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Read Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ë Michel Faber 11 it was made into an acclaimed mini series by the BBC starring Romola Garai Chris O'Dowd Shirley Henderson Richard E Grant and Gillian AndersonFaber's new book his first in thirteen years is full of emotion and deep humanity The Book of Strange New Things is a mind blowing work that fearlessly tackles the search for meaning in an unfathomable universe It concerns Peter and Beatrice whose marriage is tested. This book is mesmerizing I couldn't stop reading it And when it was over I felt like I'd just finished something amazing but I also felt like I wasn't sure if I understood what I experienced I even re read it a couple months later and enjoyed it even I am deeply impressed by Faber's book and the fact that it centers around a man of faith As someone who has lived with and without religion in my life I do find it odd that it does not play a greater role in art and literature Faber lets his protagonist have strengths and flaws than that Peter has a consistent philosophy of religion and morality The flaws are perhaps obvious to the reader than to Peter himself especially when it comes to his relationship with his wife but that's part of what makes the book interesting It's also a book with a great deal about religion that is unlikely to offend or annoy people who are religious or people who are not It is Peter's character that is this way not any statement the author is making pro or conThis is also a great example of how good literary fiction can combine a variety of genres Yes there is a good element of science fiction here Peter is to be the pastor to an alien community on another planet some time in the not too distant future The alien race are mysterious and fascinating and their full nature is never completely explained Of course not That would be too pat for a book that concerns itself with deeper uestionsEven though there are science fiction elements here like the best sci fi it is not about space travel or aliens It is about morality relationships innocence and so much It's very possible that you'll finish this book feeling the same mix of confusion and wonder that I did which had me thinking initially this would be a 4 star review But it's not a book I'll forget any time soon and the I thought about how the book impressed me the I realized it was something truly uniue and worthy of a full 5 stars

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The Book of Strange New Things Review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free î With the publication of The Crimson Petal and the White Michel Faber became one of the most lauded and admired novelists at work today This rich brilliantly written and highly original work about the struggles ambitio When Peter travels as a missionary spreading the Gospel to a faraway land and Beatrice is left to deal with troubles at home In the most extraordinary and spellbinding ways it deals with faith religious faith to be sure but also faith in oneself faith in salvation and faith in those we love Riveting mysterious and eye opening Faber's latest novel is sure to be one of the most read and discussed books of 201. UghI hated this I absolutely loved Under the Skin but this was a huge disappointment It was endlessly tedious the protagonist was not very likable and the plot itself just never really came together It's amazing because the reviews on GR have been largely glowing but this was just a huge bust The Book of Strange New Things More like The Endless Book of Tedious Plot and Lame Characters

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The Book of Strange New ThingsWith the publication of The Crimson Petal and the White Michel Faber became one of the most lauded and admired novelists at work today This rich brilliantly written and highly original work about the struggles ambitions and progress of a nineteen year old prostitute in Victorian England was hailed as a big sexy bravura novel by The New York Times It has sold nearly half a million copies in the US alone In 20. Of course everybody on earth had the power to reshape reality It was one of the things Peter and Beatrice talked about a lot The challenge of getting people to grasp that life was only as grim and confining as you perceived it to be The challenge of getting people to see that all the immutable facts of existence were not so immutable after all Sustaining a relationship over a long distance presents serious challenges I tried it once or twice in my twenties Of course that was back before the invention of the wheel when communications technology lacked the immediacy of Facetime Skyping texting instant messenger even cell phones and e mail And calling long distance entailed costs far in excess of what one might incur today Distance it turns out did not make the hearts involved grow fonder Pastor Peter Leigh and his wife Bea face some of the challenges many of us did back in the distant past Of course they are already married which has to boost one’s commitment to keeping in touch or not depending But the distances involved make my New York to London or DC or New Hampshire connections seem paltry in comparison Instead of hundreds or thousands of miles try trillions And despite the scientific advance that allows spacecraft to cover vast distances by jumping through worm holes the communication tech is a lot like Pony Express than Star Trek cell phones communicators One might think that is probably not such a big deal to Peter as he did not possess a television and was not interested in reading magazines or newspapers but the loss of connection to Bea is a big deal particularly as existential concerns are a clear and present issue for both Peter had been recruited by the mysterious USIC corporation we never learn what the letters stand for to minister to the locals on a planet named Oasis They refer to the bible as The Book of Strange New Things Although he wanted Bea to come with him she was not given an imprimatur by the selection committee so he is off to spread The Word soloThere is a trinity of material relationships involved Peter interacts with the residents of the USIC base some than others Alexandra Grainger is his handler and some dynamic tension develops between the two He has dealings with other USIC staff but it is spread lightly across the group He communicates with Bea through a poor excuse for e mail com tech It is called a Shoot But seems it might have been better called a Toss It is limited to text only for one Messages have to pass the censor before being transmitted and there is no certainty when the message will get through Peter’s communications with Bea consist primarily of her describing the accelerating collapse of economies of civilization itself on Earth spurred by large dollops of natural catastrophe Makes one want to hurry home no The third interaction is Peter with the locals or as the Terran sorts refer to them Oasans The residents of the planet Oasis are humanoid although looking not much like us at least the us one sees without the benefit of hallucinogens Here is a description which is presented about one fifth the way in but if you prefer to wait until you read the book I am putting it under a view spoiler Here was a face that was nothing like a face Instead it was a massive whitish pink walnut kernel Or no even it resembled a placenta with two fetuses maybe three month old twins hairless and blind—nestled head to head knee to knee Their swollen heads constituted the Oasan’s clefted forehead so to speak; their puny ribbed backs formed his cheeks their spindly arms and webbed feet merged in a tangle of translucent flesh that might contain—in some form unrecognizable to him—a mouth nose eyes hide spoiler