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FREE DOWNLOAD Ò Gathering Water (Gathering Water, #1) ↠ There are plenty of things I could tell you about my life; plenty of things happened during my years in an inept foster care system But my real story—when my life really began—started on the day I turned eighteen It was the day I discovered who I was I learned my realIsn’t human And if all that weren’t enough there’s this guy Dove Yeah he might be a distraction from my true purpose but when he offers a healing hand to sooth the damage from my past I’m helpless to resist All I ever wanted was to know who I am but my journey to self discovery might just lead to the destruction of mankindMy name is Della Doe Deare and this well this is my sto. Review and playlist originally posted to The Story GoesThis book follows one Della Doe Dearesay that ten times fast I dare you as she discovers who she is and of course that she has magical powers that have to do with harnessing the elements and potential war with alieni think racesInitial thoughts Interesting and uniue I loved pretty much every minute of this book A couple times I thought it was a little slow and like the mystery of who the main characters dad is was a little too obvious I wanted to scream at Della how can you not see it but all around it was a really good book I loved that it was way focused on family relationships than romantic ones and I think Cashher cousin was my favorite characterLikes Cash He was my favorite character he was funny and sweet and I loved that the kind of main relationship was a friendship between cousins I loved that they became best friends and all the parts that he was in were my favorites The powersI thought the magical powers in this book were really uniue and I loved learning about it throughout the book I've never really read anything like this and I was pleasantly surprised by it Though I didn't understand it and the other racesaliens as well as I would have liked I wanted a little information Della she's not a stupid main character she doesn't really make a lot of bad decisions which is probably one of my biggest pet peeves in YA but also I didn't completely love her I loved her relationship with Cash I loved learning about her powers with her but I didn't love her I didn't hate her I didn't dislike her but at the same time I didn't feel a whole lot for her besides her relationship with CashDislikes This isn't exactly a dislike but throughout the book one of the mysteries is who Della's dad is and personally I thought it was pretty easy to guess what made me mad and frustrated is I knew who it was and then that was the cliff hanger No I wanted to see what happens next and then you go do a cliff hanger I guess it was a surprise because it was so obvious that it never occurred to me it would be the cliffhanger It was a little slow sometimes in the middle I never lost interest but I did get bored once or twice I kinda thought there would be about her mom I wanted there to be about her mom I assume there will be about her in seuel I also wanted to know a little about these Gathering powers and where the come from and everything but I am assuming this will be explained in the next booksDespite the few problems I had with this book I really did enjoy reading it there wasn't one time I considered not finishing it and even the few times I got bored it uickly grabbed my attention once Overall it's a really strong debutI think with a really interesting and uniue premise

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P on a plane and come home to the dilapidated house in North Carolina that belonged to the mother I never knew Even though I have a home and a family for the first time my thoughts are still burning with unanswered uestions Like why did my mother run away Why the heck has my skin started to tingle every time it touches the water And who or what is my father really Because it definitely. PLEASE NOTE This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review and I honestly loved it Here are the detailsThe Good The POV character – Della Doe Deare First love the name She had always been a “Doe” from growing up in the foster system her birth mother being a Jane Doe and no father in sight then when she learned her real last name was Deare she kept both even though it’s an alliteration people were sure to make fun of and of course they do lol But honestly the name suits her – by keeping “Doe” she’s honoring her past because it’s a part of her and has made her who she is and by adding “Deare” she’s embracing new beginnings and learning about her heritage Her name might sound silly but it’s a perfect reflection of her story However this character is so much than her uirky fitting name; she’s so well written I honestly feel like I know her I wasn’t a foster kid and I’ve never been close to anyone who is so discovering a little of what it’s like to bounce from place to place and never have a real sense of “home” made my heart ache for her Then when she’s thrown into a new family – her real family who’d been lied to about her existence until now – with a sweet but overbearing cousin Cash her caring Aunt and Uncle Ellis and Conner a helpful great uncle in Luke and a swoon worthy family friend Dove I’ll get to him later she’s so overwhelmed by every emotion imaginable it’s hard to compartmentalize so a good portion of the beginning is discovering who they are and how she fits into the picture therefore discovering parts of herself along the way I also found it realistic that she was hesitant about them at first“I may have been wrong about their abandoning me at least about Ellis and Connor but I was still hesitant to rely on family just because of blood ties; I’ve met a lot of kids in the system who were taken from their family and knew that a blood relation doesn’t automatically mean a good relation” There’s definitely a coming of age element there – figuring