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The subject matter of this novel by Simone De Beauvoir who was the long term partner of famed French existential philosopher Jean Paul Sartre seems a somewhat odd one for a prominent feminist The relationship between De Beauvoir and Sartre was not a conventional one far from it in fact and is explored in this story of a woman suffering an existential crisis caused by the introduction of another woman to form what becomes a rather bizarre menage à troisFrançoise uite obviously a representation of De Beauvoir is a writer living in Paris who enjoys an open relationship with actor and director Pierre Whilst Pierre enjoys numerous relationships with other women Françoise remains content with the knowledge that he cares for none of them so much as he cares for her Theirs is not a relationship of contrived romance or epic declarations but of simplicity comfort and fondness which in many ways is touching and relatable than the all consuming in your face romances so often found in literature which whilst very good at capturing the hearts of twenty something women like me but are as much as it pains me to admit it often totally ludicrous Enter Xaviere a tempestuous and frankly irritating young woman and protegée of Françoise who uickly attracts the attention of Pierre Unlike his other affairs Pierre ingratiates Xaviere into his life with Françoise and allows her to eventually take overAs a firm feminist the admission of depression bought on by the loss of a man might be seen by many as a brave one but it must be said a wholly understandable one There is after all nothing in feminism which says you can't be in love with a man Françoise undergoes something of a breakdown when she fears she has lost Pierre's affection and De Beauvoir's sense of abandonment and betrayal is practically tangible as she sinks further and further into despair Pierre and Xaviere seem to be two of the most emotionally stunted characters to be found in literature as they carry out their tempestuous love affair whilst making Françoise totally complicit in every single detail Her eternal forced optimism that their life together can be happy despite her obvious upset is truly heart breaking at times as is her slow realisation that it will never be the same againThe book is often described as an act of revenge against the real life woman who came between De Beauvoir and Sartre but reading the book it is not vengeful sentiments Xaviere is not introduced as the seductive 'other woman' in an otherwise happy relationship but a young girl struggling to find what she wants in life whom Françoise a woman already clearly wracked with insecurities regards a younger sister figure it is only the reader who sees her for what she truly is The main purpose of the novel is not revenge but catharsis De Beauvoir examines the feelings that the relationship evoked in her from a philosophical perspective not the perspective of a woman scorned She wishes to explore why she feels the way she does with the reader and perhaps never fully finds the answer

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VOLUPTUOUS DOCILITY AND SYLLABISM Xaviere was watching Pierre with a kind of voluptuous docility page 238 Her fresh lips slowly plucked off each syllable of the word voluptuous page 151Simone de Beauvoir's novel was first published in French in 1943 and in English in 1949 Nabokov's famous syllabic enunciation of Lo lee ta appeared in the novel Lolita which was written in English and first published in 1955 in Paris in 1958 in New York City and in 1959 in London SHE CAME TO STAY AND WOULDN'T GO AWAYA Three Act Play with an Alternative Ending ACT ONE A booth in the brasserie at la Coupole on the Boulevard du MontparnasseXAVIERE You have nice breastsFRANCOISE They used to be nice but I’m 26 nowXAVIERE I’m only 17FRANCOISE Your breasts are so much nicer More pertXAVIERE I’d love to kiss yoursFRANCOISE You will in timeXAVIERE I’d like to kiss you now Your lips I mean HereFRANCOISE You can – but subject to one small conditionXAVIERE What’s that Would I like itFRANCOISE I’m sure you wouldXAVIERE WellFRANCOISE I’d like you to kiss Pierre as well Both of usXAVIERE A menage a trois A triadFRANCOISE Everything would be so easy XAVIERE I can't imagine how it would work I haven't slept with one person yet let alone twoFRANCOISE A couple who are closely united is something beautiful enough but how much wonderful would be a trio who loved each other with all their beingXAVIERE UmPIERRE Well well my two favourite womenXAVIERE We were just talking about thatFRANCOISE Pierre you're not one man between two women but all three of us could form something very special PIERRE something difficultFRANCOISE Perhaps but something which could be beautiful and happyPIERRE Well count me in then ACT TWO PIERRE Xaviere I want nothing from you than what I have but I could not bear that anyone else should have FRANCOISE She's no than a capricious child PierrePIERRE No don't believe a word of it Xaviereyou’re