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E conceptualization is well interwoven with the Laws of Physics Nature that the reader can not entirely discount the hard core science fiction concepts in Skymerge since it retains an element of plausibility albeit miniscule which is what this book is all about It successfully explores the outermost boundaries of physical constraints with the message that what may be fiction today may be the facts of tomorrow Skymerge succeeds in effectively delivering a gripping adventure story based on hardcore astrophysics and astronomy to the layman without straying too far into the realm of fantasy. Ruhan awakes he is dazed and very weak barely alive a victim of a massive tsunami which has engulfed the main land mass of his planet Rukana Suinting at the planet’s heavy red sun he has little hope of survival During a dig in the Sudan young archaeologist Saki discovers two strange artefacts in strata dating from the Pleistocene era meaning the items are over one million years old which is impossible Skymerge by Deepak Menon chronicles how the fates of these two individuals become intricately entwined in an exciting sweeping narrative which takes us from the planet Rukana to our planet Earth and to the home of an ancient race known as the Eternals We follow Ruhan as together with his rescuer Karala they explore the abandoned city of Sohna discovering unimagined wonders and we follow Saki who together with her mentor Professor Hoslop struggles to translate the strange script found on the ancient artefacts she has uncovered The fates of the three worlds begin to merge as both Saki and the inhabitants of Sohna come under attack and the protagonists assisted by the mysterious powerful author John Kriel make a last ditch attempt to communicate their astounding findings to the President of the USASlymerge is a multi layered tale of massive scope Deepak Menon’s fiction is based on science fact and he is careful to underpin his timelines and mechanical inventions with sound contemporary physics The characters are well drawn and likeable except the nasty ones and the romance between Ruhan and Karala is charming Mr Menon has chosen a truly complex subject as the theme of his first science fiction work examining the origins of intelligent life and its evolution on different planets interstellar travel and a multitude of gadgets and devices to bring the threads of this story together Highly recommended classic science fiction which will not disappoint the aficionados of the genre

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SkymergeSkymerge is a sweeping well researched novel of the opening up of Space spanning 5 Planets including Earth and a planet named Rukana where a major portion of the events comprising this amazing novel occur There are many heroes in this book and many heroines each unforgettable with a uniue personality distinctly different from any other protagonist in this book or any other in its genre The book begins with a shattering prologue reminiscent of medieval times on Earth yet relating to another Planet The story starts with the discovery of a Scroll and a Bracelet in a remote desert location. An archeological expedition involving Saki and her mentor Hoslop discovers an ancient scroll along with a symbol covered bracelet in Africa The only problem is that the artifacts are far ancient than is humanly possible The goosebumps started forming on my arms at that point On another planet Ruhan and Karala discover something similar although their physical journey is uite different Deepak Menon sets up the action for his story in a very compelling manner If you enjoy sci fi and interplanetary intrigue this book will please you The writing is superb and well crafted

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Skymerge Read è 108 ä Skymerge is a sweeping well researched novel of the opening up of Space spanning 5 Planets including Earth and a planet named Rukana where a major portion of the events comprising this amazing novel occur There are many heroes in this book and many heroines each unforgettable with a uniue personality distinctly different from any other proIn Africa found in a geological layer dated a million years ago before mankind manifested in its present form as a sentient species This seems impossible unless the artifacts are of extraterrestrial origin Alternating the chapters between Earth and other Planets the story is skillfully built into a cohesive whole bringing with it glimpses of different cultures battles and a war as also a very human touch of love affection courage and wide ranging vision amongst the characters Inevitably the story builds up to Contact with the Aliens from the alien planet situated Light Years away yet th. Skymerge by Deepak Menon is an interesting work of speculative fiction The story is about how human civilisations on different planets make contact with each other amidst political conspiracy and intrigue at their own home planets First of allit is commendable to see an Indian author come up with this kind of stuff which is just epic in scale for lack of a better work Set across five planets there are some wonderfully written scenes that would be breathtaking if this is made into a movie from two planets colliding with each other to futuristic battle scenes in alien planets to suspense filled scenes on Planet Earth However all is not perfect with this novel For starters I feel the author should have paid attention to detail especially as far as scientific units are concerned For example the Universe is not a trillion years old And at the end some facts seem to have been mixed up as well that may have been an oversight which must must have got corrected in subseuent revisions Another drawback is that some of the points mentioned isn't clearly elucidated at the end like the technology behind faster than light teleportation or the identity of the main villain There are facts in the story that do not add up till the very end And I felt that the narration could have been coherent At some partssome not so correlated facts have been presented together which disrupts the flow of the storyline It appears that while writing the author suddenly remembered that a particular loose end had to be tied up and just mentioned the point then and there In spite of all these drawbacks this book should be read by fans of speculative fiction as well as by Indian readers After all there is much to Indian writing that Chetan Bhagat Amish Tripathi or Salman Rushdie Note I mentioned these three authors on purpose because each of them represents a particular class of Indian writing On the international stage that is the image people have of English Fiction originating in India Many are unaware that India produces each and every genre of fiction Skymerge is a good example of that