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2349 CESilver isn’t crazy but upon entering the City of London illegally and being captured by border guards she’s confined to Bishopsgate Insane Asylum an institution not so affectionately called Bedlam to await the arrival of her citizenship documents Here she meets Doctor Elena Lavergne a psychiatrist with a low toleran. Part two of the Outlier Trilogy SILVER Bedlam was less than half the size of the first book and even though we start with a mf scene the rest is full on ffKeira Michelle Telford didn’t bother much with advancing the plot this time It all feels like one big juicy sapphic sex fantasy between Ella Silver Cross and Doctor Elena Lavergne during Silver’s involuntary stay in Bishopsgate Insane Asylum or Bedlam We run the whole gamut from assaultrape to hate sex to consensual lovemaking Scented candles and bear rug in front of the fireplace included With the absence of husband Alex for most part of the story Silver is convincingly lesbian in thought and action She dreams of being reunited with her Russian lover Ria who’s somewhere in London waiting for her but in the meantime the good doctor presents itself as a sexual powder keg of contradictions and Silver can’t walk away from that challengeTelford can write some sizzling sexy times but my romantic soul was left unfulfilled yet again because of our main character’s nonchalance towards her female lover’s happy endingmf ff mild triggers for dubious consent scenarios and physical violenceThemes hubby Alex seems to be pretty much absent from Silver’s mind at this point in the story not much blood and gore in this one but we do have a mute inmate who sticks random objects up her hoo ha Elena is a sharp dresser Telford likes her women in stilettos garter and stockings and pencil skirts apparently the future is filled with rampant homophobia Elena tries to fight it but she is gayer than a handbag full of rainbows view spoilerat the end of this sexual adventure she is back with hubby Alex and we see Elena return to her former miserable repressed self And where is Russian Ria Will they be reunited in part 3 Yeah better not hold your breath for that outcome hide spoiler

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SILVER The Outlier Trilogy #2 Silver #9Woman at war with herself in denial about her sexuality and determined to preserve her lifelong abstinenceThreatened and challenged by her attraction to Silver she lashes out commencing a battle of wills which soon has both women embroiled in a toxic game of dominance and submission the abuse escalating until one of them snap. The Silver series has been uite enjoyable combining action mystery intrigue and political maneuverings set in a dark post apocalyptic dystopian world However the last half of the previous book and all of this book seems to move away from those themes and leans towards a lesbian erotica and turns Silver into a woman chasing sex fiend Which isn't a bad thing mind you Telford always writes some steamy sex scenes but the series started out as so much and has gotten a bit single minded Hopefully this is just a intermission of sorts and the plot will be getting back on track in the next book I did enjoy seeing Carmen and Elena from The Prisonworld Trilogy starts with The Magistrate make appearances though both of their personalities seemed a bit different Hopefully the last book in that series will be released at some point

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Read & Download SILVER The Outlier Trilogy #2 Silver #9 Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook » 2349 CESilver isn’t crazy but upon entering the City of London illegally and being captured by border guards she’s confined to Bishopsgate Insane Asylum—an institution not so affectionately called Bedlam—to awaiCe for insubordination and a penchant for exacting harsh and cruel punishments on her patientsOf course it’s not long before Elena targets belligerent and combative Silver as the primary focus of her brutality but Silver isn’t fooled for a second Elena’s forced austerity is merely a cover for her own weaknesses She’s a. I really love Telford’s Silver character in these books She’s such a sexy badass who’s trying to navigate through this dark and twisted post apocalyptic world that Telford so awesomely brings to life in this series As I mentioned in previous reviews if you are not interested in Silver’s hetero inclinationslike me you can skip those books and still be able to follow along fairly easily Her ff centered books are 1 8 and this 9th one And this 9th one is chock full of Telford’s oh so delicious carnal ways which makes one realize just how vanilla some other writer’s really are And anyone who has read Telford knows she is the absolute opposite of vanillaFF explicit in so many naughty ways Highly recommend