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Free read ✓ Heartless 104 ✓ Long before she was the terror of Wonderland—the infamous ueen of Hearts—she was just a girl who wanted to fall in loveLong before she was the terror of Wonde. “These things do not happen in dreams dear girl” he said vanishing up to his neck “They happen only in nightmares”His head spiralled and he was gone This was so good Meyer's writing and stories just seem to keep improving and her latest foray into the world of Alice in Wonderland was exactly the right combination of prophecy romance Victorian style female repression and weirdness It was unputdownableAlso I really really want macarons right nowI mentioned this before but I'm starting to understand why I enjoy Meyer's retellings so much She gets the balance just right Her fairy tales contain characters and references that make them instantly recognizable the phrase fairy tale retelling isn't just thrown around as a marketing tool Without having to be told anyone could read this book and understand where it gets its inspiration However that's also just what it is inspiration than retellingThis book can be enjoyed whether you like the original or not It stands on its own with a full cast of strong characters and its own uniue plot that doesn't just feel like the same old story told with some modern slang thrown in It's perfectly weird without being too weird to be honest the original gives me a fond nostalgic feeling but it's a bit too nonsensical for meHeartless is about Catherine daughter of a Maruess talented baker and likely future bride to the King of Hearts “You’re the daughter of a maruess Look around Look at the things you have the life you’re accustomed to You don’t know what it’s like to work every day so you can feed yourself and keep a roof over your head You don’t know what it’s like to be poor To be a servant” The story propels itself forward on feelings of anger and frustration All Cath wants is to open a bakery and unleash her goodies on the world just a warning this is not a good book for dieters but the expectations placed upon her as a woman won't allow it The stifling nature of this world is palpable and infuriating making you turn the pages in angry desperation Not only does Cath not want to be a court lady but her heart most definitely does not belong to the insipid King of Hearts With a sexist society to raise your blood pressure and a forbidden love story to make your heart beat faster just throw a murderous Jabberwock in and it's easy to see how the pages start to fly by But if this seems a little tame to you after all the craziness of The Lunar Chronicles have no fear Madness and nastiness are just around the cornerMeyer knows just how to tick all our boxes Heartless is a nasty evil book but we also have the hilarious Cheshire the sexy Joker the yummy food controlling parents and strange riddles The ending is perfect but it makes me sad that this is just a standalone Not that it feels unfinished just that all great books leave us wanting you knowBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store

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As just a girl who wanted to fall in lo. SourceThis review contains spoilers for the first half of this bookHeartless is an epic retelling of Alice in Wonderland with the focus being on The ueen of HeartsAll Catherine wants is to be declared the office tart baker of the kingdom She and her best friend Mary Ann dream of launching their very own bakery Even their friendship hit it off upon discovering one another's mutual love for food “One wouldn’t know it to look at Mary Ann but she had an appetite to rival Cath’s own They’d bonded over their love of food years ago not long after Mary Ann had been hired on as a household maid”Their solidarity kind of reminded me of the one Anna Bates and Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey had in the later seasons—aka my favorite one on the show But according to her mother the Marchioness “going into the men’s world of business” is unthinkable for the young woman who could be the next ueen especially with a humble servant Mary Ann as her partner “But she and Mary Ann had been dreaming of it for so long she sometimes forgot that it wasn’t yet reality”Meanwhile at the royal ball His Congenial Kingness has chosen a bride and Cath is thrown for the loop The King of Hearts was about to propose to her in front of the whole crowd but the idea of marrying him seemed preposterous to her “She would be ueen and ueens ueens did not open bakeries with their best friends ueens did not gossip with half invisible cats ueens did not have dreams of yellow eyed boys and wake up with lemon trees over their beds”Thankfully before he could finish his proposal Cheshire steals the show at Catherine’s reuest so that she can