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And why Within weeks Aarushi’s parents the Talwars were accused; four years later they went on trial and were convicted But did they do itAvirook Sen attended the trial accessed important documents and interviewed all the players from Aarushi’s friends to Hemraj’s ol. This book is not an easy read In fact it is one of difficult reads I have done in the last few months However it is not the writing that makes it difficult It is the events the careless handling of the high profile Aarushi case by almost everyone associated with it and the aftermath of the trial which makes it a difficult read I had some apprehension about reading this but Avirook has managed to ensure that this is a thoroughly researched no bias read One just wishes that the case was also researched this well by the police and the CBI

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Aarushi Author Avirook SD boss from the investigators to the forensic scientists to write a meticulous and chilling book that reads like a thriller but also tells a story that is horrifyingly true Aarushi is the definitive account of a sensational crime and the investigation and trial that followe. In all truth I didn't much follow the Aarushi murder case The social media has been buzzing with views opinions and uestions ever since Aarushi was murdered This book was an intriguing read for me because it simply stated the facts and examined the course of the investigation As a common woman it was hard for me to comprehend the nuances published in the newspaper and every news channel seems to be contradicting each otherTo an interview uestion If the Talwars didn't do it then who did to which the author has poignantly answered The facts are there in the book Read it and make up your mind If the facts stated in the book are so easy to concur for common woman by simply reading the book the author should have filed a petition as the universal uestion Who killed Aarushi still is unanswered or is mocking at the Indian judiciaryWould I recommend itBy all means if you are interested in knowing about the murder case

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Download ✓ Aarushi Author Avirook Sen 102 Ï The murders that gripped the nationSeven years ago a teenage girl Aarushi Talwar was found murdered in her bedroom in Noida a middle class suburb of Delhi The body of the prime suspect—the family servant Hemraj—was discovered a day later Who had committed the double murders and why WithinThe murders that gripped the nationSeven years ago a teenage girl Aarushi Talwar was found murdered in her bedroom in Noida a middle class suburb of Delhi The body of the prime suspect the family servant Hemraj was discovered a day later Who had committed the double murders. First repeat after me My name is Reader and I am not a Judge I am reading a book not hearing evidence I promise to read with an open mind an open mind and nothing but an open mind so help me god Ok Yes I’m a fan of American legal dramas and I wish that this book had been written by John Grisham or the case had been argued by Eugene Young Plan B ed and all But then who needs fiction when you have ThisThis book takes you back to that day in 2008 and tells you the story once but this time it tells you what the Talwars want you to hear There is nothing new actually most of this has already been reported in some website or the other Ofcourse it paints the picture of innocent Talwars You have little pieces of information passing of as casual narration but you will read later about how this ‘casual moment’ becomes crucial to the evidence Like how Aarushi went to bed that night and undid the naada on her pajamas because the elastic was enough she thought An entire section later you will learn that the undone nada would be one of the invoked by a witness to imply that the pajamas were pulled up after the murder Or how golf clubs that were one of the stars in the case were casually found and replaced Anyway this book is from the Talwars point of view and this is what you should expect Repeating the first line again and moving onBut it also opens the Pandora's box of the ugliness of the entire legal system in India right from the lowly policeman who photographs the evidence and then says '‘Dhyan nahin hai' to all uestions asked in court to the honourable judge who writes about Hemraj's 'turgid willy' and 'swollen pecker' in the judgement Sweepers whose statements are taken as authority in postmortem reports bloodstained pillow cover evidence that gets mixed up due to 'typos'mysterious women and a curious magistrate who had no business to be there doing casual disaster tourism to survey the crime scenemultiple lab reports with jarring contradictionsjudgmental witnesses who talk about Nupur Talwar's dressing sense and 'looking at herself in the mirror' at the murder scene sick mindgames like sending emails to Rajesh Talwar from an id 'hemrajjalvayuvihargmailcom' the list is endless The casual way in which crucial evidence was mishandled makes me think that the police thought they had a clean cut case of Hemraj killing Aarushi the first day and so they took it too easy on Day One And that initial inefficiency had a domino effect that went all haywire and led to thisUglier are the character assassinations Building a character judgement based on a teenager’s Orkut communication getting cheap thrills at the thought a wife swapping group and using a confession about an extra marital affair during a narco test blackmail are just the tip of the ugly iceberg But here again the author casually drops in bits of information about the caste of the investigating officer to emphasise the point that he takes honour killings for grantedI still don’t know what happened I may never know what happened But I also don’t know what to believeI have grown up so I am not going to play judge jury executioner and gossip columnist But one thing that this book has proved beyond all doubt is this The justice system in India is fucked up beyond redemption And there is no hope