a wild and exacting soul I love you I want to sleep with youXAVIERE I'm having a wonderful time with you PierreFRANCOISE Beware she wants to take revenge on you for the desire you arouse in her la Coupole ACT THREE PIERRE Why are you so morose when I'm so much in love with youXAVIERE The pleasures of the mind are repulsive to mePIERRE Go ahead tell me frankly that you don't love meFRANCOISE Give her time to breathe Pierre you're badgering herXAVIERE I don’t love you I never loved youPIERRE You just don’t know how to receive my love YetFRANCOISE What exasperates you so much is that Pierre and I are always on such good termsXAVIERE You both oppress mePIERRE I no longer enjoy this affair It’s frivolous and wastefulXAVIERE I'm such a coward I ought to kill myself I ought to have done it a long time ago I will do itPIERRE You’re just trying to make me feel guiltyXAVIERE I could kill myself right now if I wanted toFRANCOISE Don’t do it You mustn’tXAVIERE Why notFRANCOISE Because I want toXAVIERE Are you jokingFRANCOISE You’re a bitch I hate you You just wanted to take Pierre away from me I could kill youXAVIERE Here’s my gun Be my guestFRANCOISE What have you got a gun forXAVIERE I thought I might have to shoot PierrePIERRE What I’m going to the bar Does anybody else want a drinkXAVIERE No thanksFRANCOISE That’s a plastic pistol A theatre prop if I’m not mistakenXAVIERE I only wanted to scare himFRANCOISE This is a gun Feel itXAVIERE It’s heavyFRANCOISE That’s because it’s realXAVIERE Francoise I’m frightened Put it back on the table Where we can both see itFRANCOISE OK but remember it’s loaded And there’s only one bulletThe lights go off A woman screams like a banshee and a solitary gunshot rings outPIERRE Francoise XaviereThe curtains come down Cover painting Yvonne in Green Dress 1938 by Guy Pene Du BoisTHE INCIPIENT LANGUAGE OF EXISTENTIALISML'InviteeThe English title has different connotations to the original French titleThe French title implies that Xaviere was invited which was the case both with respect to her living arrangements and the formation of the triadIn both cases Francoise seems to have been the inviter or instigator of the relationshipCorrespondence with RealityThere are approximations if not precise euations with real life charactersFrancoise is most obviously modelled on de BeauvoirPierre is Sartre who was writing Being and Nothingness at the same time The character Pierre appears in some of that work's illustrations of philosophical principlesXaviere is a conflation of the sisters Olga and Wanda KosakiewiczKosakieviczThe novel is dedicated to Olga KosakiewiczKosakieviczThe novel was set in the 12 months immediately before World War II The real events occurred during the period 1932 to 1937 although the friendships continued subseuentlyPierrePierre comes across as warm but naive and often manipulative if not necessarily malicious His interest in sex and sensuality is almost academic He seemed to have sex so that he could think about it then and afterwards To the extent that Pierre ever suffers what hurts is his ego or vanity rather than his feelingsFrancoiseFrancoise is genuinely intellectually committed to both a relationship with Pierre and whatever other relationships occur However she is also genuinely hurt by what happens in these relationshipsShe is a much sensitive person than she comes across Gerbert wondered why people usually thought Francoise looked stern and intimidating; she did not try to act girlishly but her face was full of gaiety life and healthy zest; she seemed so completely at ease that it made you feel perfectly at ease when you were near herShe is the most generous of the core three characters However it worries me that she seems to bring women to Pierre almost as if they are her offerings to him Inevitably she hurts when they distract his attention away from herXaviereXaviere is probably almost as egotistical as Pierre only she is much younger a mere gamine as de Beauvoir would describe her in her memoirs less experienced and less intellectually gifted She causes chaos precisely because she doesn't yet know what she wantsConsciously or unconsciously she brings out the worst in Pierre even though he projects the fault on to her It's not my fault if the thoughts you inspire are filthyOf course it isn't necessarily or always Xaviere who is inspiring anything in Pierre or anybody elseThe TriadA triad necessarily and inevitably splits each being in two at least temporally It's almost impossible to give one's whole being to two separate people at the same time It can't spoil anything vital but the fact is that when I'm worried because of her I neglect you When I look at her I don't look at you I wonder if it wouldn't be better to call a halt to this affair It's not love that I feel for her it savours of superstition If she resists I become obstinate but as soon as I'm sure of her I become indifferent about herIt's tempting to describe Olga as the most self absorbed of the three However is she any different from the others Each