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S book to end” Jimmy Fallon “An essential for any comedy geek” Entertainment Weekly “Fascinating a collection of interviews with many of the great figures of comedy in the latter half of the twentieth century” The Washington Post “Open this book anywhere and you’re bound to find some interesting nugget from someone who has had you in stitches many many times” Janet Maslin The New York Times “An amazing read full of insights and connections both creative and interpersonal” The New Yorker “Fascinating and revelatory” Chicago Tribune “For fans of stand up Sick in the Head is a Bible of sorts” Newsweek“These are wonderful expansive interviews at times brutal at times breathtaking with artists whose wit intelligence gaze and insights are all sharp enough to draw blood” Michael Chabon “Anyone even remotely interested in comedy or humanity should own this book It is hilarious and informative and it contains insightful interviews with the greatest comics comedians and comediennes of our time My representatives assure me I will appear in a future edition” Will Ferrell. Yes this book actually inspired me to prepare my own stand up routine and it begins like this So what's the deal with interrupting people while interviewing them Judd

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Sick in the Head Conversations About Life and ComedyNEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY THE AV CLUB • From the writer and director of Knocked Up and the producer of Freaks and Geeks comes a collection of intimate hilarious conversations with the biggest names in comedy from the past thirty years including Mel Brooks Jerry Seinfeld Jon Stewart Roseanne Barr Harold Ramis Louis CK Chris Rock and Lena Dunham Before becoming one of the most successful filmmakers in Hollywood Judd Apatow was the original comedy nerd At fifteen he took a job washing dishes in a local comedy club just so he could watch endless stand up for free At sixteen he was hosting a show for his local high school radio station in Syosset Long Island a show that consisted of As with his comedy heroes from Garry Shandling to Jerry Seinfeld They talked about their careers the science of a good joke and their dreams of future glory turns out Shandling was interested in having his own TV show one day and Steve Allen had already invented everythingThirty years later Apatow is still that same comedy nerd and he’s still interviewing funny people about. This book about comedy has gotten me through some difficult times My mother has cancer and this book kept me company at doctor's offices in hospital waiting rooms and at the end of long days even if I only had enough energy to read a few pages before falling asleep Judd Apatow loves comedy and so do I But Judd Apatow loved it enough to go interview his favorite comedians and performers asking them about their career their process and their lives It's an interesting and delightful read and the pieces are organized alphabetically so it's easy to jump around and read about your favorite people firstThe first interview I read — and the reason I ended up buying my own copy of the book — was with Jerry Seinfeld I started reading the piece while browsing in a bookstore and it was so thoughtful that I couldn't wait to tell my friends how awesome it was There are so many great uotes in it that I had trouble picking a passage to post here but this is a favoriteJudd For me I wanted to be a comedian and I wanted to work from a very early age because I was afraid of being broke What was your core motivationJerry To never have to do anything else I learned very young in this business that you bust your ass or you get thrown out of the kingdom My motivation was not wanting to leave the kingdom Plus I just love the life of it I love my independence and the joy of hearing laughs and making jokes It's as simple as thatJudd Does the TV show seem like this weird little dream that happened in the middle of your stand up careerJerry That's a very good description of itJudd Like this odd distraction for eight or nine years and then back to real lifeJerry Obviously after the show I saw there were many other avenues available for me I missed the solitude I missed the grimness and the simplicity of the life I remember working it out with a friend of mine James Spader I said What do I do with my life now And he said Well what has been the best experience that you've had so far And I said For me it has been performing for live audiences You kind of get to do that on TV but TV is so much work and the pipeline is just too long In stand up you get addicted to that intensity You have an idea for something and then you're onstage that night and people are reacting to it That's very intenseThere are also great interviews with Albert Brooks Amy Schumer Chris Rock Garry Shandling Jay Leno Jimmy Fallon Jon Stewart Key Peele Louis CK Marc Maron Mel Brooks Sarah Silverman Stephen Colbert and Steve Martin and that doesn't even cover everyone If you're interested in comedians and comedy this is a marvelous and enjoyable book I highly recommend it

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Sick in the Head: Conversations About Life and Comedy summary  108 Ð NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY THE AV CLUB • From the writer and director of Knocked Up and the producer of Freaks and Geeks comes a collection of intimate hilarious conversations with the biggest naWhy they do what they do Sick in the Head gathers Apatow’s most memorable and revealing conversations into one hilarious wide ranging and incredibly candid collection that spans not only his career but his entire adult life Here are the comedy legends who inspired and shaped him from Mel Brooks to Steve Martin Here are the contemporaries he grew up with in Hollywood from Spike Jonze to Sarah Silverman And here finally are the brightest stars in comedy today many of whom Apatow has been fortunate to work with from Seth Rogen to Amy Schumer And along the way something kind of magical happens What started as a lifetime’s worth of conversations about comedy becomes something else entirely It becomes an exploration of creativity ambition neediness generosity spirituality and the joy that comes from making people laughLoaded with the kind of back of the club stories that comics tell one another when no one else is watching this fascinating personal and borderline obsessive book is Judd Apatow’s gift to comedy nerds everywherePraise for Sick in the Head“I can’t stop reading it I don’t want thi. First let's get this out of the way even if you didn't write your own dust jacket blurb you have to approve it and it takes a lot of balls to allow yourself to be called one of the greatest comedic minds of your generation Even if it's financially and commercially trueOK now the actual review when Apatow was out promoting this I heard him on Howard Stern and Gilbert Gottfried's podcast he talked about his teen years when he became obsessed with comedians and using his gig at his high school radio station as an in would interview all the famous comedians of the day and how he still to this day had the tape recordings So I was safe to assume I thought that this book would be all those interviews That is not the case A handful of them are here but most of these interviews are reprinted magazine interviews transcripts of panel discussions or film festival appearances and in one case the DVD commentary from The Cable Guy So while some of the material is entertaining funny philosophical etc I really liked Spike Jonze and Apatow's clear love of Garry Shandling moved me it kind of feels like a ripoff and if you're a big Apatow fan or consumer of pop culture you may have read or seen the bulk of this already Apatow himself comes across as neurotically bitter and one of those people who has those stock stories about himself that he probably feels define them so he goes back to them again and again This combined with my sister seeing Trainwreck right when I started this book and railing against its be normal and you'll get the love you deserve ending one of her pet peeves made me like him less than I did when I started the book Too badAnd the Eddie Vedder interview doesn't belong in here no matter how Apatow tries to justify it in the forward to that piece You can tell he just wants to show off that he knows him and I hate those worshippers who have made Vedder into the Gen X Bruce SpringsteenBob Dylan poet of the peopleAnd at nearly 500 pages this book like most Apatow movies is about 13 too long