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Unlucky Lucky Days (American Readers Series) characters ì eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB À Inventive disconcerting and hilarious these seventy three tales of our Unlucky Lucky Days might well be termed Dr Seuss for adults They call to mind Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories as readily as they do Italo CaEen Integer in fall 2008 Grandbois' writing has appeared in Conjunctions Fiction Boulevard Sentence Del Sol Review and the anthologies Freak Lightning and Online Writing The Best of the First Ten Years among many others Also a musician Daniel plays or has played in three of the pioneering bands of “The Denver Sound” Slim Cessna's Auto Club Tarantella and MunlyABA Indie Next Book 200. Um WOW Something tells me that this author LOVES mushrooms and I'm not talking about the saran wrapped grocery store variety either HAHAHA Honestly I LOVED this book It's the most intelligent uniue thing I've read in a long time But yes it's pretty much an acid trip in wordsGrandbois has been compared to Dr Seuss but I don't think that's uite right They share creativity to be certain but Seuss is much structured and sensical Reading this book was like analyzing a Salvador Dali painting of indoor clouds or melting clocks It is pure surrealism in the written form which I didn't think was even POSSIBLE so I gotta give some serious kudosSo will YOU like it I've come up with a three uestion uiz to help you determine if you will#1 Do you use the word weird as a compliment personally I inherently LOVE things that are weird so it's about the nicest adjective I know#2 When you wake up from a truly Alice in Wonderland type dream do you wish it was ACTUALLY REAL just because of its super freaky awesomeness#3 Women have you ever worn fairy wings in public not as part of a Halloween costume Or men have you ever wondered what it was like to be a staplerIf you've answered yes to at least two of these uestions CHECK THIS BOOK OUT I really can't explain what it's like in words so I'll include a complete chapter for you to analyze at your own discretion Here it isTHE NEWSPAPERHaving been read only once the usual story the small town newspaper was stuffed into a cereal box slated for the can It tried to strike up a conversation but the box couldn't read no matter the words splattered all over itAh but miracle of miracles the paper was retrieved It shouted for joy something it very rarely did which sounded like this But then the newspaper was separated into three pages and folded and creased in unnatural placesIt became a hat an airplane and a sailboat'Look at me' said the hat perched high on the bald man's head greedily soaking up the sweat'What about meeeeeeeeeeee' asked the airplane soaring through the dining room It had borrowed several e's from different places to ask such a uestion as no respectable paper was going to print than two in a row With an anticlimactic crinkle the airplane crashed to the floorFor no apparent reason the plane and hat were gathered and lit on fireCarrying the news the boat set sail down a gutter but took on too much water and was soon despondent in the sewer where the rats to its horror could read

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Inventive disconcerting and hilarious these seventy three tales of our Unlucky Lucky Days might well be termed Dr Seuss for adults They call to mind Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories as readily as they do Italo Calvino's Cosmicomics Rikki Ducornet's Butcher's Tales and Woody Allen's most literary writings Braced on the shoulders of the fabulists fantasists absurdists surrealists and sat. “You must tell the truth” said the tapeworm measuring the reviewer’s guts“But what is the truth” sueaked the louse perched on his ear“And where shall we find it” said the stone in his heartBut their voices were lost in a dense web of words trapped for an instant on a flickering screen before they were devoured by a ravenous click“There you see” said the tapeworm as he floated disembodied“Is that why we must speak the truth” asked the louse“Is this where we shall find it” asked the heart stone knowing full well that the only answer would be the next uestion which was already hard at work drawing the arc of a smile under the reviewer’s nose“Is this why we feel alone” mumbled the smile “Is this why we write” But its words were devoured by a ravenous clickPS We kindly reuest that you refrain from running in the Grandbois Gallery Patrons are however encouraged to take one of the works home with them But be warned Counterfeiters will prosecuted to the full extent of the law

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Unlucky Lucky Days American Readers SeriesIrists who came before him Daniel Grandbois dredges up impossible meanings from the mineral and plant kingdoms as well as the animal and serves them to us as if they were nothing fantastic than a plate of eggs and hamDaniel Grandbois’ other book The Hermaphrodite An Hallucinated Memoir with forty original woodcuts by Argentine printmaker Alfredo Benavidez Bedoya is forthcoming from Gr. UNLUCKY LUCKY DAYS a debut assortment is fabulist flash fic of the highest order Nothing in the book runs so long as three full pages in general the work eludes the social economic demarcations of what we like call realism Instead it offers disturbing yet charming shards of unbridled imagination In a typical metamorphosis a brass lion’s head knocker takes leave of its doorway setting off to play middle school pranks All told the collection divvies 73 surreal miniatures among seven sections labeled as if Grandbois were a good Judeo Christian Sunday through Saturday Yet the sensibility comes across as pagan; spirits reanimate the world’s common clay He can be gloomy suggesting for instance the nightmare morning of 911 or he can be healing turning the Inferno into a Tunnel of Love Indeed inspired reversals at the last minute distinguish nearly all these abrupt dream loops now childlike now chilling These DAYS can create a climactic rush via a well worked lack of commas they can arrive at ironies that supply rightness and closure At their best they push cross cutting valences to peak intensity then leave us gasping Now on occasion there emerges a world we recognize “Hat and Rack” might have to do with sexual secrecy the final word is “closet” and “The Sea Suirt” might make an environmental argument But even when the stories lack such grounding the writer negotiates the shoals of cuteness the obvious danger here masterfully He may work with signifying wads of gum or repeatedly with articulate spiders yet he nearly always strikes a balance between the ticklish and the haunting Those wads of gum mutate into the Weird Sisters of Macbeth indeed this text is rife with others everyone from Borges to Bob Dylan in the end they achieve the timelessness of geometry