellAgain it is easy to have mixed feelings about this book  In general the poems chosen are good ones but they are with rare exceptions like the works of Richard Wright Lewis Carroll and William Stafford not often great poems  In addition it appears as if many of the poems are chosen to prime certain emotion based responses on the part of the reader leading them to subtly downgrade the importance of listening to parents by talking about domestic arguments or by making children pity nice homeless people of which there are admittedly some  Many of the poems focus on creation something children in general show a great deal of interest in and a few of them including Alexander Pope's clever couplet on the collar of a dog even hint about larger political matters  Yet I must admit that in this deeply political age I am not sure I trust the writers of this book to have the best interests of children at heart especially in the avoidance of moralizing which is freuently necessary concerning the affairs of this world and something the authors are reluctant to do unless it is moralizing for their own social causes  This is a book to use in other words but not to trust1 Although admittedly not all of the limericks were silly  In fact even as a child I had a rather melancholy sense when it came to poetry reflecting on the mortality of yummy chickens and the isolation of people watching their Sylvania televisions in Pennsylvania2 See for example