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Tactical Barbell xldYou have to be strong have incredible levels of endurance and be capable of sustained anaerobic bursts of activity All while tired hungry cold or worse You can’t train like a bodybuilder You can’t be sore for a week after ‘leg day’ You may not have the time to spend five days a week in the gym solely on weight lifting You can’t afford to specialise like a powerlifter After all you have other attributes you need to spend an eual amount of time on such as conditioning or martial arts Anyone in the operational field knows it’s a constant juggling act trying to become and stay superhumanSo how do you achieve extreme levels of functional strength while still maintaining time and energy to train your other attributes euallyThis book will provide you with that answer You will receive strength programming designed to fit in with your training and lif. I can't argue with my results TB is basically waved periodization coupled with freuent lifting So in essence you are lifting several times a week with heavy loads but backing off before excessive fatigue sets in I can and dogo for 45 minute runs after doing heavy 80%rmsuats with this program Another major selling point for me is the flexibility You have several options in the form of templates 2 day 3 day 4 day and the ability to pair them with exercise clusters So you're not confined to doing only the big 4 benchsuatohpdeadlift You can do something like muscle upsbenchdeadlift or any other 'cluster' you desire as long as the exercises you choose are big multi joint movements or in the case of bodyweight work high tension; like pull ups one armed push ups like that Make sure you read the 2nd Edition if you're interested in this program it really clarifies and enhances concepts in the first and includes a new template which is the best so far imo for the crosstraining athlete

CHARACTERS Tactical Barbell xld

DOWNLOAD Tactical Barbell xld ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub õ You have in your hands THE definitive barbell strength training program for the tactical athleteWhether you’re in the military law enforcement or emergency services Tactical Barbell will give you extreme levels of functional strengthIf you’re a civilian and you’rEstyle Periodization based with a simple progression model that allows for a great degree of customization You won’t find cables balance boards or medicine balls in this program What you will get is a reliable repeatable cutting edge system to increase your strength dramatically In a manner that leaves you time and energy to train all those other things you need to be good at No fluff No frillsIf you’re in the tactical arena you know talk is cheap There is a built in strength testing component in this program You will know whether or not your strength has increased and by how much SimpleWritten by a twenty year veteran of the military and federal law enforcement The author has spent a significant amount of his career in extremely physically demanding units as an infantryman paratrooper operator and Subject Matter Expert on a federal Hostage Rescue Tea. This is in my 'essential' reading category for anyone interested in high end strength and athletic performance My suggestion when trying this is to run Operator for at least 12 weeks retest and then gush about your results like the rest of us Other 'essential' books in this category include Starting Strength and Power to the People

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You have in your hands THE definitive barbell strength training program for the tactical athleteWhether you’re in the military law enforcement or emergency services Tactical Barbell will give you extreme levels of functional strengthIf you’re a civilian and you’re interested in achieving superhuman levels of strength welcomeIf you are new to strength training and want to get started on the right path this program is used by professionals in the arena Save yourself years of wasted time and effort and learn correctlyTactical athletes are a uniue breed You need to physically operate at an extraordinarily high level in stressful situations Often in dangerous environmentsFace it As a SWAT operator front line soldier or other operational athlete you have to be a Jack of All Trades Let’s take that a step further You have to achieve some degree of mastery. I personally dislike reading reviews of fitness books when the reviewer hasn't actually run the program They simply rate or review a book based on how they think it would work or if it meshes with their own experience of training Leaves me none the wiser after reading So I strive to only review programs I've run myself Many times the results are not what I expect I started running Tactical Barbell this year Operator templateand these are my observationsPositivesIncreased my strength I had dramatic jumps in particular with a couple stubborn lifts Flexible You can choose to work out 2 days a week or 3 You can further personalize your work load by choosing heavier or minimal exercise clusters Like 531 leaves room for other activities such as conditioning or playing a sport TB actually has the edge here as the whole program is designed with that in mindNegativesShould not be your first lifting book If you're new to functional strength training start with Starting Strength instead Wait until you stall or hit intermediate territory before making the switch Athletes that are athletes first and lifters second will reap enormous benefits from this book on the other handMight take a little fiddling around with to find the ideal cluster and template combo for your training situation As you read the book you'll realize the many potential combinations Experienced athletes probably won't have an issue ConclusionSimple highly effective training that is based around the strength adage freuent heavy lifting while avoiding failure It does what it says it does it increased my strength significantly That's all I care about with a strength book I don't care how long a book is how pretty the pictures are or whether the theory sounds good or bad to me When I put the written page into practice does it work Highly recommended Also see my review on Jim Wendler's 531 for another 5 star book