vanish unnoticed through the rose gardens On her way out she meets Jest the handsome and mysterious court joker with a rhyming RavenAnd Jest also turns out to be the boy from her dreams literallyCath had met a hazy beautiful boy in her dream with eyes “bright like lemons ready to fall from a tree” And so she informs this stranger that she'd had a dream about them which the courage to tell a handsome someone you had a dream about them can’t relate “‘So’ he proddedShe blinked ‘So what’‘Was it a good dream’‘Oh’ Her lips puckered in thought but then she realized he was teasing her She scowled ‘To be frank I found it rather dull’‘Ah but you can’t be Frank You’ve already told me that your name is Catherine’‘I’ve changed it’”A man after my heart His humor was right up my alleyAlso Jest giving her a piece of chocolate made my heart warm— “I was saving this for later and so I must have been saving it for you”Marissa Meyer sure knows how to make me fall uickly for someone It's truly been awhile since I've welcomed a book romance with open arms And I'm glad Jest with his uick smiles and witty remarks was the one I was waiting forPlus when Jest stole her away for a midnight rendezvous aka a tea party with the Mad Hatter happiness coursed to the ends of my limbs In that shared single night one fun night she finds out that• He was from Chess• He was on a mission that could end a war• He was the protector of a ueen• Impossible is his specialityI was anticipating every little encounter they hadBut thenI don't know what happened but my heart just wasn't in it any I gradually started losing intrest in the characters and their arcs I think I just need to take a break from fantasy for awhile and then eventually come back so I don't feel like I'm forcing myself to read my most anticipated read of the yearMarissa Meyer is one of the most talented writers and I'm really hoping that when I pick this book up again I'll enjoy it than I can nowDNF p232 My heart is breaking just by writing this ARC kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewno rating for now Note I'm an Affiliate If you're interested in buying Heartless just click on the image below to go through my link I'll make a small commission This review and can be found on my blog

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HeartlessRland the infamous ueen of Hearts she w. Kindle US 299 today 11 27 17OMG I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO FIND THE WHITE EDITION OF THIS BOOK TO GO WITH MY BLACK ONE AND WHAT A WONDERFUL SURPRISE TO FIND THAT IT CAME IN MY NOVEMBER OWL CRATE BOX IN THE PICTURES I PLACED THE BLACK ONE NEXT TO THE WHITE ONE THAT WAS AN OWL CRATE EXCLUSIVE JUST SO YOU COULD SEE WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE TOGETHER I LOVE THEM BOTH ALSO GOT OTHER GOODIES IN THE BOX AS USUAL YAY OWL CRATE FOR GETTING THE SECOND COVER white AND ME GETTING IT TOO LOLLets freaking do this party people Yasssss WootThis made it to my favorites lists And just look at the gorgeous cover I was lucky enough to get a magnetic bookmark and a recipe ♥This is one of the best if not the best retelling of Wonderland I have ever read Although I don't think I have ever read a preuel to the Alice story but Marissa Meyer pulled this one off brilliantly In my opinion anyway I am in love with Jest I love all of the characters even the evil characters are written beautifully I am just in love with this book and oh the name Heartless had meaning on so many levels You will find out when you read it All Cath wants in life is to have her own bakery with her best friend But that is not to be she can't do something as lowly as that her parents want her to marry the King of Hearts Sigh Cath doesn't want to marry him he's just no no no if she were to ever get married it would be someone she chose and fell in love with and she could bake and make the most wonderful tarts and pies in the world She already does in their part of the world anyway Then Cath meets the wonderful Jest and has to figure out how she can love him and do what her parents and the King want at the same time Not a spoiler it's pretty much in the blurb There are wonderful creatures in the book as there always is in Wonderland Rocking horse flies with are really little rocking horse flies that are really horses and they fly lol Talking candles animals and everything else in between We have Hatta who makes the brilliant hats of course we have rabbit and the jabberwock and things and stuff and what not It is just filled with great things But not all things in fairy tales have a happily ever after It's very sad and I hated it but it put a new insight on things to come Even so I still loved the book so much ♥and thus it begins I hope a lot of people will love this book as much as I did ♥MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List