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CHARACTERS º Cress By Marissa Meyer ´ In this third book in the bestselling Lunar Chronicles series Cinder and Captain Thorne are fugitives on the run with Scarlet and Wolf in towTogether they’re plotting to overthrow ueen Levana and prevent her army from invading Earth Their best hope lies with Cress who has been trapped on a satellite since D Cress finally has her freedom but it comes at a higher price than she’d ever expected Meanwhile ueen Levana will let nothing prevent her marriage to Emperor Kai especially the cyborg mechanic Cress Scarlet and Cinder may not have signed up to save the world but they may be the only hope the world ha. This is my 100th book of 2013 and it was magnificent NEED WINTER NOW When I first jumped on the Lunar Chronicles bandwagon I was late to the party I tend to avoid any novel in the blogosphere that is garnering a ton of hype due to past experiences where the hype completely killed my enjoyment However I dove into Cinder trepidatiously and came out completely in love mostly thanks to the sweet nostalgia feelings from the cleverly added Sailor Moon references And if that wasn’t clear before I’m somewhat of a huge Sailor Moon fangirl Like it's a little scary Perhaps you should runUnfortunately with Scarlet I didn’t get the same warm fuzzies and I began to worry that this story was simply too big for Meyer to conuer Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy Scarlet but the pacing and connection to the characters didn’t happen for me It wouldn’t be the first time I read a series where the best book was the first book So again I found myself wary for Cress but those worries proved to be unnecessary Ahem allow me to eat my words Cress is a complete improvement over Cinder and Scarlet Where Cinder had its issues with predictability Cress’s plot was noticeably tighter While Scarlet had parts where the pacing felt off due to the dual point of views Cress kicked it up a few notches with perfectly timed highs and lows At no point did I find myself bored to tears banging my head against the wall from frustration throwing the book across the room or simply suffering from major disappointment It’s action packed well plotted and excitingI should probably take this time to mention that if you haven’t read Cinder and Scarlet 1 it’s time to re examine your life choices 2 the rest of the review may contain slight spoilers for the first two books But you should know by now that's just how I rollThe novel begins with the gang Cinder Thorne Scarlet Wolf and Iko on a mission to rescue Cress from her satellite STUFF happens and things go horribly wrong causing them to separate What I loved about this was it gave the reader the perfect opportunity to get to know each individual character in a intimate manner Thorne and Cress end up stranded in the Sahara Desert which is interesting because Cress has never stepped foot on Earth and being isolated for years didn’t exactly grant her the best social skills and due to certain circumstances on the satellite Throne is left blind I didn't like this one bit How could Meyer do this to my precious Throne MY PRECIOUSSS MY PRECIOUSSS He is sacred and must not be touched Still it makes for an unlikely team and optimal time for character development and revelations The only thing that I’m not too sure of is the romance brewing Why does everyone in this series have to be paired up with someone There is absolutely nothing wrong with self love Even Oprah knows this That's probably something you never wanted to see Welcome to a Steph Sinclair reviewCinder on the other hand struggles with decisions that she made on the satellite ultimately leading to unfortunate outcomes for both Scarlet and Wolf Can she really do this lead people and start a rebellion Should she simply give up and continue hiding from Levana Is she slowly becoming the very woman whom she fears She’s conflicted for most of the novel and tends to second guess herself a lot once she realizes how severe the conseuences of her actions can be Basically Cinder is no Mary Sue and carries mistakes and flaws just like any other character in this seriesScarlet is not as present in Cress but her role looks like it’ll be important in the final installment Winter I can’t really talk about what Scarlet endures in this novel because I’m tip toeing around a minefield of spoilers here but I was very surprised to see how far Meyer was willing push her character’s limits And if you’ve already read Cress I think you know exactly what scene I’m referring to Can we say “SHIT JUST GOT REAL” I’m resisting the urge to throw in a “Brace Yourself” memeOh what the hellOverall I’m left both amazed and impressed with Cress I can confidently say that this series just gets better and better and I’d consider this my favorite so far With the sneak peek of the newest character Winter she's adorably certifiable at the end I’m eagerly waiting for the final book Gimme Gimme Gimme An ARC was received from the publisher for an honest reviewMore reviews and other fantastical things at Cuddelbuggery

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In this third book in the bestselling Lunar Chronicles series Cinder and Captain Thorne are fugitives on the run with Scarlet and Wolf in towTogether they’re plotting to overthrow ueen Levana and prevent her army from invading Earth Their best hope lies with Cress who has been trapped on a satellite s. BEFORE READINGOH MY GOD I THINK I HAVE MADE A MIRACULOUS DISCOVERY So I was re reading Cinder when I came upon the part where Dr Erland is explaining why he hates the ueen so much and it's because his daughter who is a shell was supposedly murdered by the ueen His daughters name is Crescent Moon CRESCENT MOON CRESCENT SHORT FOR CRESS BY ANY CHANCE That was not my only discovery but we all know that the 4th book called Winter will be about Snow White Does anyone else remember in the beginning where Cinder was talking about all the rumors about the ueen and said They said she forced her stepdaughter to mutilate her own face because at the sweet age of thirteen she had become beautiful than the jealous ueen could stand MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL WHOSE THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL I may be wrong this is just a guessAFTER READINGOh my This book was just am Characters were absolutely incre Plot was spot o Seriously I don't even know where to begin this review for this undeniable master piece of a novel For one it totally lived up to every single one of my expectations which was pretty surprising since I had such high expectations; there's nothing worse then hyping up a novelmovieevent so much that when you do readwatchgo to it it's all a bit anti climatic because of all these impractical hopes you had So when I did read Cress I was in absolute awe on how much I loved it The characters were all so dearly loveable and each one of them had a clear distinct personality Thus when reading all the different point of views you could clearly distinguish a uniue voice making each chapter a refreshing breath of new air As for the new characters Cress was a brilliant actress in the making and captured the dreamer inside of us all perfectly I particularly adored how Meyer made view spoiler Cress totally idealize Thorne Took away the fabricated fascination Yet she still had the ability to make Thorne perfectly imperfect hide spoiler


Cress By Marissa MeyInce childhood with only her netscreens as company All that screen time has made Cress an excellent hacker – unfortunately she’s being forced to work for ueen Levana and she’s just received orders to track down Cinder and her handsome accompliceWhen a daring rescue goes awry the group is splintere. FAVEMay or may not be because of ThorneIt totally is