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The Sunita ExperimentD Should she hide her heritage and be like everyone else or can she find a way to embrace it Originally published in 1993 as The Sunita Experiment this touching yet light hearted tale is back in print in hard and soft cover with a snappy new title a spectacular jacket design and a reader's guid. Read for an American Literature course This was just okay Tolerable It’s a tale of an India girl being insecure about her identity and is even so embarrassed when her grandparents come to visit for a year Her household is turn upside down and she must navigate who she is with while she thinks she should be The story is slow and character driven Characters are easy to like but the main character is simply annoying I believe she was written to be so that is not what bothered me about the novel Mostly what I was hoping for was outside forces making Sunita feel inferior but there were none And maybe that was the point Maybe the overall moral is that no one is a bigger critic of you than you I think this would be a great story for someone in their eerily teens but for me a 26 year old I just found it to be okay

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She feels she's doing pretty well especially as her friendship with the school's tennis star starts to blossom into something But when Sunita's grandparents come from India to stay with her family her lifestyle changes and Sunita suddenly becomes aware of identity issues she's never before face. I'm a bit hesitant on this one Firstly I'm sure someone out there would read this and see parts of themselves reflected back For people outside this cultural sphere it can provide insight into the identity crisis some people have being the children of immigrants or part of a family with roots outside of America I'm sure this would be valuable to have in a library too as a conversation starter But I felt that other books might tackle this conversation with greater depth view spoilerSunita Sen struggles with her Indian heritage longing for a truly American identity but the entire journey is rather annoying I wished she would stop incessantly complaining even if it is a rather accurate picture of a disenchanted middle schooler Even when she yells at her mother is reprimanded by her father is told she's going to an Indian festival regardless of her attitude the whole thing is made a non issue in a heartbeat with no further repercussions for her being a total jerk At this point a little over halfway through the book I started speed readingGeetie her sister is painted as a liberal vegetarian eco warrior feminist in such an eye rolling way that I flipped through even faster never being so taken with anything that I'd slow down In the end Sunita becomes a bit comfortable with herself but I appreciated her grandparents than anything Her Dadu especially was a very wise compassionate patient character Her parents too were interesting to me with her mom struggling to be a good Indian daughter I dunno Just finished this feeling a bit relieved that I didn't have to endure Sunita's immaturity any hide spoiler

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review The Sunita Experiment ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ As Indian culture continues to curry the movies music and literature of American culture the time is perfect to re introduce this Indian themed novel about a young girl's heart felt attempt to straddle her two worlds Like any other eighth grader smart andAs Indian culture continues to curry the movies music and literature of American culture the time is perfect to re introduce this Indian themed novel about a young girl's heart felt attempt to straddle her two worlds Like any other eighth grader smart and spunky Sunita Sen just wants to fit in. Perhaps it is merely because I loved the last book I read Elijah of Buxton so much but The Not So Star Spangled Life of Sunita Sen did not arouse the type of churning emotions and thoughts I’ve come to associate with good novels I did like it but I did not feel that it was a must readAlthough not of South Asian heritage I as a Southeast Asian American feel that my upbringing shares much with Sunita’s including familycommunity centered values crazy grandparent visits the permanent smell of ethnic food cooking a European American boy crush and of course the difficulty of reconciling mainstream American culture with that of your parents’ native country However for some reason Mitali Perkins’s novel stirred resistance in me Although the novel should feel authentic to me because it has been written by an author who like her main character was born in India and grew up in California Sunita Sen seemed to me similar to novels I read as a junior high girl and resented about 15 or 2nd generation children written by European Americans several generations removed from their immigrating ancestors I acknowledge that many stereotypes especially of the 15 2 generation experience are based on common experiencetruth but Perkins’s novel felt stereotypical to me insofar as being embarrassed by her family’s blatant displays of “Indian ness” fearing her family’s nonacceptance of a white boy friend desire to wear makeup etc A large reason that I felt that these topics were stereotypical is probably because Sunita Sen lacks the emotional and situational complexity that I’ve been craving since I was a little girl which I think is a result of Perkins’s writing style and structure The novel has a standard nearly palpable plot line; I could nearly see the line being drawn in my head of the rising action climax and denouement with perhaps a few other blips Further I felt that Perkins’s writing told us about the emotions and situations rather than conveying them in subtle ways Because of these reasons as well as because everything is wrapped up neatly at the end Sunita Sen fails to communicate the complexity of cultural identity and family dynamics To me this novel primarily approached multicultural children’s literature with the message of affirming and accepting diversity a positive message but which in conjunction with the emotional and situational simplicity may give the wrong message that true understanding of cultural differences and their impacts on past and present society may easily be achieved with the “‘tourist’s conception of multiculturalism’” Hade td in Cai p 8 These are the primary reasons for which I would not recommend The Not So Star Spangled Life of Sunita Sen generally Some might say that I am being too harsh on the novel and I would agree in some respects because the novel is supposed to be light hearted simple and for middle school readers instead of a heavy work which have an important place in children’s literature; children shouldn’t always be reading issue laden depressing books However I would argue that there are or should be novels out there that are lighter and deal with similar issues as Sunita Sen in a better written novel because as we’ve seen in Elijah of Buxton it is possible to deal with myriad issues but maintain a balance between seriousness and light heartedness I do acknowledge that the existence of such a novel has the potential to positively impact many children struggling with bi or multi cultural identity because children might be relieved that there is finally a novel showing someone “like me” On the other hand I look forward to the day after which we can pick and choose the best Indian American experience books to read and share with others rather than merely being grateful that one exists