out how she fits into the picture and if she even wants to as well as trying to make a new home for herself in an unfamiliar place But even though a good bit of this book explores all these things it doesn’t weigh it down It actually ads authenticity and charm Speaking of “discovering parts of herself” now let’s discuss the Fantasy elements of this novel I LOVE me some teenage kids discovering their abilities It’s such a weird time in one’s life anyway – you’re not a kid any but you’re also trying to find your place as a new adult Especially at eighteen and fresh out of high school So along with the whole discovering her place in a new family thing add a newfound supernatural ability and you have one heck of an interesting plotline I won’t give away what the abilities are since it’s much fun to discover them as you’re reading but I will say they’re original and beyond imaginative Not only that but Ms Claire’s descriptions of said abilities were incredibly well fleshed out Della’s powers also have something to do with her bloodline and why her existence was kept a secret but that’s as far as I’ll go with that as well Another big plus to this book is how the author answers a little bit along the way instead of pulling an M Night Shyamalan a la The Village and giving everything away too soon There’s so much to find out – why Della has these abilities; why her existence was kept a secret from her family; who her father is; why did her mother run away with her when she was pregnant Ms Claire’s flawless execution in answering these uestions at just the right time keeps the reader intrigued without making us frustrated Nothing aggravates me than presenting a ton of uestions then proceeding to not answer them over the course of several books OR dumping it all into the last chapter So kudos to Ms Claire for having the balancing act down Golf clap Of course there are still some things we want to know after the novel ends since it’s Book One of a series but most of the uestions are answered On to the next good thing about this novel Della’s relationship with Dove Sigh Dove Dove Dove Dove How I love thee He’s gorgeous and best of all he’s not cocky about it I HATE cocky male love interests Probably because I don’t like cocky guys in real life Self assured and confident are fine Sexy even Cocky is bad And not only is he gorgeous he’s not overly clingy or tries to rush into a relationship He gives Della space and as a result their romance progresses slowly but nicely Realistically And that last scene with them in the car have mercy Fans self Della’s wit – another plus Thankfully the writer didn’t saturate the story with witty remarks every other paragraph as some writers tend to do This is a balancing act Ms Claire also has down pat Her writing has a perfect blending of tear rage and chuckle inducing moments The Bad The ONLY thing I can criticize isn’t really bad per se but in some places the descriptions needed to be better For instance when Della goes to the Elfennol’s compound the runes and doorways and the bridge were described well but then later we finally get to the insides and inner workings of the place but we don’t get much except for there are “buildings” as they make their way through The arena is pretty well painted for the reader and so are Della’s living uarters I want to sleep in a bed like that but there are definitely some holes along the way that could be filled in to show us what she’s seeing If some of these holes had been filled in the book would have gotten 5 stars There are also some other places in the novel when characters were introduced and I still have no idea what they look likeThe Ugly Nothing to say in this category In conclusion Gathering Water is well fleshed out with believable likable characters real moments that make you laugh cry and swoon and is a MUST READ for YA Fantasy lovers everywhereFavorite uote This uote was about Della wishing she knew her mother and came on the heels of a memorial service her new family threw for her This goes to show how incredibly authentic the author’s writing was when it came to being foster kid and never knowing your parent I teared up “Every story that I heard every joke and memory that was shared made me miss her It made me wish she were the one sharing these things with me made me really think about all the things that I’d never had with her and never would”

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Gathering Water Gathering Water #1There are plenty of things I could tell you about my life; plenty of things happened during my years in an inept foster care system But my real story when my life really began started on the day I turned eighteen It was the day I discovered who I was I learned my real name my dead mother’s identity and where we come from These simple things prompted me to pack my meager belongings ho. ILOVEDTHISBOOOK for reals Warning I was given this in exchange for an honest review 3 And honesty is what I doSong Choice Sail by AWOLNATION Fog by Radiohead Always by Panic At the Disco First thoughts Debut book my ass This was fantastic then again i guess we need to take away the idea that debut authorsbooksthey are the same thing are going to be sub par or meh because this was kickass sorry i like to swear I will tone it down This was a totally original idea that was executed beautifully and made me sitting on the edge of my seat literally at some points just wanting to know what would happen next I saw get this on your TBR and get on there fast also you know buy the book and start reading it Thoughts on Plot Did i mention this was super original because it was I went into this book thinking oh i am about to lose my mermaid virgin card so exciting Nope nope nope still a mermaid virgin but i am okay with that This book was while not an 100% new thing for me i have seen a variation please don't look unless you really want to know view spoiler elementals hide spoiler