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8 Undeniable Qualities of a Winner Summary é 104 à In 8 UNDENIABLE UALITIES OF A WINNER Joel Osteen focuses on the irrefutable traits and attributes of highly successful people These personal ualities are tested through the ages and all types of circumstances These practical principles guide the lives of champions The eight ualitiIn 8 UNDENIABLE UALITIES OF A WINNER Joel Osteen focuses on the irrefutable traits and attributes of highly successful people These personal ualities are tested through the ages and all types of circumstances These practical principles guide t. I really enjoyed this book I loved how honest and straight forward Joel Osteen can be I felt so inspired by reading his advice which really made sense I think everyone needs to read this to see how they can become a much better person within themselves and for God A Great and uick Read5 stars

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He lives of champions The eight ualities areCreate bold visions Dare to dream big dreamsRun your own race Focus on your uniue course and goalsThink positively Control your thoughts and attitudesExpect Good things to happen Anticipate great opp. You Can You Will is a book It has a cover it has pages it has words on those pages Sorry I just have to reassure myself here that I’m reading a book because when I get to actually processing the words I stop being so sure I could fall back on the easy explanation that it’s a sermon put to paper which is clearly true but there must a limit on leeway given The Message If you have a big vision God will not only do what you're dreaming about He will do than you can ask or think You Can You Will is a self help book with suggested principles for bettering yourself be positive strive for excellence visualisations with a half twist of scripture validating those principles And look it is all pretty inoffensive and if it has been done 100 times before even by Osteen why not try your luck the 101st timeMy issue is that Osteen is lazy This book is so poorly proofread that I actually have to call out his agents Dupree Miller Associates and his publishers FaithWords because wow you really didn’t reuire Osteen to do any checking of his sources at all Or even list them Or even distinguish between what are factual retellings and what are parables Here are some examples of the numerous imprecise statements I've read there are six thousand stars in the Eastern sky where he was It's not a coincidence that there are six thousand promises in the scripture I read that the wealthiest places on earth are not the oil fields of the Middle East or the diamond mines of South Africa The wealthiest places are cemeteries I heard about this man who fell into a pit It's like this country grandfather I heard about who took his grandson to town on a donkey Studies show 50 percent of high school graduates never read another entire book Studies tell us that the average person only uses 11 percent of the brainSome are statements of “fact” Some are meant to be illustrative stories Some are combinations of the two However you have to work it out which is which from the contextual clues For the statements of fact they also suffer from the issue of being uncited There are no studies about 50 percent non readers nor any that show we use only 11 percent of our brains Osteen didn’t cite the information his agents didn’t check his publishers didn’t check and now we have these dubious statements underpinning Osteen’s principles As an example where it borders on deceitful Osteen writes with apparent wild eyed amazement about a man who once donated 100 million dollars to a university even though this happens uite often and is similarly often tied to specific purposes Who knows which donation Osteen means because once again he provides no detail and actually credits God for the donation There’s also a story about a nurse that systematically asks people their biggest regrets which seems unlikely unethical and uncited and it’s one that depends on being true to make its point Yet Osteen expects us to take the wisdom offered “on faith”In terms of the religious aspect I’m not going to debate Osteen’s Biblical interpretation of the passages he refers to but his statement that Paul wrote over half the New Testament while in prison isn’t even supported by the traditional view The Messenger Keep honoring God being your best thanking Him that it's on the way God will supersize whatever you're believing forOsteen was “born on third” When you read this self help book I would note the author’s big step up was having to take over from his father as leader of a megachurch His youth was spent on the mean streets driving his teammate to practice in a car his grandfather gifted him Osteen lets us know about the time he had to chase the rubbish that fell out of his car The times he had to wipe down the sealed five gallon water containers he had in his home Once he drove home because he didn’t want to be seen in public ungroomed and ill dressed For him a clever allusion is to headwinds when flying from Houston to Los Angeles He is incredulous as to how clean Disneyland is It’s an amazing story to Osteen when his billion dollar friend does work for a 5 tip However if Osteen feels you’re taking him for a ride like his teammate then he’ll cut you straight off Same with a parishioner asking for rent money every month Osteen is at pains to let us know of his generosity before he reaches a point where he feels he can do no So he does no Cold turkey and all that Osteen suggests we avoid high maintenance people or those that might be a drag He even hints at being pro divorce over it which is progressive in a somewhat awful way I guessI am sure Osteen works hard with his sermons podcasts and video editing etc etc but working hard is not interesting or praiseworthy We've all done it or are currently doing it For Osteen working hard brings him outsize rewards such as a US40 million net worth So to me we have his dubious perspective underpinning his principles of self helpThe publication of this “book” is evidence of how easy Osteen has it This is his eleventh go at it yet no one seems to have pulled him aside and introduced him to the wonders of endnoting Anyway it’s a book I think

