Read & Download Royal Vendetta - The Crown of Spain 1829-1965 ä PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB free

Read & Download Royal Vendetta - The Crown of Spain, 1829-1965

Read & Download Royal Vendetta - The Crown of Spain, 1829-1965 ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Á This book is about the split within the House of Bourbon between the family of Maria Christina and the previous kings' nephews who saw themselves as the real rulers of Spain and were known This book is about the split within the House of Bourbon between the family of Maria Christina and the previous kings' nephews who saw themselves as the real rulers of Spain and were known as the Carlists The rulling branch were mostly liberal minded people and adhered to the rules laid out in the c. A very uick and entertaining read about the battle between the Carlists and the descendants of Isabel II One actually wonders how the Spanish crown did not topple over due to ineptitude after reading about these guys Overall Mr Aronson does a great job bringing an esoteric topic to life

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Onstitution of Nepoleonic times imposed on the country years before while the Carlists were extreemly conservative and truly believed in 'Divine Right' pricples of personal rule For years Spain would go through turmoil as each succeeding pretender to the Spanish throne would issue from exile abroad. For a writer histories about kings and battles have one major disadvantage they're just about useless They can give a historical scaffolding a sense of time so you don't mix up your history into an anachronism mish mash but they are notoriously dull because they lack living detailFortunately this is not a book about Spain It is not even a book about the Spanish Crown It's about the members of the royal family On both sides Since this starts with how the future ueen Isabel was born the Pragmatic Sanction revoking the Salic law and the king's brother refusing to accept it starting the Carlist claim that lasted through out the periodI like the stories best Even if some would be difficult to pilfer and all of them would be implausible in a novelThe king's brother persuades the king that the Pragmatic Sanction will cause bloodshed and so he revokes it on his deathbed Except that when the man comes to prepare the corpse he finds that the king is not dead yet The king took many many many steps to ensure it stuck in the remaining year of his lifeA woman warns the king that his prospective bride has already borne a child This king however has buried three wives without having living children A bride who can bear childrenAn abdicated ueen insists on receiving ex Empress Eugenie with full ceremony going to the door to greet her despite the cold and her pneumonia She explains that ex royalty are very sensitive to slightsThe ueen dowager is dying Her daughter in law the ueen goes to wake her daughters Their first uestion is whether the revolution startedA ueen in mourning weeping over her dead husband A servant is reluctant to intrude but must announce the ambassador whose credential she must receive as regent When he does so she instantly transformed to a regal and powerful womanA child king insists on his tutor going ahead of him into a room because here he is merely a pupilA Spanish princess marries into Louis Phillippe's family She doesn't like it How badly Well when she is escaping his overthrow after their carriage was nearly invaded by a mob when she is walking through a muddy town late in the evening her reaction was that at least it wasn't sitting about sewingThe Carlists facing the dreadful issue that with the extinction of male line descendents of the king's brother the rightful male line successor is the current king So they uickly fudge up an illegitimate descent for him so they can support someone elseAnd many

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Royal Vendetta The Crown of Spain 1829 1965Proclamations to the people to 'rise up' and overthrow their governamnt no matter who was in charge Because of factions within the movment plus ever changing European politics in the Bismarkian Era the Carlist victory is not forthcomming but the battles are intense and not every pretender is a warri. The royal house or houses of Spain has long been one of the most pathetic on the Continent even for the Bourbons — despotic by nature and habit riddled with inbreeding divided by factional in fighting and seldom enjoying the support of than a small fraction of the public Ferdinand VII was appalling inept and cruel and religiously intolerant and in 1829 when he found himself still without a surviving heir his attempt to fix things led to two major wars and a number of smaller ones The next in line for the throne of Spain was Ferdinand’s younger brother Don Carlos who was if anything even narrow minded bigoted and fanatical than the king He was also dwarfish and excessively ugly in a family renowned for its ugliness The Liberals who strongly opposed Ferdinand’s policies were nevertheless appalled at the thought of Carlos taking over the country Finally having buried two previous wives the king married his niece half his age who produced for him two daughters not an ideal solution but at least they survived infancy In 1833 he arranged for the Cortes to swear allegiance to the eldest daughter Isabella as heiress apparent which was the last straw for Carlos and the first in a long series of Carlist uprisings ensued The present king Juan Carlos is only the most recent compromise and that only because of the dictatorial wishes of Franco Though he has turned out better than most Aronson is expert at this sort of book weaving anecdotes and word pictures in among the semi academic social and political narrative; an amusing example is the discovery by the startled palace staff after they had already announced the king’s death that the old man actually was still alive — a great disappointment to his brother one imagines The author details the ups and downs of the feud on both parties and the deleterious effects on both the Spanish Bourbons and on the people of Spain and he includes a number of illustrations and a very good bibliography