is out to satisfy and protect their own self or I with the help or at the expense of the other well at least two others in factClosing the Book on Real LifeIt's interesting that de Beauvoir uses the novel to document and explore her actual relationships so that she can better understand what happened She also uses the fictional denouement to obtain a satisfactory closure or punctuation mark with respect to the sentence she servedBelow are passages that reflect or anticipate some of the philosophical concerns of both de Beauvoir and Sartre in their non fictionWe Two Are One It's impossible to talk about faithfulness and unfaithfulness where we are concernedYou and I are simply one That's the truth you know Neither of us can be described without the other You and Francoise have a way of pooling everything Pierre still repeated 'We are one' but now she had discovered that he lived only for himself Without losing its perfect form their love their life was slowly losing its substance like those huge apparently invulnerable cocoons whose soft integument yet conceals microscopic worms that painstakingly consume themSex and Sensuality ”What exactly did Pierre want of Xaviere Polite encounters on the hotel staircase An affaire Love Friendship” I wanted to give you than you were prepared to accept And if one is sincere to give is a way of insisting on some return 'I no longer enjoy these affaires' said Pierre 'It's not as if I were a great sensualist I don't even have that excuseThe truth is that I enjoy the early stages' “You know I'm no sensualist All I ask is to be able at any time to see an expression like the one I saw last night and moments when I alone in this world exist for her” Pure sensuality does not interest meand besides does pure sensuality even have a meaning Xaviere's cheeks were flushed with anger Her face was extremely attractive with such subtly variable shadings that it seemed not to be composed of flesh but rather of ecstasy of bitterness of sorrow to which the eye became magically sensitive Yet despite this ethereal transparency the outlines of her nose and mouth were extremely sensual” ”I shall sleep with other menSexual faithfulness is perfectly ridiculous It leads to pure slavery I don't understand how you can tolerate it” ”I've no ardent desire to see much of people that's uite true”Freedom ”The fact remains that I love you Do you really think that freedom consists in uestioning things at every turn We've often said apropos of Xaviere that this way was the way to become the slaves of our slightest moods” ”She smiled at him What was she uneasy about He could easily cross examine himself he could uestion the world She knew she had nothing to fear from this freedom that separated him from her Nothing would ever change their love” ”She had loved him too blindly and for too long for what she received from him; but she had promised herself to love him for himself and even in that condition of freedom of which he was now availing himself to escape from her; she would not stumble over the first obstacle”Being and Existence Elsewhere something was in the process of existing without her being there and it was that thing which really mattered This time she couldn't say 'It doesn't know it exists it doesn't exist' For it did know ”Xaviere existed and was not to be refuted all the risks involved in her existence had to be accepted” It's you who always deliberately introduce a kind of Germanic ponderosity into our discussionsThe Clash of Two Existences or Beings Henceforth Xaviere belonged to Pierre ”she really makes me uncomfortable that creature with her philosophy which makes us less than dust It seems to me that if she loved me I'd be as sure of myself as I was before I would feel that I'd compelled her approval To make her love me is to dominate her to enter into her world and there conuer in accordance with her own values You know this is the kind of victory for which I have an insane need ”Xaviere's existence had always threatened her even beyond the very limits of her life and it was this old anguish that she recognised with terror” “How was a conscience not her own capable of existing If it were so then it was she who was not existing She repeated 'She or I'”At One with the World ”At last the circle of violent emotion and anxiety in which Xaviere's sorcery imprisoned them had been broken and they found themselves once at one at the central point of the vast world Behind them stretched the limitless past Continents and oceans were spread like huge sheets over the surface of the globe and the miraculous certainty of existing amid this incalculable wealth overran even the too narrow bounds of space and time” SOUNDTRACKview spoilerDavid Crosby Triad original solo studio take Byrds Triad Triad Live in 1970 Airplane Triad memory of Paul KantnerCarly Simon We Have No SecretsThe water was coldThe beach was empty but for oneNow you were lying in the sunWanting and needing no oneThen some child came you never 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