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Read ↠ Breeders ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB á How far would you go If human society was genuinely at risk how cruel and heartless would our conscience allow us to be in order to preserve humanity If you thought the only means of preserving humanity was to capture imprison and breed humans against their will would you sanctionNation Will Ariet be able to save her unborn child from the Monarchy of this new worldThis book is a horror story a coming of age story and dark thought experiment into the extreme application of genetic selection It raises interesting ethical uestions and poses the uestion. I really wanted to give to give this then 3 stars The premise and plot was so promising I felt like the Characters were somewhat flat and could have been better developed As far as dystopian books are concerned there are definitely better ones out there This book does leave a cliffhanger of sorts at the end and I felt like the cliffhanger didn't make sense based on what we knew of the old world I will probably read the next one just to find out what happens and hoping there will be attention paid to the characters and their development Also this book could use a better editing job as there were end uotes missing periodically which caused me to not always know which character was even talking

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How far would you go If human society was genuinely at risk how cruel and heartless would our conscience allow us to be in order to preserve humanity If you thought the only means of preserving humanity was to capture imprison and breed humans against their will would you s. Logan’s Run The Hunger Games The Island What do those titles have in common First they’re science fiction Second as science fiction they each tinker in the world of tomorrow where the ruling elite are engaging in some nefarious behavior right under everyone else’s collective noses Third – and this is essentially what’s most important to those of us either reading or watching from the outskirts – once the mask comes off and the jig is up that’s when the real story starts Why Because conflict is reuired at the core of any good dystopian novel in order to maintain the interest of the audienceThe conflict does show up in Ashley uigley’s BREEDERS It might not be as clear as early on as one would hope; but those reading closely will see that something a bit darker and a bit sinister is waiting around the corner for these charactersNOTE The following review will contain minor spoilers necessary solely for the discussion of plot andor character If you’re the type of reader who prefers a review entirely spoiler free then I’d encourage you to skip down to the last two paragraphs for my final unblemished assessment If however you’re accepting of a few modest hints at ‘things to come’ then read on To her utter shock and confusion young Ariet has been taken away from her parents As fate would have it she carries within her twenty year old body a recessed gene that the world’s elders desire to be made dominant Paired up with Mason – a child of the elite with the same genetic condition – she is to begin the process of breeding an infant who can be raised by the scientists tasked with saving mankind from extinction But a turn of events will put Ariet and her unborn son marked for termination leaving the woman with only the most dangerous alternative flee the city before they strike her downBREEDERS heavily dabbles with ideas not all that far from today’s headlines as author uigley shows us a world only now starting to fully recover from nearly being wiped out from illness She introduces a surviving society of classes – the commoners are kept sheltered away but properly cared for in uadrants while those with the best genes live with greater luxury inside a heavily walled city Her heroine Ariet serves as the catalyst to spur particular tale into gear – the realization of her own secret genetic gifts – and because she’s from common stock her eyes are perhaps those best skilled for us to experience this worldThe story is told in first person – a narrative techniue many critics love to punch the stuffing out of for reasons I’ve never uite grasped – and I personally found it mostly effective given the personal nature of Ariet’s reflections she forcibly paired up with Mason – a young man she’s never met – and ordered to procreate After being torn away from her own family science decrees she must start one all of her own; add to that the emotional complexity of birthing a son who might be the thematic euivalent of a ‘savior’ to his kind and what better way to keep those feelings in perspective without giving readers the birds’ eye viewGranted there are a few turn of events that transpire here which smack of theatricality than necessary ie Mason turns out to be a bit of a rebel without a cause; Thor is too closely associated with a certain Marvel hero; Mother Creator is ‘Mother Superior’ and far too coldly critical to be seen as a benevolent force in this world Still BREEDERS moves with an almost clinical efficiency from start to kindasorta finish; the readers are left hanging with a big finish and an epilogue that doesn’t answer any of the big uestions but instead hints at big things to come when audiences return for part 2 Now yes that smacked of commercial set up than anything else but I did find the world interesting enough to show up and find out where all of this might wind upLastly – and only because I’m a stickler for things – this novel has a fair number of typographical errors There was nothing that rose to the level of dramatically pulling me out of the experience; still I thought it worth mentioning as that’s the kind of guy I amHIGHLY RECOMMENDED Seriously I don’t read all that many young adult novels It isn’t that I dislike them; rather it’s just that I haven’t been all that intrigued with the ones I have seen through to their finish However Ashley uigley’s BREEDERS held my interest after a slow set up as the author introduced me to a world of tomorrow that looks and behaves much like those same worlds of tomorrow with which I’ve found some intrigue As this is the first part of a trilogy who knows where it’ll go For now I’ll be interested in seeing where it’s headed

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BreedersAnction it Ariet has been taken from her family drugged and removed against her will to a secret underground location Selected for a genetic breeding program Ariet and her captor Mason have to provide an offspring with a predetermined inherited genetic profile or face termi. Ariet lives in a new world isolated from the disease and wars of the Old World Her routine is the same every day save for when her whole family gets medical testing Even this is fairly usual though; that is until she's kidnapped from her family and forced to become a breeder Ariet has a uniue gene that the Creators force her to carry on with a child Thrust into a scary situation she must marry and reproduce with a man she'd never met before while her family believes her to be dead If Ariet's child doesn't carry the gene it and she may be terminated Ariet must battle to find a way to survive in this vicious cycle of the breeding program In a supposedly perfect new world illusion is truly the only flawless piece of life I haven't had a lot of time lately so this book was a nice way to ease back into reading It was uite short on my e reader a few than 50 pages Despite the length I found that the plot was well thought out and as thorough as it could be in this space The plot was intriguing and of all the books I've read original Of course the future world has been written about many times as have ravaged old worlds What I found to be uniue about this story is the breeding program within these worlds It was written about with class; no erotica Rather the book focused on Ariet's feelings thoughts and emotions as a good story should Although I was impressed by the details and uality of writing contained within these pages there were a few things I found distracting when reading I very much hate to find grammar or spelling errors within a book because not only does it distract me from the content but it seems as if the author didn't put enough care into finalizing the book before distributing it I found the grammar to be used well overall; however I did find several spelling mistakes throughout I don't think this is because Ashely uigley doesn't know how to spell but because her thoughts were flying faster than her fingers I just think they should have been read over and corrected I also found the word 'whilst' to be extremely distracting In everyday language everyone I've talked to says 'while' In Breeders however I don't know if 'while' was mentioned even once Every sentence that would normally have 'while' instead was replaced with 'whilst' Every time I started to get into the story a 'whilst' would pop out at me surprising me out of my reading reverie I found that the characters in this book were very believable which I love to see when I'm reading Ariet's reactions all seemed in character and expected considering what she was going through That's not to say I could predict every one; that would get rather boring The man she had to breed with Mason also seemed to be a believable character In his situation which was both different yet very much the same as Ariet's he handled himself as gracefully as he could When thrust together of course Ariet wouldn't trust him at first What I liked about this story is that she eventually did trust and like perhaps even love him Their relationship seemed very believable which is necessary in a book when every situation and location is different from real life A reader needs some sort of normalcy in order to enjoy the book and really get into it Overall I found that I liked this book It was very short but contained a great story uigley did a great job of packing an entire thorough story into a small amount of pages This is the first book in a trilogy Would I read another Perhaps It would all depend on what other options I had open I did like this book but I didn't love it partially because of the errors I mentioned before I would give this book a rating of 3 stars It was good but nothing extraordinary Readers who enjoy a uick read surprising situations and futuristic stories should read this book