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When Ethan Kemp proposed to Hannah the whole world was shocked – including Hannah She was out of his league everyone said so Ethan was a man o. Ethan is so mean More to comeA four star heroine with a 25 star idjit of a hero3 starsI love Hannah Another heroine who failed to read the HarleyLand trope book I suspect she may have held a book burning with like minded heroines Sadie from Rock Chick Regret Christina of Rafael's Suitable Bride Faith from Valentino's Love Child and just one for kicks Clare from Tainted LoveHannah was the nanny when the H BIG ASS HAT alert marries her in a MOC because he really doesn't care for the interview process No that's only part of it he wants his adorable plot moppets to have some stability Too bad the grandmother from hell GFH mother to the paragon of a dead wife and all his cronies don't see the appeal of Hannah A bad makeover keeps her still incomprehensible to the othersThe MOC s l o w l y starts to change when her French lessons improve to the point she is given an offer to go the university Sooner rather than later the couple end in bed which works for both of them He hasn't been with anyone in three years and not only has she not been with anyone EVER but she is secretly in love with him How does this differ from the other TSTL doormats rolling in unreuited love Yeah she loves him but she knows his flaws and still loves him She gives herself her own makeover which works much better and wakes up a few people's eyes as well the jackass' as well Oh yeah Ethan is his nameThe relationship is going along swimmingly when Hannah goes for an interview at the uni Aforementioned GFH offers to help out and pick up the kids Oh that's so sweet When Hannah comes home she gets the smackdown of all smackdown from jackass Ethan who is so cruel I am surprised she doesn't get her own 2' by 4' and smack him Brutal Mean Terrible Awful Go to hell He's furious she abandoned the kids for her own selfish reasons Hannah tries to explain but he gets even nastier She simply retires back to her nanny room and goes into a declineAn accident brings things to a head view spoiler Hannah is hit by a car trying to save the little girl and she ends up in the hospital where Ethan finds out that not only she was pregnant but had a miscarriage An apology from the GFH reveals that she set Hannah up and lied to Ethan Ethan figures out that he really loves her and plans to tell her Yep good luck with that dude hide spoiler

review Wife by Agreement

Wife by AgreementF the world and she was his unsophisticated nanny But Ethan knew that the practical Hannah would be a most convenient wife – until he discover. Re Wife By Agreement Kim Lawrence does a really well done marriage of convenience story in this oneThe H is a high powered widower barrister and the h is the nanny he hires to care for his kids As this is HPlandia the H decides that the nanny wages are too much and marries her for 247 indentured servitude instead with a little boudoir bouncing thrown inThe h was raised in care homes so she is pretty happy to finally have what she thinks is a safe secure position there is also the teensy little tidbit that she is in love with the HShe soon comes to regret her wayward heart when the H's former mother in law sets the h up to look like she is neglecting the children The big kicker comes in when the h after a self makeover and some assertive words decides to enroll in university The former mother in law pretends that the h essentially abandoned the kids and deliberately left the youngest little girl to find her own way home from schoolThe h in true former unicorn grooming HP h fashion tries to tell the H the true state of affairs The H in typical HP AlphaMeany style accuses the h of all sorts of nefarious and evil deeds and starts shunning herThat all changes in the big climactic scene when the h throws herself in front of a speeding car to save the little girl The H is finally shocked out of his uber Alpha Ugliness and even chastened when the h's doctor reveals that the h was pregnant and now she has sadly lost the babyHis disgust for himself grows even wider when he overhears the former mother in law admitting her nasty little alienation plans the former mother in law was jealous of the h taking her dead daughter's placeThe H rushes to confess he is sorry and admit his love for the h However this h finally uses her Spine of Steel and gives the H a very very thorough drubbing She points out his arrogance indifference neglect and finally just how nasty his words and actions really are She confesses she did love him but his actions and his behavior have pretty much drowned the flame of her love outThe H slinks off to have a mopey moment with his tail between his legs The h eventually recovers from the loss of her baby and learns that the H has been doing a lot of pro bono work to help homeless teens and young adults get needed skills and sheltersThe h realizes that the loss of the only thing that was ever truly hers had blinded her heart and she rushes off to find the H and confess that she still loves him even tho he is an donkey butt and should have a few skillet smacks to set him straightWe learn that the H's first marriage was no bed of roses either his 'perfect' wife that the h was jealous of never wanted kids and neglected them all the time The H felt that he had to stay married but he was always trying to compensate for his wife's indifference to the kids and that was why he overreacted with the h He also thought that if he hadn't convinced his first wife to have children she wouldn't have died in a tragic riding accident Since the h is totally devoted to both him and the kids he can put all that behind him and devote himself to loving the hWe leave the two of them lurving up and setting off the fire sprinklers in the H's office as he burns his and the h's prenuptial agreement for the big HPlandia HEA

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review Wife by Agreement 100 ´ When Ethan Kemp proposed to Hannah the whole world was shocked – including Hannah She was out of his league everyone said so Ethan was a man of the world and she was his unsophisticated nanny But Ethan knew that the practical Hannah would be a most convenient wife – until he discovered that his shy bride had hidden passions IntEd that his shy bride had hidden passions Intrigued he wanted their wedding agreement to be on far intimate terms He planned to be a real husban. I loved this book This is a marriage of convenience story and I don't normally love that theme but this one was so well done Hannah was the nanny to Ethan's two kids and to make sure she didn't leave them to get married he married her They have been married for one year and things are comfortable Hannah looks after the kids while Ethan goes to workhe's a barrister they don't have much interaction Hannah thinks that Ethan is still in love with his deceased wife because of many things but especially due to his wife's mother When the book opens Hannah is sneaking into the house at night after an incident in her french class She runs into Ethan and Ethan's impression of Hannah starts changing from there He thought the she was a uiet unassuming thing but it turns out Hannah can be sassy and challenging The verbal sparring in this book is HOT We see 23 year old Hannah come into her own She married Ethan because of securityshe was a foster kid and also the feelings she had for himthough she was content being the mommy to the kids When Ethan's mother comes to visit things become hilarious we see a possessive and jealous Ethan who realizes there is to his wife and he is very uncomfortable and vexed with the changes and Hannah calls him on it The conversations these two have are so funny I really loved the book In the end when Hannah is hurting and pushes Ethan away so well done An excellent book