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8 Undeniable Qualities of a WinnerOrtunitiesStay Passionate Light the fire within and approach life with enthusiasmCommit to excellence Do your best and maintain high standardsKeep growing Deal with your weaknesses and continually improve Serve Others Invest yourself in others. I was afraid coming into this that it would be the same as the other book of his that I read I read Every Day a Friday in August so I was going to wait a long time before I read another one so it wouldn’t seem so fresh Some of the same ideas and phrases were mentioned so I fear there’s some overlap in his books How to be happier was a bit like this one about being successful I like that he said we have what it takes to win that too often we listen to negativity and become discouraged by doubts and fears and talk ourselves out of our bestStudies show that we move toward what we consistently see Keep a symbol of what you want in front of you Dream big dreams not things you can accomplish on your own If you don't envision something it won't happen Don't say I can't imagine something because then it won't happen I've read one other book of Joel's and I like how he interprets the bible and breaks things down in an easily understood way and applies it to life now Such as God telling Abraham he'd be the father of many nations and that he would have as many descendants as there were stars in the sky And that he would have as many relatives as grains of sand on the beach Joel said God gave him a picture knowing there would be times of doubt and when Abraham looked at the signs he would have faithI loved that he said people will try to control you but they're the ones who breathed life into you; they didn't euip or empower you That is such a powerful eye opening message Other people don't get to decide who we are or put limitations on us because it's not their place I realized people have no authority or right to influence me and that's groundbreaking He told us to search our heart every morning that when we do that we're being true to ourselves and who God wanted us to be I've never had an issue with doing what people wanted me to do; I always make myself happy and I want to do what I want to do as far as big life decisions like school and career But I've always worried about what people think of me I was always worried about what I wear and what I say and how people will judge it It's reassuring to hear that God wants us to do our own thingI liked the message that we're supposed to be the original uniue person God wants us to be If you change for other people then you lose your uniueness and you lessen the favors in your life Don't listen to the negativity and and don't get upset about negative things said about you Love the praise of God than that of people If you do what other people want you to do you won't get to where you're supposed to be Then they'll see for themselves that you made it one day When you're going to be around people who drag you down those you have to be around and can't get away from you have to lift yourself up beforehand and get encouraged Don't go with your guard down or stressed out about traffic etc Give praise be encouraged and fill up your spirit Expect favor and increase and good breaks every day and it will happen If you expect to get little and that things won't get better that's what will happen Say something good is going to happen every morningKeep a good attitude Don't wait to be happy when the situation changes; be happy while God is changing the situation Have a good attitude and don't think about what you don't have It's how you respond to what happens that determines whether you're happy You have to decide to be happy no matter what happens before you ever leave the house If your happiness is based on everything going your way and everybody treating you right you will be frustrated It was encouraging to read that a commitment to excellence is a way to success You show up on time giving your best and taking pride in your work even when no one is watching You do than you have to and go the extra mileDo the right thing even for the small things like picking up something you knocked over and returning an item you don't want where you got it I don't want something small to keep God from releasing something big into my life Strive for excellence in things like how you treat people present yourself and develop new skillsAlways keep learning Winners never stop Improve your skills Maybe get mentors and learn from people who know than you Have the goal every day to grow and learn something newIt was a bit odd to have him say robes are ugly and to take a credit card and go shopping at Victoria's Secret It's weird to have a pastor touch on such a subject and tell us to buy lingerie It was funny how he incorporated his wife's name but it was uncomfortable to be told what to wear especially clothes of that nature If you keep bringing up the negativity of your past whether it's from the day before or years ago you'll ruin your future Just because you had a bad past doesn't mean you have to have a bad futureDon't settle for less become bitter and pity yourself or blame others Know your best days are ahead of you Let go of the wrongs done to you mistakes you've made or disappointments from the day before Start each day anew Don't carry around that baggage Focus on the things you can change and don't dwell on those you can't like people offending and mistreating you Let things go and move forward If you have a victim mentality and hold onto all your wrongs you'll ruin opportunities you will haveTell your heart to dream and believe again There was a lot about jobs in the office especially in the last 2 chapters like those are the only jobs you can have I get tired of reading about office jobs in books Also everyone assumes you already have a job and that you can get by; no one ever considers my situation I noticed that in the chapters there tended be a repeat of the same phrases to the point that I thought I had already read a passage because it sounded so similar I would have liked some other phrases and for things to be said differently each time There was a lot to learn things I never would have thought of and I see the ways in which I’ve been doing things wrong like not doing things enthusiastically like the dishes and cleaning It’s honoring God when we take pride in all our work and help others A big lesson was that when we help others we might not get a thank you but we’re not after praise from people We’ll get God’s praise and we’ll be rewarded for everything we do that goes unpraised and unrecognized He always states the right thing to do but I like how he usually gives an example of where he had gone wrong with that in the past and what he learned like letting people use him He knows he isn’t perfect and it’s so relatable that he struggles with the same things we do It makes him relatable